Overview of the Soul Bender Revamps


Recovery of Lethologica’s Post on Feb 6, 2017 at 5:32 PM

Hi guys. Recently, the Korean server counterpart to ours received numerous Soul Bender changes. I’m sure many of you have seen videos, but don’t really understand the details. I’m hoping this overview will give you an idea of what each skill does. I won’t be posting exact numbers such as “x skill was buffed y %” or whatever. I will however, provide commentary on each skill, and hopefully, tell you why the skills are good or bad. I will be ignoring things I don’t consider important (so yes this will be biased), but for the most part that just means I won’t be talking about Ghost Sword or whatever.

Before I begin, I would like to thank Mike / Jay / Yunha for the work they did translating the changes.

That being said, let’s talk about the skills:

Ghost Liberation (New Level 20 Passive)

  • Allows you to use a “field type” skill during attack type skills. If you use a field skill through this method, you skip the casting section.
  • “Field type” skills include: Curtain, Bremen, Saya, Rhasa, Tombstone Triangle (Both the placement as well as detonation), Blade Phantom (both the placement and finisher).
  • Attack Skills include: Wave Wheel Slasher, Ghost Slash, Moonlight Slash, Phantom Sword Slash, Tombstone, Ghost Sword: Berserk, Phantasmal Slayer, Ghost Slash: Abyss, Ghost Sword Necromance: Consume, Blache, and Zieg
This is one of the most important changes by far. A massive issue of SB pre change was the fact that you would spend a decent amount of time setting up. With the addition of Ghost Liberation, you can essentially avoid this problem by abusing this mechanic. Because the cast bar is also removed, you can drop ghosts much faster than doing it the old way.


  • Tick damage from Kazan/Bremen removed
  • SP Requirement per level changed from 50->10
  • Increase Magic Crit Rate. +15% at Level 10
Pretty cool. SP Reduction is great now that Unshackle actually does something. 15% crit is sweet if you can find the sp for it.

Ritual Of Extinction (New Active Skill)

  • When Casted, removes “Field Type” ghost skills.
Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Necromancy gets removed so you have to have a way to remove your ghosts if a reflection gimmick like Agnes comes up.

Afterimage of Keiga:

  • Max level changed to 10, Master Level changed to 20
  • Additional dmg to Phantasmal Slayer removed.
  • X String magic damage reduced and capped at certain percentage
  • TP requirement changed from 2 -> 1
  • Grants Critical dmg increase. 2% per level
Okay, ignore everything except for the last 2 points. Those are the only relevant ones. The TP has some uses in Luke raid, but I won’t go into detail about that now. The main thing you want to look at is that Keiga now gives 2% critical dmg increase per level. At level 20, it is 40% critical damage. Pair this with 6pc Possessed Flame, which has an additive 10% critical dmg increase, bringing th total up to 50% critical damage increase. Massive buff.

Lunar Curtain:

  • SP requirement per leveled changed from 20 -> 10.
  • The shadow resist decrease on enemies as well as shadow resist increase on allies will now be permanent, without the need to cast the skill. Essentially that means that curtain is now a 100% uptime aura debuff. You can actually still cast the skill, but all that really does is apply the curse that the skill innately had
Nothing really to say. It’s pretty cool that this skill is on 100% of the time with 0 effort now. The curse from the “activation” of the skill is pretty whatever. Probably saved you a skill command or something.


  • Unshackle tick damage removed
  • Changed to passive upon advancement. Becomes an aura that grants strength / int to allies.
This is pretty sweet. A big issue with SB post changes was the fact that you would waste time setting up. Now that Kazan is essentially on forever, it basically is a skill you can forget about in favor of more important things.


  • SP Requirement per level changed 25->10
  • Can be canceled from your X - String (lol)
  • Tick damage from Unshackle removed
Whatever. Still your best friend. The X String cancel is irrelevant considering SB now has Ghost Liberation.

