Requesting transparent F Priest ava NPKs


In the game character sprites are naked mannequins that have avas pasted on top. There are NO genitals, it’s literally like a dummy. I’ve had help with this before and it was a simple matter of editing out the base avatar your character has to restore them to their “nude” original form.

Edit : To further add, I had an obsolete mod skin from another place for female knight that used to give her a summer dress. However, due to updates the mod no longer have her the dress and instead rendered her “nude”, i.e her dummy natural state. So again this is something that is a part of the base character data and in no way is pornographic.

This isn’t pornographic, it’s a part of the actual character sprites work. All I’m asking for is someone who knows how to edit the Sprite avas to remove female knights base avatar so she’s in her naked dummy state.

Again this isn’t pornographic, it’s a feature that’s apart of the character data. Greatly appreciate any assistance.

Edit 2: Since making this original thread I’ve found the defunct mods for Knight that, instead of their original summer dress skin, remove her base avatars and restore her to her dummy “naked” state. Through defunct mods I’ve been able to replicate the same thing for my F Fighter and F Slayer as well. However, there aren’t any such defunct mods for F Priest because she’s still new. So my new request, if possible, is if someone could make a fresh batch of transparent ava NPKs that will remove F Priest base avas and restore her to her “naked” dummy state.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.