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Hi Everyone i just wanted to ash some quick Question with the Upcoming Changes that the 1 button Buff system Brought and giving us a lvl 30 buff swap i was wondering does any one know what equipment gives lvls to the buff? Like Do we get a a Tech ring, PLats, titles, Halidoms, weapons and Epics gears. If some one has a list can you be a dear and share it but if im asking something that no one a knows Im sorry. i just really need to max that skill out. On a another note my Rogue is Currently decked out in 5/5 radiant 3/3 snow Princess, paris, Rosetta, Bridal pearl and Hige and Hizarkiri ; am i luke Raid rdy? If im not what gear am i missing. Other note worthy epics i have is 4/5 Ng, 5/5 Spider breath, 5/5 full plate, 3/3 refined set and Finally i have all the good rogue epic weapon except Savior Dagger/Daul (been getting nothing but BLue rocks)


since neople has been doing this for a lot of classes, I think its safe to assume they’ll give your high-tech ring +1 to your buff, and maybe giving +2 to a few weapons. new skills will get a plat emblem that you can start compounding for (or picking out of boxes). if its level 30, there are lots of things that will give +1 to it; quartz spirits, magic cataclysm, pvp top, bleak wind suede greaves, sea god’s bottom, belt enchantment (like the one that came with olympus/camelot), pets with +1 to a skill range, etc.

cold princess is a bit weak in 90 cap, especially with a set like Radiant where you already have easily 200+ ele damage. sensory satisfaction is almost mandatory to get accepted into luke statics. hige and moonlight sword are quite fine for weapons, and people do not tend to upgrade their savior weapons first thing either.

If you still want to find ways to get stronger I see quite a few rogues swapping for Silver Stream; this is eventually changed, but it still works for now.


I’m pretty sure i read somewhere that we’re getting a high tech ring for the buff. As for gear that levels up the skill, obviously anything that gives +1 to its level range (i believe its 35) is going to work. We’ll be getting plats for the buff as well. For weapons there’s halidom which gives +1 to 1-80 and the legendary wep afterimage of flaring flame which is going to give 4% crit dmg to your buff (this is going to be your best swap weapon). The iceblooded infiltrator chron set is also going to have 10% crit dmg for your buff instead of 50% swift hit point gain for its 6pc effect.

Your goal to maximize the new buff is going to be 10 levels from gear + 6pc iceblooded and fill the rest of your slots with tainted chrons which are going to have 1% crit dmg each.

Overall the patch only reduced our damage around 5-15% (depending on ur amps/str without silver stream) if you’re going from maxed silver stream swaps to the new buff and can max it out (should be 57% crit dmg with 5 levels from motion aura/clone top/plats/pet & magic cataclysm/+3 title if we ever get those again).

Imo this is a very welcome change for all the QoL and permanent excel links. I Just wish they also changed up our dmg distribution so that we dont have nova as a huge nuke and everything else dealing 30-50% of that dmg. Having silver streams second activation doing 70-75% of novas dmg would have been very very nice. Another thing many rogues haven’t yet thought about is how much faster not having dmg stats on your silver stream is going to make your runs in longer dungeons as you will not have to take time to swap for silver stream twice or even 3 times in one dungeon.

From what i’ve seen on other rogues dmg charts, radiant+cp+hige is actually quite strong, but you should try testing your lv105 ferman killing time and post it here (make sure to check counter, stationary, boss & super armor in the settings tab & use your usual undiluted/vigor/warlords/mind stim pots).

edit: Btw hige is stronger than savior with your ele dmg (probably around 350-400 with radiant/cp) & in my setup ng/5s/civ, moonlight is actually very close to savior dagger damage, around 5% weaker i would say.


It would definitely be best to just smack 105 ferman around and see how much damage you do in an ideal situation (which includes warlord, vigor + undiluted str pot, etc). I’m not sure how much you have optimized your silver stream swaps and other stuff like insignia and gems but I would say most likely you can go into luke raid with that gear.

If you need a baseline for damage I suppose hitting around 800mil on nova remnant solo would be my arbitrary baseline but I can’t say for sure to be honest.

Ideal set up for rogue’s new buff (shake down, level 30 buff skill) is 6 pieces of Iceblood Infiltrator, Afterimage of Flaring Flame (anton legendary dual blade), either upgraded light armor top from luke raid or war god top from pvp (+2), magic cata (+2), +1 lvl 30 skill range pet, +4 from top with 3 platinum emblems in rare top, bottom and motion aura, anything that gives +1 to level 30 skills/shake down (ghost train pants, forgotten land sub, high tech ring, etc.) and shake down green taints in every other item slot.

I am excluding the eventual +3 shake down title as that does not exist yet in kdnf and no one knows when +skill titles will be released again, but if you want to include that in the ideal set up you replace magic cata or upgraded light armor top/war god top and your +1 to level 30 skills/shake down item with taints.


Thank you all for your inputs. anyways other questions that i have is that did they really not add any +2-3 to the lvl30 skill buff skill to any of the thief weapon other than halidom (grutz). Getting plats seems Incredibility expensive even more so for our version of the game so im just trying to max out the buff with a side of chrons that good enough right i dont have to go ham and get taints with Flaring flame :frowning: . Anyways for the Luke Raid part again thank you astray and Aithra i went ahead and did some testing i ended up getting 1min(clean) timing with a lvl 105 ferman with that options that astray gave me. But i still dont have the proper Enchants for any of my gear just wondering is that time good enough for luke raid or am i gonna have to get 5sense and Symbol before i even look to luke raid? Other than i have a +19 silverstream Swap should be pretty good or do ineed more (dont really want to invest in it tho since it will be removed soon) i can get 5piece Dusky for that woping +2 50skill would it be worth it for a magrinally +100 strength?