Phantom Sword Slash:

  • No change


  • Damage increased
  • Freeze rate fixed at 50% at all levels, however the freeze level itself depends on the skill
  • Inflicts Shadow Damage
  • TP Changed, will no longer increase duration, changed to increase freeze level and multi hit rate by 7% per level
  • Can be canceled with X String
  • Percent Damage
This is a big one. Saya was always a level 1 skill for Necromancy. However, with the removal of BOTH Saya Crystals AND Necromancy (more information later), this skill now shines. It is now a skill that can be maxed in certain situations. Because it now does shadow damage, this skill does respectable damage now. Supposedly it does slightly higher damage than Tombstone. Keep in mind that this skill does require time to get all of the damage off, and thus is a bit slow. However one advantage is that it can be used with Ghost Liberation to be used immediately without wasting time. Personally I can think of a lot of situations where I wouldn’t use this skill, but I can also think of a lot of situations where I would pick this skill. It’s favored among Luke raid runners, especially if the SB within the party is the sole holder.


  • Range of the skill changed. Before: Tombstone’s hitbox was based on the individual tombstone’s visual hitbox. After: if an enemy can be hit by even a single tombstone, they will be hit by all tombstones. (In simpler terms, this skill used to have a horrible hit box, and if a tombstone didnt visually touch a monster, it wouldn’t hit. Now, if any monster is within the range of tombstone, all the hits will land)
  • Damage decreased by 25% per tombstone
  • Tombstone fall speed decreased from 12 -> 9 per second.
  • Fixed Damage
In terms of pure damage, it got nerfed. However, the old tombstone was honestly just god awful to use. Even if the overall tombstone count is reduced, and the damage per tombstone is reduced, I still consider this change a buff. Tombstone was an incredibly strong skill pre change, but the problem was that it was just so inconsistent. It was especially bad on enemies with small hitboxes (Agnes), so the fact that you can guarantee every hit landing is something I’d take anyday. Because the skill will also land every single hit, the juggling capability of the skill has improved significantly, and can literally lock enemies in the air for the duration of the skill. Damage is still good, and because it lasts a full 2 seconds, many users like using it as a way to safely use multiple “field type” ghosts during a single tombstone.


  • Can be canceled from X String
  • SP Requirement changed from 40 -> 15
Lol. No further words.

Phantasmal Slayer:

  • Damage increased
  • Percent Damage
Okay, let’s be real, no one cares. It still does no damage, and you still only level it to 10 + tp. However, what’s nice is that you can use Ghost Liberation during Phantasmal. What’s interesting, however, is that the “Field Type” ghost you spawn appears are the ORIGIN of your phantasmal, rather than where you end up post cast.

Ghost Sword: Berserk (New Level 40 Skill)

  • Slam down your sword
  • Fixed Damage
That’s kind of the extent of what I can describe Berserk as. Moving beyond how unflashy it is, this skill is really legit. It has what seems to be a 20 second cooldown, so it’s fairly close to Tombstone. It only does a single hit, so it’s some nice, fast burst. The damage is also very good, it does slightly more damage than Tombstone. You can probably only get to use Ghost Liberation to use one “field type” ghost though.

Before we continue, I would like to talk about Tombstone, Saya, and Berserk.

All 3 of these skills are very good, and do very similar damage. However, they do have differences that make them unique for specific situations. The issue is that SB actually does not have enough SP to level all 3 of these skills. You can only take 2 within any build. Of course, it is based on both preference, and the dungeon you are attempting.

Some arguments:

  • Tombstone lasts for 2 seconds, so it’s a very safe way to use Ghost Liberation to spawn multiple fields
  • Saya can be used to help the SB hold when there is no dedicated holder.
  • Berserk is incredibly fast. If you are trying to squeeze as much damage as possible in a limited window, this skill excels at it.

Kalla and it’s Finisher has been separated into 2 different skills. I will refer to the finisher as “Dark Flame Sword”. Dark Flame Sword scales alongside Kalla, but has a separate command (hotkey), and cooldown.


