Origin Update (September 5th)

  • New Dungeons has been added.
    • Pre-Metastasis Dungeons has been re-added.
Classification Dungeon
Tutorial Character-Story Dungeons
Advancement Time of Enlightenment (Advancement Experience Dungeon)
Grand Flores Mirkwood, Thunderland, Poison Thunderland, Grakqarak, Blazing Grakqarak, Mirkwood Frost, Shadow Thunderland
Sky Tower Dragonoid Nest, Puppet Museum, Golem Tower, Vestibule of Darkness, Castellan’s Chamber, Floating Castle
Behemoth Outer Temple Wall, Dendroid Jungle, Purgatorium, Silver Night, First Spine, Second Spine, Chamber of Blood
Aphelia Post Shallow Keep, Spider’s Lair, Scoria Core, The Catacombs, Slums Gate, Spider Kingdom, Hero’s Catacomb
Noire Ferra Tyrant’s Altar, Gold Tunnel, Heart of the Genesis
Storm Pass The Ridge, Frozenheart, Ryku Point, Frostfield, Bwanga’s Camp
North Myre Brigand City, Hamelin, Blood Sands, Abandoned Mine, Verderia
Circulation Loop Secret Town, Spirit Forest, Underground Sewer, Sky Island, Mt. Hardt, Oceanic Rail, Time Boundary, Control Tower, Indestructable Corridor, Bloody Lane
Awakening Character-Awakening Dungeons

  • Dungeons has been removed.
    • Various Dungeons has been removed.
Area Dungeon
Valley of Fallen Souls Tower of Illusion, Tower of the Dead
Mirror Arad Another Arad
Dark Elf Ruins Temple Entrance, Labyrinth, Inner Temple
Abnova Murky Glassfey
Time Gate Black Crusade
Special Dungeon Forgotten Forest, Village of the Confined, Gold King’s Secret Cave, Fanatics, Frost Cave, Mt. Hardt Showdown, Pursue the Express Train, Time Break, Slote Power Plant Escape, King’s Archive, Bloody Lane
Circulation Dungeon All Areas

  • Dungeon Level Change
    • Various Dungeon Levels has been changed.
    • Dungeon Levels will be shown as ‘Dungeon Name (Entrance Level ~ Dungeon Level)’
Area Dungeon
Abnova Luteon (50~53), Frozen Luteon (51~54), Glassfey (52~55), Ringwood Penitentiary (53~56)
Meltdown Mushroom Garden (54~57), Salif City of Spores (55~58), Rotten Lot (56~59), Old Streets (57~60), Chessboard of Despair (57~60)
Inverted Waterfall Shark Habitat-Durban (58~61), Reef of Disgrace (59~62), Forbidden Shrine (60~63), Dendroid Hub (61~64), Lotus’s Lair (62~65)
Antwer Canyon Ghent Outskirts (63~66), East Ghent Gate (64~67), South Ghent Gate (65~68), North Ghent Gate (66~69), Ghent Battlefield (67~70), Midnight Assault (68~71), Kartel Supply Camp (69~72), Final Pursuit (70~73)
Oceanic Express Iron Scale (71~74), Runaway West-Bound (72~75), Shrouded Heiz (73~76), Battle at Arden City (74~77)
Time Gate The Great Blaze (75~78), Epidemic (76~79), Organization! The Kartel (77~80), Confidential Area (78~81), Old Screaming Cavern (79~82), Naissance (80~83), Awakening (80~83)
Power Station Kore Power Plant (81~82), Furtz Power Plant (81~82), Trombe Power Plant (82~83), Grandine Power Plant (83~84)
Castle of the Dead Inverted Watchtower (85~88), Luke Rinje (85~88), Metal Brakium (85~88), Salamander’s Furnace (86~89), Banquet Hall of Light (86~89)
Metro Center Time Square (87~90), Valley of Half-Breeds (87~90), Chamber of Terror (88~91), Wind Canyon (88~91), Red Witch’s Forest (89~92)

  • Tutorial Dungeon

    • Tutorial Dungeons has gone through a renewal.
    • Tutorial Dungeons that befits each class has been added.
    • New Adventurers will learn basic controls and combat system through these dungeons.
    • Scenes has been added to the tutorials.
    • Scenes from tutorials cannot be skipped.
  • Scenario Dungeon

    • Scenario Dungeon has gone through a renewal.
Area Level
Grand Flores 1 ~ 16
Sky Tower 17 ~ 23
Behemoth 24 ~ 29
Aphelia Post 30 ~35
Noire Ferra 36 ~ 39
Storm Pass 40 ~ 45
North Myre 46 ~ 49
Abnova 50 ~ 53
Meltdown 54 ~ 57
Inverted Waterfall 58 ~ 62
Antwer Canyon 63 ~ 70
Oceanic Express 71 ~ 74
Time Gate 75 ~ 80
Power Station 81 ~ 83
Noble Sky 84 ~ 84
Castle of the Dead 85 ~ 86
Luke’s Laboratory 87 ~ 90
Metro Center 87 ~ 90

  • Scenes has been added to Scenario Dungeons.

