New Lancer Subclasses (September 13th)


I was joking around that he was a timegate character like DK and creator on reddit and that he might play like neil the sniper. It just might happen.

I don’t know how to feel about this.


a Neil the Sniper character would be definitely fun, but would be interesting how they base off of one skill into a class.
Either way, I would try and see if I like or dislike.


no 2nds yet?




I am amzed no one posted these yet. Lancer 2nds are out in testing and they are sorta…unimpressive…

Dark Lancer -> Rampager -> Erebus
Dragonian Lancer -> Leviathan -> Genocide


I get Erebus, since it’s like, “the personification of darkness”, but Genocide seems kind of misplaced. I was expecting him to become like, Bahamut or something dragon-related like Leviathan was.


“Genocide” is probably the worst you can give a class like this. Instantly ruins the naming convention.


with a name like erebus im reminded of mahou sensei negima and due to all of his skills being a storm of projectile im also then reminded of their sagitta magica series of spells

the amount he can unload all at once would make negi proud


Genocide is alright outside of unbelievably flaccid 85. Erebus looks… completely uninspired. The 75 is cool because of how it locks on to multiple enemies, but other than that everything looks weak.


Wheres the skill translation for both of them


Genocide’s 1st awakening looked more like a 2nd awakening than his actual second awakening.


If anyone wants to know the 2nd Awakening cosmetic for both class, check the 1st 4 secs of these vid.


Genocide is disappointing. They did not expand his arsenal of holds, you can’t count the on contact hold on 2nd, it’s fkin shit.

I can see the merit of the suction 75 skill, but it’s seriously underwhelming in aesthetics and function. It’s fking 40+ second CD man. :put_litter_in_its_place:

And wtf is up with the 2nd awakening. It auto-targets the highest priority target within a certain range and does a moderate sized explosion around it. Why couldn’t it just herd everything into one spot like a normal 2nd… :wheelchair: Or just have a better hit box


I believe the short 2nd Awakening Ultimate is due to how things are in KR version. There is a huge demand for quick easy use attacks so players can combo together as many skills into one small moment of Boss vulnerability that long duration stun lock animated Ultimate attacks are considered “Not Good” for the new fights being released in level 90+ contents.

I enjoy the Dark Lancer 2nd Awakening skills especially what the 2nd Awakening Passive Skill being it upgrades all Dark Lancer skills with new speical dark mist and dark mist pools attacks. From what I understand the Dark Mist basically Stack damage on the enemy so the more damage you do to the enemy the more damage those dark mist will do to the enemy making the demand for quick hits important.


Really loving the look of Dragonian Lancer’s 80 skill. His 75 is… eh… okay I guess. Should erupt into more spears around the initial spear honestly. His 2nd Awakening honestly doesn’t look that bad to me, but it could have been better.


Genocider looks hot. His awakening cut in is probably my favorite in the game and really bumps up the visuals of his level 85, some slick shit yo.


do anyone have translations for 2nd awakening passives


do we have any translations for the 2nds at all?


damn, the negima reference from DFO… haven’t heard that name in a long time since it ended years ago