  • Changed to a permanent buff.
  • Cooldown reduced to 5s
  • Damage has been increased by roughly 400% (not applied to Dark Flame Sword)
  • No longer pierces enemy defense
  • TP Changed: No longer increases duration, increases damage by 10% per level
  • If you cast this skill while it is active, it will prevent Dark Flame Fireballs from burning its target.
  • Fixed Damage
Godbless. Finally permanent. Initially the 400% damage increase in favor of defense ignore seems like a nerf. However, that also means Kalla will now be affected by defense decrease such as Bremen. Due to this, as well as the TP FINALLY increasing fireball damage, it should be an overall buff. Kalla is still a consistent source of dps, and is even better now that it is permanent.

Dark Flame Sword:

  • Range increased
  • Percent Damage
  • Extra hit added changing the total hit count from 6 (3 times 2) -> 7
Really nice buff. The range increase is really really cool. It has really great X axis reach now, and the extra hit added is a big increase in damage. I believe it does slightly more than Tombstone.

Fear of Darkness

  • New ON/OFF Function added. You can turn off the Slowing feature
  • Skill damage added
Big buff. The skill damage increase is very nice. ON/OFF feature is kind of…. Needed. You can turn off the slow and now it wont cause glitches (the most famous one being the sliding zombies in leg). I just wish Neople could fix the bug all together rather than adding a toggle… Whatever, I’ll take it. Interesting note is, Dark Templar also had their first awakening passive changed. Similar to SB, their old passive reduced shadow resistance. However, that was removed in favor of Skill damage. What’s interesting is that SB got to keep their shadow resistance decrease, but still gain skill damage.


  • Percent Damage
  • Spawn speed increased
  • Damage increased
  • Super Armor upon cast
  • Maximum number of ghosts required for maximum damage threshold changed to 3 (see point 8)
  • No longer consumes ghosts, and thus, no longer resets ghost cooldowns.
  • No longer increases INT for consuming ghosts
  • New level 3/6/9 effects:
    • Level 3: Increases int upon cast
    • Level 6: Swap inflicts DoT damage
    • Level 9: Maximum ghosts increased by 1, for a total of 4
This is a great buff. The speed of Blache seems to have gone from 4.5 seconds from cast to finish down to 2 seconds. The resets arent really important now that Crystal Saya is removed, and Kalla is permanent. The ghosts no longer being consumed means that you dont need to waste more time setting up because your Blache ate them. Honestly because of how slow it was before, and the fact that it ate your debuffs, Blache was a pretty terrible skill pre changes. Now, though, its actually much better. The maximum ghosts needed is 4. Kalla and Keiga are permanent and count as 2. That means you only need two more fields to reach maximum damage. Keep in mind that Kazan is an aura, so it will NOT count.

Crystal Saya:

  • Skill removed
R I P.

Ghost Slash: Abyss (New Level 60 Skill)

  • Fixed Damage
Basically this skill is the one with the pillars coming out of the ground. Honestly, it’s similar to Dark Templar’s ‘Shadow Binding’. It’s a long X axis line that holds whatever it hits. Seems like the duration of the hold is about 3 seconds or so. Cooldown of the skill seems to be between 28-30 seconds without Cooldown reduction. It doesn’t do that much damage, and the duration of the hold is not tied to level. Originally, I thought you could leave this skill at level 1; and you probably could, but the amount of SP you save probably isn’t enough to take a better skill. For that reason, I do see many players max this skill.

Tombstone Triangle:

  • Super armor added
  • Shockwave from the initial fall increased
  • Speed massively increased
  • Mix of Fixed + Percent Damage
The speed buff on this thing is incredible. Keep in mind you can use this skill with Ghost Liberation not only to drop it, but to detonate it as well. Can result in very fast, very solid burst damage.

Phantom Mastery:

  • Duration increase on Kazan, Saya, and Zieg removed
  • Additional Damage increase on “Field Type” Ghosts removed
  • Damage increase on Cursed Enemies removed and changed to unconditional skill damage
The last point is the only relevant one. You dont need to curse enemies anymore, so that’s nice. There are also a small handful of curse immune monsters that you now do more damage too.

