Rogue General


Pre Origin Update (standard dupes, glory swap, summer pet into petit pet swap, level 21 Silver Stream):

Post Origin Update (standard dupes, glory swap, summer into petit pet swap, shake down level 16; more information below):

Shake Down Items:


  • Make sure to click on Shake Down to actually have swap UI in effect. It should show a check on it when it is in effect.
  • Overall damage loss was about 16%-18%. Once I get the last 4 levels of Shake Down for level cap, it should be an overall 8%-10% nerf in damage for no more waiting on excel links/hit bleed cool down.
  • Amps: +7 SC top, +10 Senses necklace
  • Weapon is +12 reinforcement
  • Overall, very good for rogue even if damage got hit. Damage is slightly more evenly spread out. Lightning arrow seems to be so high in damage as its grab cannon most likely benefits from counter attack bonus. In dungeon with a sader, you can expect to do the same damage or perhaps more. The damage lost will be more felt if you invested more into Silver Stream levels.
  • Remember that Magic Cataclysm (level 85 epic plate shoulder) gives +2 to level 30 skills, which hits Shake Down. I highly recommend getting that, especially if you’re like me who is too poor to afford platinum emblems and an actual +3 Shake Down title. Also remember that chronicle tainted for Shake Down increase the damage boost by 1% (each level of Shake Down is 2% increase).
  • See you guys next major patch and with maybe 4/5 SC by then :ghost: gonna go back to my grave in a bit.


Pre-Origin: (Level 22 Silver Stream)

Post Origin: (Lvl 19 Shakedown, Silver stream Lvl 14)

Forgot to SS my numbers right before origin because i was scrambling with meteors. But comparing my numbers from what I believe was my “latest” test, I too am feeling around a 16%-18% 20%-25% loss with the exception of lightning arrow being comically high. (That bottom plat is not shakedown, just a place holder)

  • No glory swap, no pet swapping, no Moonlight swapping (yet, waiting for triumph first)
  • 0 Amps, +12 reinforced weapon
  • Primary reason the dramatic loss is because I was abusing General’s Textbook with the Hit End TP. All this really means is that I have to find a better Sub equip (or better yet, find that damn Black Formal Shoulder)

I could be disappointed with how much damage I lost but overall QoL has improved and it’s not like i’m now being kicked out of raids due to gear check failures. Just roll with the punches and move on.


Decided to make a Rogue for a new story playthrough. Kinda stumped by the number of low level skills with 6.6-7.7sec CD. Which of them should I even max?


All I get for black formal of shoulder pads, I could have 5 pc with just shoulders


Rogue is weird at early levels and is likely going to mess with your muscle memory as you grow and hit 2nd awakening.

I ended up dropping almost all skills to 1 (with double piercer at 0) and had Sword Dance as my SP dump (currently lvl 32 in my build) due to how incredibly versatile it was all around.

Shining Cut is very strong at early levels and scales pretty well but slowly drops off as you start pumping points into cubes and need to free up SP.

Double Piercer has great damage scaling but a pretty limited range.

Bandit Cut has a simple animation, decent range, good damage and a pretty versatile Hit End which originally made it my SP dump for quite a while before finally deciding to dump into Sword Dance.

I know Chain saw is good (even with the now non-broken Hit End) but the hit end animation always felt really out of place to me. Still left it at 1 for multi-hit purposes. P.S. You can see that Aithra above me maxed chain saw instead.

Ultimately, the choice is yours in picking one of the 20-25 skills as your SP dump for endgame while you then pretty much toss the rest into Hurricane and up (save 1 35 cube, and chainsaw rush being at lvl 1).


Pretty much a similar conclusion I came to. It kinda sucks, I wish shining cut was a better skill since that was the skill that got me into playing rogue in the first place. :slightly_frowning_face:


Still a little conflict on her skills. Is Excel Strike worth maxing? It’s a hold, sure, but why doesn’t it end in splash damage? lol


It’s one of Rogue’s strongest cubes, so yeah. Max it.


Only reason not to max it would be if you don’t need singe-target damage at all for the content you’re running.

Like, for farming or leveling I could see dropping it for something else being an ok option, but not in Echon or above content.


Not gonna lie. That’s definitely one of the stranger questions I’ve heard regarding rogue. I figured most people would be thrilled with an AoE grab. Even if it doesn’t splash, the grab range is pretty large.


I’m still leveling her tbf (past 85), so I’m just conditioned to see these skills at face value. It’s just feels weird to me when it acts the way it does.


The 90 craftables are really good, almost makes me wanna make one and ditch hige. The PMI boosts so gud


Does anyone know done good skill rotations on Rogue if i may ask


If anyone comes across new damage charts and videos of rogues post this new buff id love it, cant find any myself.


This video is someone going through all of the listed changes one-by-one, if that helps:
video starts at the rogue changes


thats perfect thanks, really wanted to see in the air excel and 1a/2a


Looks pretty cool so far. Anything that gives us more fluidity is appreciated, but I can’t help but feel there’s more that I want…


You mean hit end tp? Cause our damage got nerfed to shit


That’d be nice too. It’d be nice if we did lots of damage caps so it covered up how clumsy the class feels sometimes.


How did our Dmg get nerf Am i missing something, Can you explain please? Also im close to being able to updrage 3piece of aset and im Wondering with Epic rework right around the Corner which would be Better Upgraded Black formal or Upgraded Radiant.