Necromancer General


2nd awakening clips onto the walls of zombie room. You can correct a top platform with it if you’re on the X-axis and pretty much just facing the right direction, but a bottom platform will also require that you also use 1st awakening ontop of the platform beforehand.

Nicholas can be used to Black Arachnia the lower left corner, black wave the remaining zombies so that they stay down in the right spot. You need to desummon him basically right as Black Wave finishes, though.


If you are fast enough you can arcane bottom right since you are closest to that panel. Use vallacares Z to push some zombies to the left while simultaneously running to the top two and using dark nail for a double panel kill. Granted my strats changed as my damage did.


Friendly reminder to get this item before Origin Patch:

Boss pinks get removed from the drop pool during the origin update, and this is a fairly nice effect for a more-or-less free weapon. Even with the Sorceror’s Nine Skulls, this has some usefulness since it has no internal CD on Nicholas Doppelgangers.


Im sorry for not being clear with my request. I meant an actual strategy guide on how to be an effective Necro player in raids (Anton/Luke). I want to know the key skills and timing as well as the do’s and don’t I should pay close attention to while participating as a member of a raid.

I do not wish to continue to go in and still look like I dont know what Im doing when I’m actually trying to be effective in combat.

Earlier, a 6 pc OV Swap set was mentioned but the name wasnt…what set would that be exactly and why?

Lastly, Ive been surfing the net for some kind of post-origins gameplay video of the Necro using the new Necro changes like the Tome turned into a passive, but Im having no luck. Is there a way anyone can post up a video of this change? This is why I asked what they were called in Korean.


Key skills? I’ve been doing ok with the following opening rotation for bosses since I’m not strong enough to oneshot things with things like Guillotine or something. I could never find any sort of info on optimal necro play so I just did what I could and made something based on how her cooldowns, skill interactions, and lockouts currently work. I’d be glad to hear what other necros are doing though. I remember being in awe watching Necrofancy sell anton raid but I’ve long forgotten how it was played

(Black Tome + Black Web preactivated) 1A -> Black Energy Wave -> Executioner Slash -> Living Dead -> Dark Nail -> Dead Man’s Obsession -> Black Wave/Black Arachnea -> Guillotine -> Vallacre Grasp -> 2A

Getting the dark element boost from web, dark resist reduction from nail before anything hits, spreading out the nicholas grabs to ideally get the following things to hit, etc etc
Filler is Vallacre back X breath attacks + Nicholas ranged.
Vallacre Z + Finisher, Dash Grab + Finisher, Black Arachnea, Dark Nail clears trash mobs just fine

Necro’s korean 2nd awakening name is 타나토스. dfo-world has lists of korean names for each class.


I was hoping that Origin/Synergy Patch would be in by now; I’m purposefully waiting for the synergy patch to make a video guide because:

  1. I don’t have to spend half the video explaining how moves/abilities work after the reworks. The script/explanation gets too muddled trying to be consistent for both versions of moves.
  2. Explaining by text doesn’t actually help at all for explaining some nuanced mechanics. I tend to go for counter-attacking strategies whenever possible, and those take some video/recording to really explain.

I record all of my Anton raids (solo, natch), and duoing Luke dungeons (duo with sader on Light path), but again, I find I take too much time trying to explain how I can do things differently after patch.


I find during Anton raid zombies and Hatch 2 are the hardest for me. Luke raid duo dark path lazer and dark bubble from luke are a BITCH! Wish Neople would buff us and give us more utility skills and make valk Xstring do more dmg (QUICKER) casting speed makes him not do the full X’skill.


@Cricket I see. That’s pretty much how I play my Necro really. I’m guessing that word for the 2nd Awakening name is Thanatos, eh?

@NecrosisOwl I agree. Zombies are by far one of the hardest to do as a Necro, due to having little utility to get the zombies to their locations and keep them there. We need an upgrade badly and seriously need some skills replaced. I’ve watched the videos of Necrofancy doing Anton and all that stuff, but considering I don’t have the same power as Fancy, I can’t exactly copy the strategy. As it stands, it seems my Necro is cursed with bad juju as she is reaaaaaallly not having any good luck with RNG Epic Drops. She hasn’t got anything good since Early November. Sad face

I’ve also been wondering if it’s possible to CK Mateka as a Necro? I’m not strong enough to try to get to him solo to experiment, so, doesn’t anyone else have any clues?

Lastly, is it really Casting Speed that makes Vallacre attack faster? I thought it was attack speed since there is no casting bar for him? I bought Gold Attack Speed Emblems thinking that’s what makes him faster. (I also wonder why Vallacre isn’t an instant cast like they did Frenzy for the Berserker…and why nerf Zombies for Perma-Tome? I’m probably the only one that uses max Zombies lol).


Here’s a combo involving dropping all skills on a mob such that they stay grabbed/juggled throughout a 12~13s combo. It’s enough to dump out 1st and 2nd awakenings, Executioner’s Slash, Living Dead, Guillotine, and Grasp.

I specifically designed it to one-combo Rosaura in Luke raid duoing with a sader, but this is more than enough to incorporate in fighting juggle-able enemies like Nerbe, Taorik, and some other raid mobs for other Necros.


I’m using rental weapon and non-swapped DR/Pledge to lower damage enough that he actually takes the full combo.

The black wave timings are fairly specific (to either keep Borodin in position for LD or to scoop him off the ground so he can’t recover. The X-axis positioning also is kind of specific so that 2nd awakening hits him more consistently while he’s not dragged directly into the orb.

Zombies are fairly annoying to do solo, but you shouldn’t have many problems in a raid party setting. 2nd awakening can fix a top platform, 1st awakening can fix most/any platform.

