Post your Achievements Thread


Post your achievements from DFO here.

Any other information needs to go in its respective thread.


After a year of DFO life from steam launch, I managed somehow to complete my gear!



well while nexus was down I managed to finish 5S. Frags are between 33-48pct. Was Gabing Breathing sound which is now at 74pct







got that formal jacket i was missing lol.


Amneisa ring on my Fsader.

Wasn’t even trying for it, thanks random hell gods.


My first 90 set. Yaaaay :v


This happened 11 days ago:


I took a break from the game for awhile and when I came back I managed to finally find Epic Earrings on this character. I managed to finish 3 epic armor sets (crow, rad, millennium) and get 3/3 5 senses before even finding one of the three epic earrings. I guess I managed to luck out in the fact the first epic earring I found ended up being Babylonian Symbol to finish my 12/12.


Taught three guildies how2Luke normals. Took an hour to slog through laggo moddo, but we did it.

Then I reaped the karma and attempted to burn my reinforcement ticket.

As a bonus, Trinity Eternia became +11.


2017-09-20_14-41-32 2017-09-20_12-26-35

This will do until Black Formal/Savior/Codename Oracle.


Both my weapons at +12 now :sunglasses:




Got 3/5 of Golden today!

  1. Two days ago, got my 100th Rift epic (run #971)

  2. Yesterday I one-cycled Luke in Luke Raid for the first time.

  3. Completed my first 2-man Anton Raid today.

  4. +12’d Millenium War Hero Chain Resist. This is notable because it was the final piece of gear that I wanted to get to +12.

Record of the Journey

Breathing Sounds of a New Star

  • Bought 1x successful 50% ticket

Scents of Sparkles

  • Bought 1x Ceave’s Box which turned into a successful 30% ticket

Millennium War Hero Chain Shoulder

  • Bought 1x Ceave’s Box which turned into a successful 70% ticket

Recollection of Water Sounds

  1. First Ceave’s Box gave a 30% ticket. Sold it off.
  2. Second Ceave’s Box gave a 70% ticket. It failed.
  3. Third + Fourth Ceave’s Boxes gave 30% tickets. Both failed.
  4. Fifth Ceave’s Box gave a successful 70% ticket.

Millenium War Hero Chain Resist

  • Bought 1x Ceave’s Box which turned into a successful 70% ticket.


I was hoping I’d be happier with my first use able savior but I’m not. It’s taken me this long to get one and I already have something better than it. I’ve had my cluster for a while now … oh well … guess it’s time to luke raid to get it upgraded and make it worthwhile.


Crafted my first and most likely last epic that ill craft haha. Now to have it drop 2 runs later :joy:


Second savior. Feels good this time around, also got it a lot faster than my Fnen. Still had to pay 20 rocks doe.


how did you get 20 rocks in such a short time :open_mouth: