New Lancer Subclasses (September 13th)


im starting to noticed that 1a bonus effects for every 3 lvls of the newer classes r either very bland or lazy since its usually just some sorta slight buff or debuff for a short duration or adding in i-frames or something else that shouldve been a part of the 1a from the start

. . . wut happen to all the cool mechanical effects on 1a’s every 3 lvls like increase range, shorted intervals, unit count, additional function spd or spd of its mechanics and extra features/effects ._.?

Video of Dark Lancer 1A


Looks like it doesn’t super-hold or hit-stun Nugol, but can hit-stun things like Kartel soldiers.


I’ll be honest, the 1a kinda feels lackluster with it’s invulnerability being behind one of the tiered upgrades and the whole thing not having at least hitstun for the amount of area that it covers. But maybe that is just me, and it actually does great damage in compensation.


class is out now just to wait for patch notes in a new forum. Its a big patch


Class Trailers (Origin update trailer is also out):

Draconian Lancer

[시즌5 Act 7.오리진] 드래고니안랜서 플레이 영상

Dark Lancer

[시즌5 Act 7.오리진] 다크랜서 플레이 영상


So what are the lancer’s stories?


The Animated Trailer is up!!!

The Dark Lancer seem to be gaining his power from Sirocco sealed within the Demonic Lance. He is basically slowly become Sirocco’s replacement if he continues to access more of Sirocco’s powers.

Dragonian Lancer gains his powers from well consuming the life of Dragons. More dragons he kills the more he can consume to make the Demonic Lance stronger.


New Class Teaser at the end.


ah, I can add that to the wiki, what about cosmetics?


If I remember correctly:

Dark Lancer has a Dark Aura coming from his lance, arm and side of his face.

Dragonian Lancers have the Energy Lances float behind them.

Correct me if I’m wrong.


now I can definitely feel the Asura comparison with Dragon Lancer.


so it’s safe to say new class uses guns


Burst meta happened. If it doesn’t deal tons of damage™ in one hit (or shortest time as possible) its a crap skill.


Are we certain that’s a new class and not a story related character? If it is a new class is that possibly a Male Thief?


I thought the new guy was the time gate version of the gunner.


Yeah, new guy definitely gives me a Time Gate class feel, ala Dark Knight and Creator.


This character was amongst the rest of the Dungeon Fighters in the Time Gate illustrations.


Hopefully he’s more Dark Knight and less Creator, then.


i am triggered. the DL’s lv60 is a simpler, faster, and more fluid version of Vagabond’s 2nd awakening active but less flashy


DL’s 1a is also a faster nemesis 2a.