Paladin General


Short Introduction to Paladins

Paladin is a subclass for the Knight base class which primarily uses the Bludgeon. It’s a physical % class that is able to support the party by giving them buffs while also dealing solid damage. As a % class, Paladins will want to reinforce their Bludgeons.

While it is possible to use other weapon types such as Zanbatos, one should always be wary of Seraphic Feather’s 10% physical attack increase while a Bludgeon is equipped. This is a more substantial effect than it seems. Players will often refer to this as Bludgeon Mastery.

Players will often refer to Paladin as a physical Female Nen Master, as they play similar roles of supporting the party while also dealing solid damage themselves. Paladin’s main buff, Faithful, increases both the Paladin’s and the party’s skill attack. Faithful’s party’s skill attack boost is always fixed to 25%.

Consuming Seraphic Feather charges by charging a skill that isn’t Sweeping Wave or Divine Sanctuary will grant the Paladin and her party a buff that boosts their attack speed, movement speed, hit rate, and critical chance by 30% at master level. Depending on the number of charges used, this buff lasts up to 1 minute.

The above combined with Paladin’s Divine Sanctuary which reduces incoming damage and protects nearby players from knockdown, stun, petrification, freeze, and sleep allows Paladin to both support players offensively and defensively when required.

Pros and Cons
  1. Relatively easy difficulty: With many strong and big AoE skills, Paladins are relatively easier and less mechanic-intensive compared to other class. Thanks to Sweeping Wave, leveling is very simple and quick.

  2. Strong party synergy: As mentioned before, Paladins have access to a set of very strong buffs. While hit rate and critical chance may be a bit useless in a endgame party, her massive attack/move speed buff from Seraphic Feathers and party skill attack from Faithful makes her a very strong support.

  3. Has access to healing: Paladins are one of the 4 classes that have access to healing. By consuming feathers with Divine Sanctuary, Paladin grants very strong health regeneration to all those in the area. While this is a small pro, healing is always nice when in a tight situation.

  1. Severe SP shortage: With 2nd Awakening, players may find themselves having severe SP shortage when maxing skills.

  2. Double-edged simplicity: While Paladin is easy to play, some may find the gameplay too simple. There were a fair bit of people playing Paladin on release that referred to her gameplay as too boring or simplistic.

  3. Popularity: Due to being a new female character that can support while dealing damage, Paladin gear will probably always be in demand. Purchasable items for her may stay expensive.

List of Swaps for Faithful

Some ridiculous items included for the sake of completion.
Each level of Faithful gives +2% self-skill attack, capped at +10 levels.

Weapons Effects
Level 30 or above Halidom Weapons Faithful +1
Reconstruction Weapon Faithful +1
Terra: Reconstruction Weapon Faithful +1
Heaven’s Luck Sword Faithful +2
Tarbaza Quaker Faithful self-skill attack +8%

Tops Effects
Halidom: Titanium Armor of Kers Faithful +1
Metal Line Armor Faithful +1
War God Upper Plate Armor Faithful +2
Supercontinent Vaalbara’s Earth Faithful +2

Pants Effects
Sea God Cursed Titanium Leggings Faithful +1
Bleak Wind Suede Greaves Faithful +1
Imp’s Pumpkin Pants Faithful +1
Glassy Orb Silk Pants Faithful +1
Big Sacrum Gaiters Faithful +1
Metal Line Gaiters Faithful +1
War God Lower Plate Armor Faithful +1

Shoulders Effects
Magic Cataclysm Faithful +2

Rings Effects
Hi-Tech Dimension Ring Faithful +1
Skill Pearl Experience Ring Faithful +1

Sub-Equipment Effects
Quartz Spirit Faithful +1
Navarre’s Insignia Faithful +1
Time Traveler’s Silver Watch Faithful +1

Magic Stone Effects
Solium Fonse Faithful +1

Optimized Faithful Swaps?

As Faithful’s party skill damage does not increase with swaps, swapping Faithful is purely for your own damage.

For maximized buff, fit in 6 pieces of the chronicle set Goodspell into the swaps, as it gives 10% self-skill attack on Faithful.

The easiest pieces to acquire for skill levels are +4 skill levels from +1 Sea God pants, +1 High Tech ring, +1 level 55 Halidom top, and +1 clone top.


