Post your characters!


A reboot of a thread I made on old Nexus.

Show us your characters! All of them! Doesn’t matter if they’re level-capped, geared, looking like a potato, or anything. Show 'em off!

Here’s mine:

Fun(?) fact: I’ve never once moved my characters around, so all of my characters are in order of creation.


Here are my characters, somewhat ordered by who I play the most.


Do you like pun names?
Too bad.





Just my top 12/34


An update of my own character list since I’ve finished levelling my Agents to 90.


I also wanted to post An update. Organized them by color theme as well.



Might as well post for the new thread. List is (usually) ordered by who I main as well as importance. (i.e. who I’m gearing/farming).

Some of you already know my naming convention, but for the new folks at home:

Blue Magnolia
Wynn D. Fanchon
Reaper Squad (cuz he’s conceptually a squad leader)
Berserker Grail
White Glint
Old King
Shamir Ravi Ravi
Spirit of Motherwill
Lilium Wolcott
Laine Meyers
Serene Haze

And what do they all have in common? Armored Core character and mech names. And holy shit, I got 15 of those.


I love LinkinDark lol!


My sexy characters, I cant wait for more Agent so I can make a decent custom set.


Bored so here a update on my sexy chars.