(Recolor) Blossom Mods for Ranger


Red: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mp2bjvtndyj15g2/sprite_character_gunner_effect(Red_blossom).NPK
Purple: sprite_character_gunner_effect(PurpleBlossom)
White: http://www.mediafire.com/file/fp3d08w8vdzezfj/sprite_character_gunner_effect(white_blossom).NPK
Yellow: sprite_character_gunner_effect(yellowBlossom)
New Colors(not displayed in video)
Blue: sprite_character_gunner_effect(BlueBlossom)
Green: sprite_character_gunner_effect(GreenBlossom)


Looks really nice. Using the red one. Thanks.

I just noticed the in-game title for your character. What did you get that? Lol


Is a blue version possible too?


I’ll make a blue one just for you


Thank you~


Thank you!