Returning player. Help appreciated. Builds?


Hello. Me and my friend are considering getting back into DFO. We are both gonna level new characters to get a hang of the game few questions though. Is there a place I can find the most optimal build? I hate reading all the skills and trying to figure out what is what i’d rather just copy paste somebodys build. 1 More question is there any youtuber/streamer I should watch to learn or get a general idea of what to do and what not to do? I remember the game but not the little stuff i’d probably consider myself a new player. Any tips appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read. FetLife


Most build suggestions are often posted on reddit nowadays or in a character-specific discord. Even then, don’t be surprised is several skills are preferable as opposed to “must max.” You’re likely to trade one strong cube skill for another depending on the content.

In any case, what classes did ya’ll plan on making anyway?


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