    • Scenes that hasn’t been seen by the account cannot be skipped.
    • Scenes can be skipped with [ESC] key if it already has been watched before.
    • [Ctrl] can be used to double the Scene speed.
    • Scene Auto-skip can be set through Settings.
  • Circulation Loop

    • Circulation Loop Dungeons can be entered by completing all the Scenario Dungeons of the area.
    • Random Dungeons of the area will be entered through Circulation Loop.
Location Area Entry Level Dungeon Level Dungeon
Back Street North Myre 47 50 Secret Town
Silver Crown Abnova 51 53 Spirit Forest
Sewer Meltdown 55 57 Underground Sewer
Behemoth Inverted Waterfall 60 62 Sky Island
Ghent Antwer Canyon 65 70 Mt. Hardt
Bahn Hafen Oceanic Express 72 74 Oceanic Rail
City of Shonan Time Gate 77 80 Time Boundary
Slaugh Industrial Complex Power Station 81 83 Control Tower
Zelva Castle of the Dead 85 86 Indestructable Corridor
Central Park Metro Center 88 90 Bloody Lane

  • The following benefits will be applied in Circulation Loop Dungeons.

    • Additional chance of Unique equipment dropped by Boss enemies.
    • Level 1 ~ 80 Tradeable Legendary Accessories can be obtaining by Gabriel.
  • Awakening Dungeon

    • 1st Awakening
      • Scenario Dungeon for 1st Awakening can be entered in North Myre at Level 50.
      • Awakening Dungeons will be different for each class.
      • Scenes has been added to Awakening Dungeons
      • Scenes cannot be skipped.
      • 1st Awakening is achieved by completing the dungeon.
  • Advancement Experience Dungeon

    • Subclass Advancement condition has been changed.
      • Character can subclass by completing ‘Subjugating Fear’ Quest from NPC Linus.
      • Subclass Advancement Selection screen has been changed.
      • Videos for key skills until 1st Awakening has been provided. (Doesn’t apply to certain skills)
      • ‘Time of Enlightenment (Advancement Experience Dungeon)’ can be entered through Experience button.
      • Skill preset has been provided until 1st Awakening in Advancement Experience Dungeon.
      • Skills until 1st Awakening and Subclass can be experienced through Experience button.
  • 2nd Awakening Quest has gone through a renewal.

    • 2nd Awakening Quest provider has been changed to NPC Shiran.
    • New dungeons has been added for 2nd Awakening Quest.
      • Requiem: Gold Dragon Tournament
      • Requiem: Silver Dragon Tournament
      • Contaminated Time Gate
    • Player can no longer progress with the previous 2nd Awakening Quest.
  • Scenario Quest

    • New Epic Quests has been added.
    • Pre-Origin Epic Quests has all been erased.
  • Other Quest

    • Pre-Origin Quests has all been erased.
  • Title Book, Dimensional Seal and Piece of Time has been renewed and following changes has been made.

    • Title Book, Dimensional Seal and Piece of Time will no longer increase Character’s stats.
    • New skill that raises Character’s stats has been added.
    • Latent Ability
      • Skill for Non-Supplementary Classes. Automatically given after Subclass Advancement. (Not given to Base Classes)
      • Master Level is set to 1 and it increases Character’s stats.
      • Additional stats will be given by completing 1st and 2nd Awakening Quests.
      • Amount of stats from the skill will match with the stats given from Title Book and Dimensional Seal.
    • Inherent Power
      • Skill for Supplementary Classes. Automatically given from the beginning.
      • Master Level is set to 1 and it increases Character’s stats.
      • Additional stats will be given by completing 1st and 2nd Awakening Quests.
      • Amount of stats from the skill will match with the stats given from Title Book, Dimensional Seal and Piece of Time.
  • Town Renewal

    • New towns has been added.
New Town
Elven Guard
Hendon Myre
West Coast
Storm Pass
Aphelia Post

  • World Map Renewal
    • World Map has gone through a renewal.
    • World Map has been split by stages.
Stage Description
3 Dungeon Fighter World
2 Continent and Area within the World
1 Town within the Continent and Area


< Strengthened Buff System Rework >

  • Strengthened Buff Slot will no longer affect currently equipped Equipment and has fixed the irregular effects since the last patch.
    • ex) Equipment registered in party member’s Strengthened Buff Slot being used to increase skill damage and attack.
  • Strengthened Buff Slot has been changed due to change in Skill Style.
  • Strengthened Skill value can be checked by hovering the mouse over Strengthened Buff Slots.
  • Equipment not working properly in Strengthened Buff Slot has been fixed.
    • Vagabond - Subweapon Slot
    • Avatar - Aura Skin slot

< Male Crusader >

  • Strike

    • Affected Vitality value will be shown in Buff Icon.
  • Wisdom Blessing

    • Affected Spirit value will be shown in Buff Icon.
  • Divine Invocation

    • Affected Vitality and Spirit value will be shown in Buff Icon.

