Post your Achievements Thread


I’m just gunna say I got really lucky. Even though it didn’t feel that lucky.


Finished Senses over the weekend. Made a joke after getting a hell orb that it was an Endless Ring of Hell. BOOM water sounds next run.




20 rocks later


100% Crit reached
So glad the WW Aura can make this possible.

Gonna be using Enchants for Echon once I get the set done though.


Welp, that’s the last character I’m crafting NG for…unless dragon knight gets every piece EXCEPT lightness.


My Bremen-slave Soul Bender got Avarice Bracelet, so now I have the full set.

I don’t know how to feel about this.

He has enough Antonium to fully upgrade the accessories, too. I’m just going to work on his massive backlog of invitations turn out before doing anything other than throw Dusky on him for a left side.


Just another month until I can craft bf belt and be done with this character.


I was somewhat excited about Dragon Knight coming next week

Now I am very excited.





Got all the boss auto guns





Wasn’t easy to create a static group from scratch, but 30 raids later here I am.


Welcome to the Luke Conqueror club.


not 1 character finished senses via drop:
fnen - crafted neck
dt - transferred ring
vaga - transfered brace + ring
sm - crafted neck + ring
ds - found bracelet, missing neck + ring

done with gearing dealers for now


Necros will rise!!



Been busy this week, finished 5s, finished full plate set and finished BF.
Though I had to craft scents of sparkles, I finally feel pretty good about my fnen. - I’m so glad to be done with refined amnesia necklace. :persevere:


I just finished my Vagabond’s Echon set.

Once craft Epics come out I plan on getting the Lightsabre and replacing my Top with Night Shadow.
Be sitting at 100%+ Attack/Movement speed. GOTTA GO FAST.


Finished my Swiftmaster’s Echon set about 2 or 3 weeks ago. This week I also finished my Swordmaster’s and Skirmisher’s Echon set.

Now I have 4 characters using Echon.

Also my Skirmisher finished Tower of Anguish (floor 100 is the most incomprehensible bullshit I have ever experienced in this game) and got a Soulbreaker from the pot! Not only was it a nice upgrade it looks really fucking cool on my Skirmisher.