Post your Achievements Thread




Got Excalibur today (which is also my birthday).
Can’t believe I am so close on my main to being geared!



Finally made an Echon set. Though I had every opportunity to do it, the game just can’t be arsed to give me one more ele/ele ring.


Posted this in the fnen thread but yeah~ finished my first upgraded 90 set! :flushed:


Happened about a week ago, but still really happy about it.


Capped my buff in mar/apr and Got my 90 Savior in May. On my way toward heblon now


One good drop.


Legend of the PaperGoon Breathing sounds Soon™


Whelp he’s luke capable for real now got my breathing sounds. Now to finish war hero


Finally. The day has come. A strong as fuck lightsabre not named Balmung is finally in my Vagabond’s hands. And it even gives speeds! Amazing. The trail effect it gives is cool as shit too.


The difference in my cooldowns from Byeollungum to Okiram’s is insane and fucking sexy. The 30% difference is huge, especially for Vagabond. I’m so hyped.


Well, if you’re happy with it, then it’s all the reason for me to get it, too.


Shitty cooldowns is the main reason why I’m not popping shit with Savior Gaunts or Primary Impact. Feels terrible on MStriker, even despite natural cdr.


Completed all Luke Raid gear!


The epic crafting event and reinforcing event are perhaps my favorite events of all time.
After the epic craft event helped me finish up my Vagabond’s Okiram’s Charm(which I got to +11 thanks to the reinforce event), I managed to completely 0-100 craft a Prayer’s Nen Hand for my F.Nen and then took it all the way to +11. The weapon she had before was a +10 Halidom Knuckle. DAMAGE INCREASE BOYS.
Charts are rough thanks to Gracia’s wonderful procs being inconsistent, but I am satisfactorily moist right now.




My 1st Epic Wish List item i have ever got. It was cursed (yea, double cursed sword) but the free purifier/converter from the event help and now it +10 after like 20mish. Now if only my spit can just get a single piece of the Black Formal set, I would be happy.


Stormy Essence. 4/5, fuck yeah!



Alright, fifth Echon character.





5/5 Mana Vortex, 5/5 Metal Line, Vanguard finally has Heaven’s Halberd…best DFO year ever.


I got 3/3 Sensory Set on my main a week or 2 ago. It took less than 2 month get the full set. Im 4/5 Assassin Attitude Set and 3/5 BF set on him. I got Babylon and Rosetta subs on some of my alts during epic road. 1 more day on RNGods gimme the rest of BF set.