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good to know about my 2a passive.
I have inflict light damage enchanted on my moonlight sword, and yes all my 5senses are +10 with 15all ele enchant


Hmm so I’ve done some damage tests trying to emulate your set up. No glory swap, level 21 silver stream swap, and only Petit Alcyone, and standard training room stuff for Ferman. Still I don’t quite understand why your damage is so low…

According to my charts, you should be getting somewhere around 28-34s Ferman.

Damage test with only 1/3 civ, very similar to your own damage.

Damage test with full civ.

The only thing that I can imagine is that you’re missing important enchants such as phys. atk enchants on top/bottom/wep/sub and magic stone enchant. Do you also happen to have an insignia? Even then, I don’t know if not having those would make it seem as if you’re not wearing 2 special accessories…

Best hope would be to find Hige & Hizakiri since that’s what works best with the radiant gold set. I have no idea what’s up with this damage disparity besides possibly enchants and insignia. The only thing I have amped is my top (+7) and my necklace (+10).


what the hell is wrong with my char lol. Thats a big jump from 1 civ piece to 3 though Im almost convinced its my magic stone, the skill attack on rosetta is much better than the all attack I have on my bismuth. I have phys enchants on everything but they arent super amazing ones. I have +18 ele on my magic stone. I have a pink insignia that adds strength I think. Guess ill start hunting for hige


Start your ferman with petit, get a +1 silver stream clone top for swapping & change your current clone top to +1 nova. Pray that you get a better magic stone because you’re stacking a ton of all atk with your current set up and that is why finishing civ is such a big dmg increase.
Get a forgotten fellows neck (str proc is swappable).

I wasn’t paying too much attention to your actual rotation on ferman, but it seemed fine to me.
Just do what aithra already pointed out. Proc your 2nd awakening passive, cancel into aslant so that the animation is faster & dont cut your hurricane short with shining cut because that also cuts the dmg from the death hurricane passive.

Here’s a vid i made with lower dmg just incase it helps. I just did my normal rotation and winged it the rest of the way. Normally if you can’t burst ferman/nugol 100-0 in one rotation, you would start with your lower cooldowns first (after nova & anything higher cd than your actual ferman time) to really min-max your time.


In retrospect I should’ve just tested with Pars instead of Rosetta. Whoops.

Damage with just Pars/Gold suit/Moonlight/Senses, no Glory swap, standard training room testing and only Petit Alcyone:

Basically the same damage regardless. Now if you add Glory swap in:

Slight damage increase, but noticeable. It’s very easy for rogues to proc it as well, buying it may be difficult though due to everyone and their moms wanting one now with Luke raid out.

This is the damage you’d probably have if you got both Glory swap and Hige & Hizakiri:

While the time difference isn’t too big, the damage on each individual skill is. Since currently, this game favors bursting in most raid mechanics, you’ll definitely do more with Hige & Hizakiri. Dual blades just suffer from longer cool downs and much slower speeds so Ferman times are a bit more deceptive in terms of the improvement.

Also just to note, the damage difference may be higher if you do get Glory and/or Hige & Hizakiri since you’ll be actually using earrings and magic stone. I still can’t explain why I do almost the same damage as you without those items though…

Still dunno what’s up, here’s what your damages could be if you get two specific things maybe, and civ pieces are amazing.


Actually it looks like you’re doing less dmg with the moonlight chart. nova is only similar because you have 2 more levels.


thats a huge difference with rosetta though. thanks for all your help guys!


Just me or agnes skip with nova doesn’t work anymore?
Edit: confirmed. looks like they patched those anton changes in.


so idk if its just the reinforcement changes or what but my ferman time is now 20seconds so yay i guess



+12 with the reinforcement patch seems to have increased my rogue’s damage by ~50%. Good stuff. 20 second Ferman is definitely a solid time for a main dps in Luke (so long as you know gimmicks well enough where you won’t just hit during iframes).


Wew seriously? was 30-35% for me with NG. Guess that’s just the difference between NG & RG.


A slight loss in damage overall with 3pc SC with a slight damage increase in 2a. Radiant gold + CIV + Hige & Hizakiri truly is a beautiful combo. I can go faster now so :cowboy_hat_face:

153.4% attack speed solo with 3pc SC and savior daggers lel

5pc RG (No hit end on Lightning Arrow though):

3pc SC + 2pc RG:

Now I’m curious to see how full fiend compares in damage with this and full SC.

Buff Sky Traveller :anger:


Is there a skill build for rogue also what are her combos


I could really use advice on rogue lol anyone alive willing to help I’m not end game geared so alot above doesn’t help for now


i can help you just add my ign in game and whisper me when you see me online


max all cube except chain saw rush
hurricane max
al passive max
and 2 small skill choose 1: sword dance or chain saw

Copied from what a rogue friend told me. Also he suggested chainsaw because apparently it’s way stronger then it should be, which gets fixed in a future patch.


What’s your ign or is it your name


Due to Hige and Hizakiri being around, are most rogues going for sea god’s or kartel now? Or is gracia still better even if you’re not using the +fire and water from hige n hizakiri?


You can’t rely really on H&H dropping, but even so I think dusky has good benefits because of the awakening bonuses.


I just came back to my Rogue after a long ass time and all I can say is my god, this girl is way too hard to control. This speed, man.