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They took out hit end up and replaced it with a buff that was no where near strong enough. As for upgrading I wanna say fiend. Either is good and depending if you have hige 5 PC fiend will feel real nice. Then again I don’t have 5 PC fiend so can’t really give you numbers


Not quite. A few things happened. Silver Stream had a 15% crit buff on it that could be stacked up to 3 times + a base str bonus based on skill level. This was replaced with Shakedown which caps at 40% at lvl 20. You can hit the prior 45% and a bit more if you minmax super hard. I broke +10 on shakedown and I still don’t have plats.

We also lost the outrageously scaling hit end TP and in return we got an overall increase in skill damage values and the excel links effect and bonus contact point effect to be applied passively. Significant improvements to QoL but a drop in overall damage.

I’m sad we lost another 10% evasion. I was pulling off some really silly things with 100% evasion in raids and now it’s harder to do so.

I just kinda wish they would quit touching Chain Saw Rush. It’s been a bit of a mess from the beginning, but I was never a fan of the Twin Sword variation, especially since you always had to keep a mental note of how long the blades were spinning to maximize damage. Just admit it s bad skill and leave it alone, or swap it out with a new skill altogether…

Also every time they touch rogue, I worry whether or not they figured out the buggy coding with 1a swapping, 'cause i’d really like for them to stay ignorant of that.


A Rogue Skill Guide


Dunno if I’ve gone crazy, but I don’t remember Rogue being so strong, even for single target DPS. I thought I was gonna sloth through the OV-A dungeons at lvl3, but I do so well in there despite a +0 halidom set. Were her recent changes that good?


I didn’t think they were that good of changes (cuz no hitend tp) possibly.


Maybe we were just well compensated with damage across the board. Maybe I’m starting to appreciate her now after how annoying it was leveling her. I want to say that White Beast package had something to do with it, but +10% Atk Dmg isn’t always that big.


Which title was it? I’m curious. I was damage testing with my current setup (6pc echon with avarice ring and breathing, pure rod coil) and I’m just slower by 10 sec than my SD with 4/5 millennium, CP set. Pars, dethroned. So def noticed the dmg.


All 3 titles have the same effect, but I chose The Speed.


having a bit of trouble with luke solo though, i don’t have any 90 pc but wanted to test and it seems im getting cock blocked hard by the berserk mechanic alot. anyone have some tips?


If I didn’t even notice that I had 3600 interfrags, I’m pretty sure I’m having fun with Rogue again.


I almost cleared Luke. She’s really fun


Which berserks? For Luke solo, Rogue holds in general aren’t long enough to activate berserk outside of Nerbe and the twins (who you should bait with lightning arrow or eraser).


Idk maybe it was just the fact I was doing light Luke. And haven’t done it with her before. Haboob pretty much tilted me hard.


Oh, I have issues with haboob with every character. She is just a massive time sink overall and forces you to play slower. As long as you mildly internalize her damage cycles and play just a bit more conservatively, you should be okay. Luckily you can just molt out of the slime toss and diving arrow back towards the cauldron.


I’ll try that next time thanks