Project BBQ Is a New 3D Dungeon Fighter Online Game Made with Unreal Engine 4 for PC
By Alessio Palumbo

Project BBQ has been revealed on Christmas day during the Dungeon & Fighter Carnival event in Seoul, South Korea. It’s a new online action roleplaying game made with Unreal Engine 4 at Action Studio, an internal team at Neople, and it will have elements from the lore of the beloved Dungeon Fighter Online IP.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, Dungeon Fighter Online is one of the highest-grossing games of all times with over $10 billion in revenue and over 600 million estimated players worldwide. Originally released in South Korea back in 2005, it’s a 2D multiplayer beat’em up game with online elements such as Guilds, Arenas, Party Play and even Mentorship.

There is no official word , ( As of yet ), As to when it will be released to us, If they decide to do so.


This is absolutely INSANE. I had to make an account just to post how amazing this looks. Nexon has me a bit iffy, but I’m excited as hell to see where this goes.


I just hope it doesn’t end up like Ghost in the shell SAC.