Blade Phantom:

  • Damage massively buff
  • Pressing the skill again immediately activates its finisher
  • Fixed Damage for Non Finisher attacks. Finisher is Percent.
Similar to Tombstone Triangle, you can cast and activate the finisher through Ghost Liberation. This skill actually does legitimate damage. Remember how I said you could only take 2 of the 3 skills from Tombstone, Saya, and Berserk? It’s possible you skip Blade Phantom as well as Abyss to take all 3, but that’s honestly pretty rare.


  • Skill Removed
Major change here. Biggest reason why Support SB took a huge hit. Every part of this skill was removed. The Skill Damage increase portion was moved to Fear of Darkness / Phantom Mastery, and the new skill “Ritual of Extinction” exists to remove “field type ghosts”

Ghost Sword Necromance: Consume (New Level 80 Skill)

  • Fixed Damage
This is the jump up and slam down a long line skill. It does some very nice damage, and has great AoE. It’s the third strongest skill, behind Blache and Zieg. You can also use Ghost Liberation during this skill, so that’s pretty nice.


  • No longer imitates Soul Bender’s action
  • Immediately spawns and descends
  • Has Suction
  • Can use Ghost Liberation during Casting animation
  • Fully Fixed Damage
This skill does DAMAGE. It’s incredibly strong, doing nearly THREE times the damage of tombstone. The skill is divided into 2 parts: the first being Zieg’s summoning portion, and the second being his Descending animation. The descending portion is a superhold, the summoning is not. You can use Abyss to cover that duration, however. Because this skill covers you with its hold, it is a prime opportunity for you to use your skill rotation, and do some massive damage.

I’ll tell you my final thoughts here. Overall the changes are very solid. They addressed some big flaws in the class, such as the lack of damage skills currently, the inconsistencies in damage, and the long set up times required (only for Blache to eat your setup and for you to do it all over again…)

It’s no secret that this class is incredibly powerful right now. With Bremen, and now backed up by strong skills, SB is difficult for other classes to compete with. I do want to say though, that while the class as a whole is monstrous, I don’t think that the individual skills are particularly strong. They’re strong certainly, but many classes can definitely outdeal SB. I think that the reason SB shines lies within how incredibly fast they can unload all their skills. This class has earned the nickname “Magical MStriker”, and with the addition of Ghost Liberation, you can definitely see why.

If you would like to see videos of SB’s in the Korean server, here are some links to channels:




Recovery of H-1’s Post on Feb 6, 2017 at 6:34 PM

It looks like the maximum burst combo is something along the lines of abyss -> zieg -> whale -> consume, while casting circles + triangle. There's a lot of flexibility though, and in some of the videos they just dunk on bosses with zieg and triangle.

PSS seems to be one of those optional maxes as well, the 3rd youtuber maxes it, but I don't think the others do. I'm not sure where he found the points to do it.

Recovery of Ralexinor’s Post on Feb 6, 2017 at 7:01 PM

Now for the big question: Neople when will you give us our SB revamps?!

Recovery of Lethologica’s Post on Feb 6, 2017 at 7:18 PM

Yep, very much so.

The Third youtuber seems to be the strongest by far. I think he takes PSS because he really has no need for tombstone as the 2s duration probably slows him down. From what I can tell PSS is really not a popular max.

Recovery of NERVNQSR’s Post on Feb 6, 2017 at 9:53 PM

i love how easy it seems to activate rosetta stone just by using every ghost and tombstone triangle during an attack

i also look forward to striving for the sheer power to delete belial like this guy

Recovery of Raiban’s Post on Feb 7, 2017 at 2:05 AM

So quick question, is the 9pc blade soul going to be the main set we aim for after revamps, as far as ov gear goes?

