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Thanks for the feedback. In response to your points,

  1. I have tried this, but for whatever reason it just feels more natural to keep it in the inventory. I get mixed up sometimes if I put it in the item slot.

  2. Is there a reason you don’t think I should Massacre Dance on a single target? I use this for the slam as well.

  3. What is the reasoning for this, what level do you put it at if more than 1, and what do you take the SP off of?

  4. Pretty much what you said, I hit this 9 times out of 10 and just missed it this time. Ran it again the next day and nailed it.

  5. I simply forget that Black Web taunts, so I will remember to utilize that.

  6. Honestly didn’t know her gimmicks that well because she dies so fast in party.

  7. Good advice, will try.

  8. Also something I knew about, but spaced for some reason on this attempt.


You get counter damage, whereas you didn’t before. It’s a small gain if the enemy isn’t being held, -usually-

Fourth swing -> Z Slam or Mist Spray -> Z-Slam lets you churn out Z-slams more frequently while also getting to cancel a move in.

Using the Skeleton Build I have at the top of the discussion, there is plenty of free SP to spend between maxing Grasp, Dark Soul, Curse Spear, and Arachnia on preference.

Dark Soul is by far the strongest option of those, in terms of damage per cooldown and good usage of SP/TP. It deals half the damage of Grasp when charged, with a 3.85s cooldown as opposed to a 27.5s CD on Grasp.

It’s not a must-max, since there’s a good amount of times and situations where you’re bursting room to room with no need for a DPS skill. But at times where you have a sustained damage fight, you should be maxing Dark Souls.


Wow I been doing it all wrong maxing grasp and dumping sp into other trash skills.


Another good property of Dark Soul: it waits for four tick once it latches on to explode for damage.

The thing about tic damage on certain Necro skills (Dead Man’s Grudge, Black Web, Dark Soul) is that if they cannot deal damage on the enemy they’re latched on, it will not even attempt to apply the hit.

For example, hitting Luke’s while his Light/Darkness is gathered on:

  1. Dead Man’s Grudge: Only the initial hitconfirm counts towards scattering his shield. None of the tics will apply unless his shield scatters.
  2. Black Web: Nothing happens unless he scatters.
  3. Dark Soul: It latches on, waits until he scatters, and then starts ticking.

This leads to deal charts like this:

What’s actually going on:

That’s including however many Dark Souls missed because I was just aimlessly spamming them while waiting for Energy.


that’s pretty broken lol


Advice on 1cycle Egene? My necro is stronger than my launcher who can 1cycle, but I can’t seem to get a combo down to do it. Seems like everything just takes too long and I lack the proper burst to pull it off.


Here’s an example of my preferred Egene setup nowadays.

I desummon Nicholas before entering, so that I can resummon him diagonal to Egene. This has three purposes:

  1. Don’t have to deal with Nicholas appearing in a semi-random position in the boss room.
  2. Nicholas will stand still for long enough for Egene to get baited regardless of stance.
  3. Recalculates Unholy Mastery for Nicholas with your current stacks (which is probably 10 stacks at this point in the dungeon).

From there, I set up Living Dead while waiting for Arachnia to start, then Executioner’s Slash, Dark Nail, then charge Dark Soul while Executioner’s Slash is still going off.

You can go faster than this with skill output; I deliberately wait for Arachnia to start before using Executioner’s Slash. For example, could start Executioner’s Slash earlier, use that animation time to instantly get Living Dead out, do the same Dark Nail to either Dark Soul or Curse Spear (assuming you have either) while waiting for Executioner’s Slash to finish, and then either Grasp or any move you still have up at that point.


So since Necromancer gets changed later on from hybrid to full percent, what are BIS cards for SC top,bottom and weapon.




Do we have a discord?


nope, Grandfather Fancy on vacation no disco. Also when @Necrofancy Luke Necro raid :frowning:


I never made a class Discord since I never really cared for class-specific discords.

I can make one, if you’re all interested.


Honestly it would be better to just advertise the non specific discord seeing as with around 7 necros you should be able to fit just to a channel instead of an entire discord.


Thiers alot of geared necros floating around dfo. wish thier was a LUKENecro raid already!


But how many would actually join is my thought. I’m all down for theory crafting with other necros.


Discord is much easier than having to come to this specific thread IMO. This feels a bit outdated. I would certainly join a Necro discord channel. If there ever is a Necro Luke raid, that’d be the way to organize it too.


Start with that, and see what happens.


invite invalid/expired … gonna go cry in my corner :cry:



Should be a permanent invite


Has the skill build information changed in particular since origin? The pictures are all from before, but things might be more or less the same for all I know.