Swap Gear Effects Cumulative Bonuses
Head/Shoulder Magic Cataclysm Faithful +2 +2
Top Goodspell Faithful self-skill attack +10%, 1/6
Pants Sea God Plate Armor Faithful +1 +3
Belt Goodspell Faithful self-skill attack +10%, 2/6
Shoes Goodspell Faithful self-skill attack +10%, 3/6
Bracelet Goodspell Faithful self-skill attack +10%, 4/6
Necklace Goodspell Faithful self-skill attack +10%, 5/6
Ring High Tech Dimension Ring Faithful +1 +4
Sub Eqp Time Traveler’s Silver Watch Faithful +1 +5
Magic Stone Goodspell Faithful self-skill attack +10%, 6/6 +5, +10% self-skill attack
Pet Any that give +1 to level 30 Faithful +1 +6, +10%
Clone Top Faithful +1 +7, +10%
Platinum Emblems Top Faithful +1 +8, +10%
Skill Title Title Faithful +2 +10, +10%
Weapon Tarbaza Quaker Faithful self-skill attack +8% +10, +18%

Skill Build


Farming Grandine

When Paladin was revealed in kDnF, many players thought Paladin would be a great Grandine farmer due to her big AoE skills on low cooldown combined with her speed buffs. For a maximized Sweeping Wave build, consider using any of these:

  1. 3 pieces of Hadassah OV: Sweeping Wave CD -20%, Damage +20%, Range +20%
  2. 3 pieces of Orthodoxia OV: Sweeping Wave CD - 15%, Damage +10%, Vacuum Range +20%
  3. 9pc Orthodoxia OV: Sweeping Wave CD -20%, Vacuum Range +30%
  4. Cracked OV:
    a. Red for Damage +4%
    b. Blue for CD -4%
    c. Green for Range +2%

Remember to pair these with a decent weapon. You can also combine 3 pieces of Hadassah and Orthodoxia.

Entry-Level Raid Gear

I’ve heard a lot of different opinions on what equipment Paladin should apply to raids in. The 2 common options are:

  1. Dusky/Gracia DPS set-up.
  2. Heartrending Support set-up.

Dusky/Gracia allow the player to both support while dealing okay damage in parties. A good starting legendary weapon like Terra: Reconstruction Bludgeon or Liberation Crasher at +10 reinforcement will let you deal okay damage. This set-up also allows the player to farm Hell mode and Echon with a bit more ease compared to the support set-up.

Heartrending set-up allows the Paladin to further support other party members with auras which is infinitely more useful than running around in Halidoms and a growing weapon. Heartrending gives solid party auras while also granting super armor, which is a lot of quality-of-life to other players in the party.

  • “How exactly does feathers/charges work?”:

    • Seraphic Feathers are generated by Sweeping Wave, level 6+ Price of Mistrust, Judgement Call, and your 1a/2a passives. Your 1a and 2a passives grants you 2 feathers each as soon as you enter a dungeon. Sweeping Wave will generate 2 feathers whenever you hit an enemy with it. Price of Mistrust will grant you maximum feathers at the end of its cast starting at skill level 6. Judgement Call will similarly grant you maximum feathers after use. Blocking a frontal hit with Seraphic Fall passive or blocking a hit with Divine Shield will also grant you a feather.
    • Charging up any skill that isn’t Sweeping Wave or Divine Sanctuary will consume feathers and grant you and your party a buff that increases attack/move speed, hit rate, and critical chance. Consuming more feathers increases the buff duration.
    • Charging Sweeping Wave will consume feathers and pull enemies in front of you. Consuming more feathers increases the vacuum range.
    • Charging Divine Sanctuary will consume feathers and heals you and your allies within range. Consuming more feathers increases its healing speed.
  • Leveling:

    • Most of the leveling experience comes from your gold Epic scenario quests. Follow the highest level ones. Sometimes, you won’t be able to reach the level requirement for the next zone. I suggest doing the quests marked [Dimensional Seal] in your highest level zone until you reach the level requirement.
  • “I’m out of quests and I’m not max level.”:

    • Pandemonium Scenarios may not be enough experience to get you to level 90. A very common advice I see is farming Bloody Lane. Alternatively, you can party with someone else who hasn’t finished their quests.
  • “I hit level 90. What now?”:

    • Start farming 5 runs of Otherverse daily for your Chronicle swaps.
    • Attempt to run Noire Ferra/Kartel HQ/Vilmark for Gracia/Dusky West/Heartrending. I suggest running this at least twice a day once you feel like you’re strong enough to do so. Once you have a 6 piece Chronicle set and a decent weapon that isn’t Magic Sealed, you can probably run this comfortably. Even in Magic-sealed and a rental weapon, level 1 Ancients is kind of easy to clear.
  • “My Gracia/Dusky West/Heartrending is complete. What now?”:

    • If desired, run your daily 6 entries of Echon a day and farm a full 6 piece set.
    • Start learning Anton Normals. There are guides for this online both in document and video form. I would highly suggest joining a guild so you can reliably learn mechanics whenever you run the dunegons. Anton Normals will teach a substantial amount of mechanics required for Anton Raid. If you have helpful friends or are in a helpful guild, you could learn this before completing your full set by tagging along.
  • “What exactly is buff-swapping?”

