Ordering from Taobao/Tmall?


has anyone order from them, if so, how much were your international shipping costs.

this is how im gonna start my figure collection… rip



I would be against buying anything from Chinese websites. Try AmiAmi, Mandarake or Buyee if you want buy something from Yahoo auction.


I dunno about this particular Chinese website, but in general if I order something from china, it takes legit months to arrive, shit gets locked away in customs or something.

one time my roommate ordered a switch(Electric switch) from some china parts website, he didnt get it for like 1.5 years no lie. it did eventually show up, what a hoot. When I order shitty stuff from china it always takes atleast 3 months. Have since stopped using china.


fuck, the japs are selling the figurine for 120, maybe the china one is gonna be bootleg af…

o wait no, im retarded. i think i just paid 20 bux for some pre order sht and then the figure is gonna cost like fat money

ye the 20 bux was just a preorder deposit smh i thought i was gonna get some dope ass figure for 20 bux , just lmao


Buying figs from a Chinese site or seller is risky. There’s a high chance that it’s fake and you’ll end up something like Sader.

$100+ is the usual cost for figures nowadays.


jesus christ don’t buy from taobao for figures.

use amiami for new, and mandarake for used

just google “buyfag guide” and it’ll teach you everything you need to know


ok got it b0ss


“Used” figurines :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


JP standards for “used” is like “did they open the seal on the box”

it’s other country’s used that you have to watch out for


Careful not to get one that’s been hotglue’d.


its in my dudes lmao, all this waiting only to leave it in the box


Free her from her prison.


figs belong in boxes where you can cherish them