[REPUBLISH] Koishi's Extractor Rabbit.5.3 (Oct 8 Update: Add ES Web Dressing Room code support)


This is still @No.5972 . As there being no Dressing Room feature yet, I decided to introduce this modding software… this is another modding software which provide an offline Dressing Room feature.

This is the final version. No more updates will be implemented. It seems all the requirements has been finished. If there are any severe bugs or many minor bugs, the sub-version may be released. But no more functions will be added.

Currently the author will add new versions of separate versions of aiming at avatars, skills, and interfaces (will be still named with animals). Anyways, every part of the sprites has its own work features and functions, and is not in common use. For example, the avatar merge sort is not needed on other sprites like skills or monsters. Therefore, the afterward tools will be devoloped focusing on the work features of every sprite.

Dressing Room tutorial translated from Software Github Wiki: [REPUBLISH] A Dressing Room Tutorial of Koishi's Extractor

This software is called “Koishi’s Extractor”, and the version is called “Rabbit.5.3”. The author of the software is “断幺九の猫耳恋”.


Previous Versions:

There’s no installer, so just run the EXE and the tool will start up and allow you to view and edit NPKs and IMGs. But, it’s in Chinese, of course.
But a good thing is this software is programmed in MFC, which made a little easier to modify the UI. I have basically translated the UI. The translated software can be downloaded in the link above.
I have got the source code of the old 120 version on github. And I have successfully recompiled it. Once after I get the current source code, just a few CPP codes’ being modified can completely make the software translated. Feb 23

Release Notes (Oct 8)

Dressing Room add “Import/Export ES Dressing Room code” button.

  1. The code exported with ES Dressing Room can be imported here.
  2. Can export the code that suits ES Dressing Room
  3. Can export the address of ES Dressing Room, and can be directly used by pasting to Address bar of the browser.

Note: As KEX Dressing Room does not support weapons, weapon codes will be automatically ignored.
Note: Please manually select the class before importing ES Dressing Room codes.


Note: Even though it has been stopping updating, I will keep fixing if there are any bugs.
If there are any IMGs which are able to be read by the game but unable to be read by my software, I will try to fix/fixing it. If you encountered any such IMGs please do not hesitate to contact the author~
Including further devoloped new version IMGs by the game devs, of course…


This software is open source.
The core algorithm is programmed in C++.
The APIs used include WinAPI, ZLIB, LIBPNG, LIBBZ2.
Software itself is programmed in MFC.
The source code can be used for further developed without origin indication.
And we ecourage to use the code to develop your own tools and extractor softwares.
But commercial use is discouraged (but not prohibited).

But directly quoting this software or directly compiling the source code without any modification require indication of the name of the author (“乘着歌声的翅膀” or “断幺九の猫耳恋”, but do not indicate “依然冰奈斯”).

Source Code: https://github.com/Lucky-Koishi/KoishiEx.git
GitHub - No5972/Koishi_Extractor_English_Translation: For foreign translation of Koishi’s Extractor. 恋恋のEX兔子版源代码以及KoishiExAPI源代码 (No5972’s forked version which has been updated to version 5.1)
Software Wiki (Not Translated): 恋恋のEx兔子版 · Lucky-Koishi/KoishiExAPI Wiki · GitHub
Feedback (Non-Chinese threads and replies are not allowed in COLG): EX兔子版反馈专贴……,沃特碧们的Colg,DNF地下城与勇士 - COLG社区
Feedback QQ Group: 641067693 Hope to be helped find more bugs~

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