The real annoyance is that for solo/duo, you’re very carefully killing zombies on the proper platforms. But that’s not something you really have to worry about as much in a raid party.

Yes - the raid layout of the dungeon has a solid door that can be used to prevent Mateka from appearing behind you and eating Vallacre. You can then use that to Grasp/Executioner CK.

You can also do more than object cap with LD and some other skills active at the same time, so doing more-than-usual object damage or even object killing wouldn’t be impossible.

It is definitely casting speed. You can convert or try out casting speed hat/hair avatars and see the difference yourself.


Tome changes are beneficial for the mini-dungeons (BG, hatches in Anton, Energy in Luke) and make the shorter/smaller dungeons more consistent (not relying on RNG for soul drops for zombies and trash mob kills).

But, the nerfs to non-cube skills basically revert any buffs that Tome did in the first place. DMG is arguably worse than before Tome since it almost never got to full duration and full number of hits anyways.


attack speed only mattered when necros first came out


@Necrofancy which Route is best for Necro when selling luke raid? Aslan gives me trouble because of his iframe gimmick in light route and shadow route Lukes shadow Barrier/(shield) are a pain.


Im wondering if the Shroud of Darkness set can be usedin the swap ui?


Either route should be pretty easily doable, though Light is probably easiest if only cause of Khaligo’s dark resist.

Light route is probably going to involve Energy Control Room -> Light -> Power. So that you don’t have to deal with Aslan while energy is up. Altar Of Power will involve dealing with Twins (and potentially Hatred Veil) having energy up.

Dark Route is probably going to involve entering Altar of Darkness with energy up, so be ready to kill Snader and maybe Yashin with energy up. Outside of that, it will likely by Darkness -> Wisdom -> Energy Control (if needed).

Grab him before you hit him.
This is how Aslan turns out generally.


Necro can break out of the prison on their own, so that shouldn’t be a problem. As long as the Sader takes the first prison barrier (i.e. they must have the highest HP), you’re fine for barrier. Massacre Dance and Arachnia can break you out of the barrier when it hops to you.

No. Dark Ritual is the only option.


It looks like the conversion to full percent might have tweaked some skills.

I did some comparisons between a kDnF guy’s skill values and mine. It seems like Grasp and Guillotine randomly get a small buff of 10% somewhere in patches.

That doesn’t seem to be directly covered in any notes, so I’m thinking Neople might have done some slight buffs when changing from mixed to full percent.

It also looks like Dead Man’s Grudge actually got nerfed by more than 5% like the patch notes for the synergy balance patch said, even in kDnF.


Doing the sick double post cause of activity.

Current test with tweaked build and more amping. Will do some slight adjustments with the free crit coming up this patch and see what the solo damage numbers shake out to be.

General expectation is:

  1. Advent of Vallacre up
  2. Living Dead down 6-7%
  3. Phantom Storm way up
  4. Executioner slight up
  5. Little change on Guillotine.


Is cursed spear/dark soul (+tp) worth picking up with these new changes? How do each of them fare against soul lure + tp and grasp +tp?


Grasp is good for room clearing/farming, and can be used on bosses in a pinch. It kind of falls behind other options when you’re focused on one burst rotation (e.g. Luke fight), or you have a need for sustained damage (e.g. Beast) due to it’s cooldown.

Curse Spear is not so good for bosses/burst at all, but has really wide coverage with TP.

Dark Soul is really good for single-target damage, and for Luke especially since the souls will latch onto him with Light/Darkness scattered, be unable to hit him, and patiently wait until he becomes vulnerable again.

If you want a comparison of damage with +12 R8, here’s a screenshot of a damage test. For consistency with the previous screenshot, I made sure to do standard pots, and do pet active to whale.

Charged Dark Souls are pretty strong for single targets given it’s low CD of 3.85s.

I also apparently messed up Guillotine in the previous test, since that damage didn’t make sense in relation to Grasp. So I went back and did that as well.


Just wanted to post this. My first attempt at Luke Normal solo Sanctuary of Birth. Nicholas army is damn strong. Only geared with 3pc radiant, 2/3 civ, 5s, and Din.


That’s not bad for a first attempt, and what looks like uncapped crit?

I have a couple critiques on how to improve from what I could see:

Critique details
  1. You can put that Sorceror’s Nine Skulls in the empty item hotkey slot.
  2. For Vallacre movements, I’d be using X-attacks to get to Z-Slam whenever possible, instead of Massacre Dancing on a single target.
  3. I would definitely adjust build to have Dark Soul for going for Luke solos like this.


  1. The timing looked good for Arachnia to interrupt Canaps (maybe just a tiny bit earlier), seemed like you accidentally did the teleport version as you got teleported yourself.
  2. For Canaps, Carina, and Mistral, there’s definitely a lot of time you could leverage Black Web facing them one way to pretty much DPS all you want while on the other side.
  3. There’s not a lot of reason to hold Mistral at the start, since she takes a certain amount of damage until her shield breaks, then she gets stunned for 5-6 seconds, and only then can attack. You might be able to counter attack her to death within that time.
  4. Rosaura’s HP-Threshold gimmicks are going to kill all your Nicholas Doppelgangers. Only option to avoid that is to do a juggle combo to get as far as you can.
  5. Also Rosaura - you can just X-attack her a couple times at the start to proc her teleport, and then set up attacks like LD / Phantom Storm on her. That should get her much closer to a one-combo (or at least getting all your damage out on her while Nicholas doppels are still up)


Sad that nic is capped at 90 RIP lvl 100plus :C