Recovery of Ark’s Post on Feb 7, 2017 at 2:06 AM

Blade Soul dies after rework. Only 3 OV sets that matter are Unholy for Bremen, Oblivion for Tombstone Triangle, and Possessed Flame for swaps

Recovery of karanji’s Post on Feb 7, 2017 at 2:47 AM

Excellent post / update Leth.

Recovery of Darkriku’s Post on Feb 8, 2017 at 11:03 PM

As far as equipment and pets go I have a muramasa and unsung and was wondering should I sell my unsung before revamps since I really only use it for Anton raid in order to get max gold back? And my pet is nornil for the extra level in Bremen but should I buy a Liu Bei to replace her or is another pet better for post rework now that the three kingdoms package is out? One more question is Muramasa better than Dark Star for SB?

Recovery of Lethologica’s Post on Feb 9, 2017 at 12:21 AM

You should definitely keep the unsung, because it gives +3 to keiga, which is something you'll need to start swapping.

Both the pets are fine. If you have attack damage already, use the kingdom pet. Otherwise, use Nornil. They're both solid.

Muramasa vs Dark Star depends on the rest of your setting. The defense ignore on Muramasa is mostly useless. Dark Star is generally better unless you have too much All attack

Recovery of Ulfrey’s Post on Feb 9, 2017 at 4:25 PM

On the topic, if I’m a new, poor SB player, is it worth it getting stuff for a bremen setting or just the unsung due to keiga? I’d get the bremen stuff right away, but who knows… we may get the rework come march and I won’t make full use of it in anton :ohdear:

Recovery of Jianshi’s Post on Feb 9, 2017 at 5:43 PM

Unholy Dominion still exists as a support setting even after the revamp. The ones who get hit the hardest from SB revamp are actually GM and Freyja due to their synergy (some would go so far as to call it reliance) on Saya Necromancy. Unholy setting is still certainly useable, though I wouldn't bust my ass trying to buy auras to compliment it. I would get Unsung Tachi, the 6 pc Unholy setting and the Sea God Pants (from the current Ancients event) and that will be the best balance of being relevant in our current content while also preparing for our future revamp.

Recovery of Ulfrey’s Post on Feb 18, 2017 at 12:55 PM

A question: About FoD and Phantom Mastery, do they have a skill level cap post-rework? For example, if I have +2 on both from Fish Ball Line, do I get more damage for each extra level on them?

Recovery of Lethologica’s Post on Feb 18, 2017 at 2:00 PM

There probably is a level cap like all skills in the game, but no one is really even close to reaching it. Yes, You will get the skill dmg increase to FOD / PM

Recovery of terrortot4287’s Post on Feb 21, 2017 at 11:27 PM

So what you're saying is that Soulbenders have gone completely fucking mental.

I like it.

Recovery of Rain’s Post on Feb 21, 2017 at 11:40 PM

does this mean rhasa doesn't work with my Brawlers anymore

Recovery of Lethologica’s Post on Feb 22, 2017 at 12:03 PM

Soul Bender is still Brawler's best friend because of Bremen. Bremen's Magical Defense shred + abnormal status resist decrease means that it can increase a brawler's damage exponentially. The removal of Rhasa necromancy definitely hurts a bit, but if you play subdealer, you can more than make up for it.

Recovery of Ulfrey’s Post on Mar 2, 2017 at 7:11 PM

Do we have a way to know how much %skill dmg we get per level from post-revamp FOD/PM?

I'm wondering what'll end up being stronger in a dealer setting on revamped SB - Fish Ball Line or Worshipful General's Textbook?

Recovery of Lethologica’s Post on Mar 2, 2017 at 9:12 PM

I just asked and it turns out that the skill damage on Phantom Mastery is 2L + 20, and Fear of Darkness is L + 9, where L represents skill level.

For example:

Assuming you had level 10 Phantom mastery, that would be a total of 40% Skill dmg

Also, I didn't realize that when they removed necromancy, the STR/INT you gained from Necro Kazan was also moved to Phantom Mastery, and it increase the value of the Kazan aura. Not sure the base value but the scaling is aobut 23 STR/INT per level