Necromancer General


Necromancer’s are technically summoners but they can control dead armies.

Bone shield doesn’t really ‘guard’ anything…but its truly the Necro’s form of a ‘guard’ then it needs to be stronger. Its pathetic and ignored by most, if not all, Necro players.

And I do think Neople hates us to the point they don’t want to do a real revamp of our skills. They still trying to keep us the same while changing how we work. If that makes any sense at all…


Im curious as to what the Necro is called in kDnF?


타나토스 - Thanatos


Anton Pubs won’t take me :cry:
I guess I should mask my left side with frankenstein epics because yellow borders are all that matter for pubs

Edit: HOHOHOHO Just finished 3 millennium so I have to do some rearranging of my gear. I -should- be desirable for pubs now


Oh? I thought they would have been called something else…huh…thanks.


I have a video I’ve been meaning to upload that’s a solo compilation of Luke normals. I’ve gotten super busy since I finished the recordings, and haven’t been quite able to wrap it up.

I’ll see if I can get it done sometime today or tomorrow night.

That honestly works and it’s depressing. Anton pubs are pretty degenerate and you see all sorts of shenanigans going on.

It also helps if you can raid early in the morning (East Coast morning) rather than late at night (especially West Coast night). I get home at around 7:00 PM Pacific and the pub scene is an absolute mess at that point.

The most direct translation is “Magic Commander” or “Commander of Magic”.


Just finished ToDes and unfortunately got the 75 epic wand, dead man necromancer. Worth using over liberation wand? Zombies are cool but not sure how viable it would be to build for it


Zombies do nothing, lib wand is still better! only time i use zombies is when i need souls for black tome or somthing to FILLER>(HOLD) MiniBoss:Aslan and snader thats if they perform right :frowning_face:. Necro rework when…


Lib Wand is better than DMN Wand. However, DMN Wand works best with Shroud of Darkness OV set and its a pretty lul setup. I’ve actually did a Zombie build and they can get pretty strong for a low level skill, however, you’d have to build for their Magic Damage…not their bites. This is if you decide to try to do a Zombie build anyway…and in addition, go for the DR Build setup for it. Zombies get stronger that way than building for Zombies themselves.

Edit: I’m currently working on finding an Epic set that also works with Zombies. So far, Spider Queen does them some nice justice, as their bites also inflicts whatever status ailments you get from the gear and from whatever wand you use.


Video done.


Just found a Lord of Darkness 85 epic wand!

This is a pretty substantial boost over Liberation Wand for me :grinning:


So… how do you get past floor 96 of ToD with Necro?(Soldoros)

Cause the dude takes no damage from shadow and we can’t change to another element even with a cube contract. Any tips?


Before the reinforcement revamp, I’d have said to just whack at him until he dies due to piercing anyways. That doesn’t work anymore, obviously.

You can magic convert the basic Thief skills and use those on him while he’s being grabbed by zombies. You can also just time him out by surviving for 3 minutes.


I managed to kill him with basic skills, it was absolutely terrible. I also had a friend tell me
I could have bought a simona’s certificate from seria with the weekly tokens. I’ve been away from the game and didn’t know :expressionless:


What is the best 90 set to upgrade for necro?


Finished SC but all that ele lost is crazy! 330>210 shadow with the change, gonna go Heblon then savior weapon. AMP event when :disappointed:


I am forever stuck with 85 sets. I’ve completed 3 of them, and still only 3/5 at best on a 90 set. I just completed my first luke raid on Saturday. I am thinking best setup is fiend + savior, correct?

Currently using Din + 3pc radiant, but I already have savior as well.


Completed Supercontinent. I wasn’t entirely sure that armor set was actually the best upgrade with Dark Gothic since some kDnF Necros were definitely opting for keeping DG, but after comparing it definitely seems like the best upgrade per monolium if you have everything.

Standard potions (Warlord, Undiluted Intelligence Potion, Vigor Elixir), Tome was used for Living Dead, Hot Summer pet swapped to Whale pet. Had to break down into three sets of Fermans so I could guarantee all the damage would go off.

I believe that Executioner’s Slash might have had an additional line crit.

Hokmot +12 reinforce, rest of equipment is Amp+10 except for the Senses pieces that are Amp+11.
For reference, I redid the same tests with old Dark Gothic (which is +12 amp two pieces, +11 amp the other 3)


  • Along the lines of Super > Fiend/Nagaraja >>> Gesh/Sins for most situations.
  • Supercontinent for solo, and probably with Sader. For solo, you get a lot of INT and Movement Speed tuning from the crit rate and hit rate available. Skill levels are pretty nice on Necro for damage boosts, with all the passives you hit. There’s not a big gap in raw damage, but it’s mostly that it comes with a lot of speed bonuses for free on top of it.
  • Fiend definitely wins in damage if you are with a Soul Bender. However, if you’ve got a complete armor set and a complete right side, you don’t really have to worry about having anything other than a Sader for Luke raid, and can easily solo the rest of content. Crit rate is an annoyance for fine-tuning enchants/emblems/aura choices.
  • Nagaraja isn’t a bad option, either, especially if you can amp the pieces high enough.
  • Geshpent and Sins are above other non-upgraded sets for the most part, but well below other upgraded sets.

After the Necromancer rework that comes with Swap Patch:

  • Supercontinent gets relatively better because Pledge is real-time.
  • So does Geshpent, but it’s far enough away from everything else that it doesn’t really change up the game much.
  • Fiend gets easier to tune around with extra crit rate.

After the upgraded set rework:

  • Probably along the lines of Gesh/Super/Sins > Fiend/Naga for finely-tuned solo, and Gesh > Super/Fiend/Nagaraja > Sins for Sader/Party content.
  • Geshpent is put on the level of other damage sets in terms of modifiers, and has an even more favorable level boost range.
  • Supercontinent gets some nice buffs, and still has a tuning/speed advantage for solo, but I don’t think it can win for party damage.
  • Sins can be really strong for solo damage due to the sheer stat boost it gives. Those benefits generally evaporate with a similarly-geared Sader, so it runs into a problem in parties.
  • The differences aren’t that pronounced after the patch, so I wouldn’t overly worry about getting the optimal set on your Nth alt character.


What are the ideal strategies for doing Luke and Hanton successfully as a Necro? I hear using Nich in Zombie Room causes them to aggro to Nich (even if hes in Defense). Also, is there anything else we need to know as far as dos and donts when running these dungeons as a member of a party?


Been doing Anton pubs with my Necro.

You can very easily bait Egene by running close and using Transformation: Molting then land farther away. Let the party know you’re doing this, else put Nicholas on defense and wait till someone else baits.

For zombies I only use Vallacre (With friends that can fix I attempt to leave Nicholas out for a single Black Arachnea before dismissing)

  • Dash grab to fling things up into the air right in front of you
  • Dark Nail, Vallacre X for general damage to kill zombies on the pads
  • Vallacre back-X dark breath attack kinda lines them up on its tip sometimes
  • Knockback and knockdowns from Vallacre Z and string finisher not very reliable since I don’t know how their super armor works.
  • Vallacre Grasp kills them and instant downs them towards you slightly
  • Dead Man’s Obsession can help in binding
  • You can fix a single dead zombie with 1A suction (maybe 2A but I never attempted it)