< Creator >

  • Awakening Passive pre-requisite Level has been changed to 48.
  • Mutation, Airball, Reenactment, Ice Age, Tuning and Link skill-requirement has been changed.
    • Previous Requirement: 9 Piece of Time and Awakening 1
    • New Requirement: Awakening 1
  • Distortion, Time Forward, Creation and Creative Space skill-requirement has been changed.
    • Previous Requirement: 13 Piece of Time and Awakening 2
    • New Requirement: Awakening 2

< Dark Knight >

  • Time Stop, Phantom Sword, Dark Wave Fall and Charge Explosion skill-requirement has been changed.
    • Previous Requirement: 9 Piece of Time and Awakening 1
    • New Requirement: Awakening 1
  • Space-Time Union, Dark Burst and Time Break skill-requirement has been changed.
    • Previous Requirement: 13 Piece of Time and Awakening 2
    • New Requirement: Awakening 2
  • Helkarium and Transcendence Weapons from 1st and 2nd Awakening Quests has been removed.
    • ‘Transcendence Weapon is no longer available’ tooltip has been added to Low Grade Transcendence Weapon Upgrade Recipe and High Grade Transcendence Weapon Upgrade Recipe.
  • Awakening Titles has been added as 1st/2nd Awakening Quest Reward and acquiring both title will unlock ‘Charisma’ emote.
    • Supplementary Classes can also acquire the Titles by completing Awakening 1 and 2.
    • Titles and ‘Charisma’ emote can be acquired in Live Server on September 21st.
  • Halidom Converter’s required material count has been changed.
    • Magtonium, Data Chip and other Area Materials are no longer required.
    • Required Halidom Fragment count has been changed to 10.
    • Required Soul count has been changed to the following.
Unique Rare Uncommon Common
0 12 24 36

  • ‘Magic-Sealed Equipment Halidom Convert (Level 90)’ has been added.
  • Halidom Fragment names has been changed to the following.
Original Name New Name
Abnova Halidom Fragment Halidom Fragment (Level 15)
Meltdown Halidom Fragment Halidom Fragment (Level 20~25)
Castaway Cave Halidom Fragment Halidom Fragment (Level 30~35)
Inverted Waterfall Halidom Fragment Halidom Fragment (Level 40~45)
Iced Wall of Resignation Halidom Fragment Halidom Fragment (Level 50~55)
Antwer Canyon Halidom Fragment Halidom Fragment (Level 60)
Oceanic Express Halidom Fragment Halidom Fragment (Level 65)
Time Gate Halidom Fragment Halidom Fragment (Level 70)
Power Station Halidom Fragment Halidom Fragment (Level 80)
Castle of the Dead Halidom Fragment Halidom Fragment (Level 85)
Metro Center Halidom Fragment Halidom Fragment (Level 90)

  • Boss Unique Equipment supply has been stopped.
    • Boss Unique Test Equipment and related quests will no longer appear.
    • Meteorite chests from Dungeons will no longer appear.
    • NPC will no longer sell Boss Unique Equipment.
    • ‘Random Meteorite Box’ from NPC Seria has been removed.
    • Mini Crane Game from NPC Mathias has been removed.
    • Arad Explorer Mercenary Reward for Power Station has been changed from ‘Burning Meteorite’ to ‘Rare Soul’.
      • 40 ~ 52 Rare Souls can be acquired.
    • Meteorite will no longer drop from Boss enemies.
  • Area Materials will no longer drop.
    • Excluding Fused Cube, Magtonium, Data Chip and Terranium.
    • Items that can be bought with Area Materials has been removed.
  • ‘Magic-Sealed Rare Equipment Recipe’ will no longer drop.
  • NPC Sharan will no longer sell ‘1st Chronicle Equipment’.
  • NPC Iris will no longer sell ‘Glutton Accessory Set’ and ‘Treasure Hunter Accessory Set’.


So we’re gonna face lotus twice now?


Whut. I don’t understand since subweapon was never taken into consideration for buffs anyways


For those already playing the test server, I read the new story quest supposedly ups the difficulty. I’m curious as to how that claim holds up because the game seems to be back to where it used to be before Metastasis cept revamped (haven’t seen too much though).


Does this mean you actually get to see the boss do an attack and not just get disintegrated in a single attack or two 1-90?


New quests for new gear… just notice it xD I have no clue where to get that “present”. https://puu.sh/xGTSA/e732ce498a.jpg


Legacy gear rewards, huh?


Yes, we get to fight him twice. At second time, we don`t have to wait for tentacles anymore tho xD


Was there more to character rebalancing? I thought there was…