    • Buff swapping, also referred to as snapshotting buffs in other games, allows the player to retain the effects of a set of equipment after switching to another set of equipment. In Paladin’s case, equipping items that boost Faithful’s levels and effects, casting Faithful, and swapping to another set of equipment allows the Paladin to retain the boosted Faithful stats from the former set of items while using the effects of the latter set. By having a Faithful swap set and a DPS set, Paladins can utilize a maximized Faithful buff even after swapping into the DPS set.
  • “Will [insert item here] be better than [some other item]?”:

    • The best thing you can do in order to see which item is better is to test it out in the Training Room. Unfortunately, if it’s a weapon or an item that requires reinforcement/refinement/amplification, the cost to just test the item may be a hindrance. In general, you should attempt to keep your critical chance at 97% while maintaining set bonuses. Avoid overlapping non-stackable properties such as Smash and Critical Smash if possible.
  • “Which 90 epic set is best for Paladin?”:

    • Most people would reply with “It’s not which epics you farm for, but the epics that come to you” and I agree with them. Unless you plan to farm for a very long time, use the items available to you. With the very recent Epic Reworks in kDnF, upgraded 90 epics rankings are probably mixed up a bit, so I would wait until there is concrete tests and data if you’re serious about that.

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Increases the duration or maintains it? Can it be increased beyond a minute?


Maintains. Max is 1 min, doing it again refreshes the buff lasting time.


Seraphic Feathers buff is actually pretty convenient.

The buff will never overwrite itself if the new buff does not last longer than your current buff’s remaining time. What that means is if I buff myself with 4 feathers, unless my buff only has less than 12.5s remaining, a 2 feather buff will not overwrite the buff. This means you can never overwrite your buff with a shorter duration than your current buff duration.

However, if you buff yourself with 4 feathers and then proceed to buff yourself with 6 seconds before the buff expires, it will overwrite the buff with the longer duration, which is 60s. Buffing with 6 feathers while already having a 6 feather buff will only refresh the duration, not add it on top.

I don’t think there’s a way to increase it beyond a minute. Probably have to just 6 feather buff every minute.


Does anyone know what hair avatar this guy uses in this video? And has it been released yet in DFO? YouTube



Maybe this? It’s the 9th rare avatars in KR which I don’t think we got in DFOG since we started at 10th.


Should include as well that taking damage even if blocked by your Seraphic Fall or Divine Shield also grants feathers.


That’s true; I overlooked it since I thought most people would rather just Sweeping Wave and not bother waiting for the enemy to hit for feathers.

I’ve also been told that Sweeping Wave sometimes will bug out and not provide feathers on hit in parties. I haven’t really run into the issue myself, but I guess it’s something people should look out for.


I don’t get it. All my enemies keep telling me to put the hammer down, but every time I do, they just die.


I think Forgiveness is bugged right now. The last hit doesn’t seem to do any damage.


Holy shit, it doesn’t. lol

Also, question…

What’s this compared to Range? Does the vacuum extend outside of the skill itself? I rarely notice the difference in AOE size when I charge Sweeping.


I think it’s just +#% increased range. If you used a 6 feather Sweeping Wave that normally has 750 pixel vacuum, a 3pc Orthodoxia would increased that by 20% (I incorrectly put 10% in the post) which would turn out to be a 900 pixel vacuum. It probably isn’t all that notable. The extra damage and the CD is what you really want.


Seems like Sweep won’t charge either. Anyone else have this?


Do you have feathers when you try?


Yes, all six.


I don’t seem to have that issue. I just tested it just now. However, currently, in town my shield is missing. Does anyone else have this issue?


I’m not having any issues with charging Sweeping Wave.

Having “Advanced/Awakening Avatar” unchecked will make your shield on Paladin and Dragon Knight disappear.


Yeah, as it turns out, my Sweep was set to a hotkey on Turbo mode. :upside_down_face:


Ah. That would explain it. I have mine with the Down+Z command.


I got this bug on my paladin, every time i enter a dungeon i don’t have my starting feathers.