Definitely get at least flaring flame while it’s still cheap and save up your money while we wait for the plats to be in our version. If you don’t have enchants, try your best to get the pandemonium elemental beads before they’re gone as they’re super cost efficient and spend until the current LT ends getting the legendary beads for your belt (if your crit can still be at 97%) and grab an extra to put on a tainted piece to use later. Make sure to also get the faith aura, because its the best one currently and probably for a long time.

As for your ferman time, it seems like you’re doing something wrong tbh, because 1 min is pretty slow for what i’d expect out of your gear. I was able to get under 1 min with only my forgotten fellows necklace equipped for accessories. Maybe record a video and post it here, making sure to show your dmg charts. I know aithra has very good dmg and a quite fast ferman with radiant+cp+civ.
I personally wouldnt take any main dps for luke with a ferman higher than 20s.

5pc dusky is definitely worth it for the extra 100str.


Huh that doesn’t sound right at all. Given your gear you definitely should be clearing 105 Ferman with counter on faster than that.

Here are my damage chart with very similar gear to yours (no precast nova) with a level 21 silver stream swap:

Granted I have the summer pet for swapping, are you sure that you have a smash mod when you do damage tests and at least 97% crit rate? I would also recommend you buy a Forgotten Fellow’s Glory (the necklace on my item bar) to boost your damage as well if you are indeed serious about having rogue as your main.

Enchants really shouldn’t create such a large gap (I think). Also, if you want you can just get +lvl 30 skill range items/+shake down level items to fill your other slots if you don’t want to go for plats. In that scenario, without plats, the idea set up would be:

-Afterimage (anton leg dual blades)
-Upgraded light armor top/war god top from pvp (+2)
-Quartz Spirit from Forgotten Land (+1)/Ghost train pants (+1)
-High tech ring (+1)
-Level 30 skill range pet (+1)
-Avatar top (+1)
-Magic Cata (+2)
-At least a +2 skill level title that hits shake down
-Remaining slots filled with 6 piece Iceblood infiltrator

As you can see, this leaves no room for taints and still requires a title that doesn’t exist at the moment if you want to reach +10 shake down without plats. As a side note, Afterimage’s boost is the same as having +2 levels to shake down I believe (without counting towards the level limit of course).

(Edit: Forgot about the china bead that’s out right now. If you use that to enchant your belt, you can get to +10 shake down with only a +1 to lvl 30 skill range title.)

(Edit #2: Also forgot that if you have time traveler’s silver watch that can serve the same function as Quartz Spirit.)


i dont have the Summer pet neither Forgotten glory swap. none of my gear is at 100% or amped(except for Rosetta and paris). i pet swap from liu to Petit rogue to petit Nornil. and my title is Dopplerganger of water. i am too far from being Luke rdy or am i doing something wrong?


Something seems extremely off here. Is your crit capped (97%)? Are you proc’ing your CIV pieces? Also i would forget about liu and just use petit to start ferman with nova and switch to ur normal battle pet. And what are the stat boosts you’re using for? It doesn’t help at all to show your dmg with training room buffs on.

Can you record a video & also post screenshots of your skill build & TP tree please?


Hi, i decided to make a Rogue about 3 weeks ago, and got her to cap, i did hell runs and got Babylonian symbol, then hige. i hadn’t really started ancients yet so i was confused as to what set up to go with, i figured to go sea gods acc. necklace, braclet, ring and sub, then pants for a 5 pc set. was planning on the rest of the pieces to be forced hit end chr pc. i know it gonna be temp but its the best ive got atm. any suggestions on where to go after?


Hige isn’t limited to water/fire elenore btw, so there’s nothing stopping you from going gracia if you wanted to.
As for where to go after, just run hells tbh.


alright, if thats the case then, gracia would be a better route, to keep the right side open.


Can someone explain to me why my 105 ferman time sucks so bad.
the settings I use are 105 ferman, stationary, boss, counter attack.
I have 5/5 Radiant with no super fancy enchants and no amps. I have +11 reinforced moonlight sword, 3/3 5sense with +15 ele dmg on them but no amps. Pars, border of black and white chaos earring and bismuth stone.
I do the all the swaps for silver stream and use mind stimulant, and undiluted strength potion but the best time I can get is 44 seconds when I see rogues with less gear doing it way faster. I feel like my 2A hits super weak, i use the petit alcyone swap for level 4 and it only does like 500mil~. Ive watched Lumiate’s videos on youtube and Im doing the rotation properly. Help please :[


Is ur dagger 100% quality

are you using warlords potions

is counter on


yes, yes, and yes


Try recording it and posting it here and maybe we could help, that set up should be without a doubt good enough for sub 20s ferman.


I’m almost 100pct certain that my 5/5 radiant isnt working because i was doing a few runs and i missed 1 piece while i was swapping and the time and damage was literally the exact same. Is that on my end or is that a bug?


Weird question, I know but I’ve seen this happen more than once.
Do you have an ele inflict?


A glaring problem that I see is that for Nova Remnant, you didn’t have your 2nd awakening passive on for the first hit. While the majority of the damage is on the hit end, the first hit still does very good damage on its own and you’re loosing about 22% damage on it.

Other than that, uh, not really sure. Definitely check if you’re inflicting any element since that’s a huge factor in damage. Another tid bit is that if you x->cancel into aslant in the air, the hit end will come out a lot faster. Your damage is definitely abnormally low though. Are all your senses +10?