Need help with skill builds_ Look here! [Demon Slayer]


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Last updated 1/20/16 for Season 2 Act 1 Patch

:fslayer::fslayer:THE SUPER SHORT TL;DR VERSION OF HOW TO BUILD DEMON SLAYER:fslayer::fslayer:

  • MAX EVERYTHING except ONE SKILL (Blade Retraction suggested, others see below)
  • TP: MAX Soaring Blades Upgrade, Sanguine Choreography Upgrade, and Blood Majin Upgrade
  • Use the remaining TP as you see fit (Sword Demon Strike Upgrade suggested)

I'd like to designate a thread for "dummies" and people who are looking for help with what to max or min with Demon Slayer. I've been looking into the other subclass forums and realized that there is no simple "feed me a build" thread without having to sift through pages of content, so here's a quick rundown of what you should do:

  • Soaring Blades: Draw - MAX
  • Soaring Blades: Thrash - MAX
  • Soaring Blades: Impale - MAX
  • Blade Retraction - Lv.1 and/or SP dump
  • Wild Thrash - MAX
  • Soaring Blades: Reinforce - MAX
  • Bleeding Blades - MAX
  • Blood Majin - MAX
  • Sanguine Choreography - MAX
  • Sword Demon Strike - MAX
  • Offering for the Greedy (1st Awakening Passive) - MAX
  • Predator Galoa - MAX
  • Usurper Phnom - MAX
Totally not hard to figure out her SP build right? Basically, you should have enough SP to max EVERYTHING out except one skill. If you need a more detailed description of what each skill does, what it's used for, and why you should max/leave it alone, please refer to these threads. Be careful as the info contained may be somewhat dated, but for the most part is true.

For TP, here's where it becomes less obvious:

  • Soaring Blades Upgrade: MAX
  • Sanguine Choreography Upgrade: MAX
  • Blood Majin Upgrade: MAX/dump
These three TP upgrades buff your potentially most damaging skills even further, so it's kind of a no brainer (if you need a more detailed explanation why, refer to the two thread links above again). This leaves with you with around 6 TP to spare, and you are left with a choice of either Wild Thrash, Blade Retraction, Sword Demon Strike, or Bleeding Blades upgrade. I personally prefer evenly splitting the TP upgrades to Lv.4 on both Blood Majin and Sword Demon Strike, since Sword Demon Strike gets buffed by two DS Chron sets (Majin's Whisper and Bronx Majin's Fury)

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Switch Impale for Blade Retraction and you're solid. You're grossly underestimating how strong Impale is compared to Blade Retraction, especially getting to double dip on a better Reinforce bonus.

SB Thrash becomes the SP dump if you're looking to pump Physical Crit passives (lord knows Demon Slayers could use a little more of this) but otherwise all is good. Demon Slayer SP is free enough to max everything except one skill, basically.

Most would say that one skill is Blade Retraction. But, I digress.

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Noted. Thought I saw Retraction have better percentages and bonuses though than Impale from the other spreadsheet thread?

For a lot of people including myself, Wild Thrash is just too good to give up despite having different positioning than Draw spamming

EDIT: Holy crap, I did not know Blade Retraction was NOT a part of the Soaring Blades skill series this entire time :boxhead:

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Does this take into account contracts? I've heard that if you try to max all the skills to lvl90 (85 + 5), you are forced to skip out on an additional skill.

Whats the recommendation here, keep everything at non-contract, or super-max everything minus two skills.

And if super-maxing everything minus two skills, which additional skill is recommended to drop?

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You can drop thrash too

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How about Gloom sword giga blade ? I know we can't upgrade it but do you use it ?

Recovery of AliasZ’s Post on Feb 11, 2016 at 9:21 AM

It has iframes and does good burst, so why not? It's especially useful for running hell modes and the like

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Ok thanks. When you say drop thrash, which one ? There are 2.

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SB: Thrash

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Can anyone update this with 2nd awakening? I'm not really sure what skills to drop to max out the new skills…

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Drop Thrash, Retract, Predator Galoa and Usurper Phnom (to 1 for those delicious iframes) and max everything else. Give priority to 2nd awk skills since they hit hard and have very similar CDs to Sword Demon Strike

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I dropped sword demon strike instead of thrash. You want thrash as close to max as possible for sanguine choreography

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new to the game, this helped alot, just wanted to say thanks.

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You dont take Berserk buff ?

And the 2 buff physical crit and physical rear attack ?

Recovery of Pyros’s Post on Jan 22, 2017 at 4:21 AM

Obviously you max Berserk. Crit depends on wether or not you're crit capped. Post is 1 year old, although it's still pretty much the same.

Recovery of Dorito265’s Post on Jan 22, 2017 at 7:02 AM

And if something have change in the build wat is it ?

Recovery of Juhata’s Post on Jan 23, 2017 at 12:50 PM

You obviously max both buffs, more damage never hurts (you, that is). You still give cubes and 2nd awk priority. I personally leave Usurper Phnom at 1 for iframes and Galoa at 0 and prioritize Wild Thrash, Draw and SB - Thrash amongst the non-cubes 'cos they're brety gud at a low CD. I also leave Impale and Blade Retract at 1 and use SDS as SP dump. I've seen other DS still using Galoa so you could try and change things if you wish and see what really sticks with you.

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ok ty, i got a costume part and i can give +1 to a skill i should focus to give +1 on which skill ? ty

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Berserk is your top priority because it affects all your skills. After that comes Soaring Blades - Reinforce. If you got enough on both you can then just say "fuck it" and increase Majin Blades (2nd passive).

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ty, you took Inumane doctrine Extremly ? its look its not work on lot of monster :s