S> Mixed Majestic/Mystic Khai plat F. Nen Rare set~


As title says selling by set or each piece

Hair and Hat (+25 int on both)
Face (AS 1.1% + CS 2.2%)
Torso (CS 2.2% both)
Top (2.2 m.crit % both)
Waist (Hitrate 1.1% both)
Bottom (khai platted) (m. crit 3% both)
Shoe (Hitrate 1.1% both)

message IGN: Jellomania

Willing to negotiate :slight_smile:


I can buy almost every Mystic piece u got if it’s lower than ah price
ign: LadyTanee, Eldire.
discord: Sharpshooter #9427

upd: now i need bottom, shoes, torso.


added your discord :slight_smile:


why u unfriend me? I asked u about mystic pieces in discord, but u didn’t answered me. did u sold them?