New Lancer Subclasses (September 13th)


They both look really fun, looking forward to making both.


throw lancer seems fun but why must you be dark locked aaaaaaa


DEMONic Lancer being dark makes sense to me. Also it’s the equivalent to Soul Bender.


dungeon reward skip is the greatest thing I’ve heard of yet


I remember losing a relevant chron piece before learning that you don’t get the item if you leave too soon under the current system.


Dragonian Lancer’s Servant Lance and Servant Lance: Assault feels like not-clunky Chaser Launcher and Chaser Launcher: EX. Good AOE and all the skills look pretty good visually.

Dark Lancer looks pretty cool too, but feels like it’s very lacking in y-axis coverage. Every skill except that spinning needle ball on 11s cooldown looks like it only goes forward and nowhere else.


Would anyone know the Damage type (Magic Fixed or %) and Armor Mastery for the Lancers?


Percent Leather for Dark and Percent Heavy for Dragonian.


iirc before in the previous patch notes pre-nexus demise i believe it was mentioned that they’re both magic classes, though i could be wrong or they changed it


I mean it literally says in Jay’s notes in this thread that both are magic classes


Like how both subclasses look personally. I feel like I’ll get the hang of Drago since he looks like a male Battle Mage (chasers and all that) and Dark Lance got a nice projectile game. I was hoping to choose one over the other but goddamn…


oh? didnt see that, class description/skill tab wasnt as detailed when i looked at it a couple hrs b4


New lancers look really fun. Friend of mine doesn’t like how the Dark Lancer animates but personally I like it.


Hook and drag is an AOE grab for dark lancer? Neat.


Added skill descriptions.


looks like a fun class to play


The dark lancer can use a ton of his abilities while back dashing - that seems pretty cool. Also juggling the black lightning and encroached state on enemies seems like a neat gimmick.


Can’t wait to try these two out. Although iirc DFO global is behind in a lot of updates. The wait will be worth it though.


So basically Drg Lancer is a dragoon from FF and Drk Lancer is Frankenstein from Noblesse? :thinking:


Some more videos since the ones that came out really early are pretty underwhelming.

Dragonian Lancer

Skill showcase
Grandine Expert
Grandine Master
Brakium Master

Dark Lancer

Skills showcase
Grandine Master
Brakium Master