Question regarding Dragon Knight


Got 2 questions in regards to the class (which i gotta say i’m having a blast with so far)
first of what skills do you people think is worth leveling, or leaving at Lv.1?
trying to get a rough idea of what to do for my Skill Tree around the time i get to 1st Awakening

secondly what OV set works best for someone who’s completely does pve related things (Raids do not count, i do not raid as odd as that may sound to some lol)


DrK’s skill work in tandem to Astra’s skill, so I just maxed them all for now. Fire Breath’s tp size bonus can be pretty big, so combos like Peircing Horn + Fire Breath is good for keeping priority targets in place while weedkilling everything else. Really, the only thing I didn’t max as of now is Dragon Smash and Knuckle Buster. Course that may change when 2nd Awk comes around, in which case I may remove Blitz Strike and spend leftovers on Dragon Fang.

Edit: Forgot to mention I didn’t max Peircing Horn either.


I highly suggest that you leave Dragon Smash, Blitz Strike, AND Dragon Fang at level 1. Biting dragon can also be left at level 1 or leveled based on preference(it will most likely become a SP dump when we get 2nd awakenings). Max knuckle buster,dragon warrior princess,Astra, breath of the storm, spinning raid(could also be a SP dump), fire breath, all passives and max all her 2A skills and passives. Once you do all of that, you can choose whichever skills you like the most and dump the rest f your sp there. This build is intended for 2nd awakening when it comes out. Right now, it’s safe to enjoy some of her lower level skills(even though some of them are trash or fall off in terms of dmg output).