Question for laptop DFO players (graphics cards questions)


Hey guys, I’m looking to get a laptop for work, but i was wondering how well it would run DFO, the graphics card it would have is a Intel HD 620. I would want to run it windowed 1600x900 with HD textures if possible. I basically need it to not lag (hardware lag, not internet lag) while running anton, because if I lag in anton, my skills will wiff.



That’s should be more than fine my old laptop I gave to a friend had like raedeon r7 apc graphics or something and that’s not the best or very high-end and he never lags unless like he’s partied with my chaos or like another summon based class


If you get lag in DFO, 99% of the time it is because of internet issues, not hardware issues. DFO can run on some pretty old stuff.


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