[REPUBLISH] Koishi’s Extractor BlackCat.1.3


NOTE TO DFOG ONLY: If you encounter the password prompt when opening NPK files, just use old version of Koishi or use ES to open instead. We have various backups in github and mega.

  1. Pallete dropdowns have been added to Dressing Room except Skin part.
  2. One-key generating hiding selected avatars NPK function has added to Dressing Room.
  3. V4 IMGs with only selected palette will be generated if selecting non-P0 palette when exporting selected avatars in Dressing Room.
  4. Dialog Software Settings added Logo Setting and Canvas Background Setting Button.
  5. Dialog About added links to feedback threads in various (Chinese) forums.
  6. Fixed NPK checksum error BUG (which results in NPK not in effect in game).
  7. Fixed a crash BUG when deleting colors in V2 IMG “palettes”.

This software is called “Koishi’s Extractor”, and the version is called “BlackCat.1.3”. The author of the software is “断幺九の猫耳恋”.


Previous Versions:


There’s no installer, so just run the EXE and the tool will start up and allow you to view and edit NPKs and IMGs. But, it’s in Chinese, of course. Most texts have been translated into English.


This software is open source.
The core algorithm is programmed in C++.
The APIs used include WinAPI, ZLIB, LIBPNG, LIBBZ2.
Software itself is programmed in MFC.
The source code can be used for further developed without origin indication.
And we ecourage to use the code to develop your own tools and extractor softwares.
But commercial use is discouraged (but not prohibited).

But directly quoting this software or directly compiling the source code without any modification require indication of the name of the author (“乘着歌声的翅膀” or “断幺九の猫耳恋”, but do not indicate “依然冰奈斯”).

Source Code: https://github.com/Lucky-Koishi/KoishiEx.git
GitHub - No5972/Koishi_Extractor_English_Translation: For foreign translation of Koishi’s Extractor. 恋恋のEX兔子版源代码以及KoishiExAPI源代码 (No5972’s forked version which has been updated to blackcat version)
Software Wiki (Not Translated): 恋恋のEx兔子版 · Lucky-Koishi/KoishiExAPI Wiki · GitHub
Feedback (Non-Chinese threads and replies are not allowed in COLG): http://bbs.colg.cn/thread-7036516-1-1.html
Feedback QQ Group: 641067693 Hope to be helped find more bugs~