Operation: Hope and New Buff-Swap Gear


Full Details are Here

Director’s Note translation on Reddit

Very Quick Summary

  1. Full buff swap sets give +3 to buff skill (at least) and replace all normal gear that we have available in DFOG.
    • Weapon gives +1
    • 9pc set (armor, weapon, accessories) +1
    • 3pc involving special equipment gives +1 optimally.
      • You have a choice between
        • +3 levels
        • +2 levels and a boost in %
        • +1 level and double the previous boost in %
  2. Max level requires +10 to cap for all classes except for crusader buff skills (which may not prefer or have this setup)
  3. For dealers or synergy classes at least, current buff-swap sets are completely replaced by this new buffswap gear.
    • This seems to be a 9-10% increase for all classes.
    • This seems to include special cases like Weapon Master, Mechanics, Vagabond, etc.
    • Crusaders have unique gains in their buff kits, so that needs some further analysis.

The new optimal buff gear swap in kDnF will hit +10 by:
+3 the new farmable equipment
+3 title
+1 avatar top
+2 platinum emblems
+1 creature

What This Means for DFOG:

Thanks to packages and LTs, we also have access to the following options for buffswap gear:

  1. Platinum Aura Avatar + Emblem Slot (which is now like 100m + plat cost, cheapest it’s ever been has been like 40m+plat)
  2. Belt Enchant that gives +1 15-35 skills (which was 40m during a package, then 70m-100m as a Buy One, Buy More bonus). This also requires that the enchant is available AFTER the content is released.

These are mostly going to be useful for Crusaders and the new Mage class coming. I don’t think these will be useful on dealer/synergy classes anymore, due to their relative expense compared to other options for hitting +10 skill optimally.

You can use those for the following options:

  • Get +2 Title instead (saves… maybe 40-50m on most classes)
  • Don’t get a creature for buffswap (saves like 3-4m)
  • Delevel the buff skills and get some 20-40 SP while still capping.

Those are both pretty bad options if you’re looking for the cheapest way to hit +10, given that you chose the +1 special equipment set option.

So only Crusaders (the class that benefits from having more than +10 their buffswap, and also the least likely to be impacted by this buffswaps) should really care about DFOG-exclusive buff-boosting options when this is released.


thanks for the info