Necromancer General


Eraser, during the grab animation.
2nd Awakening Active, during the initial splash.

So technically, Necros only have “1” actual I-frame…

Eraser would do no good against enemies that can’t be grabbed or berserk when grabbed (Like Belial)…not to mention, the post-animation would leave you vulnerable, wouldn’t it?

Given the standard rates of +12 Reinforce vs +8 Refine, not really. The Independent Attack and the Magic Attack is roughly the same at those levels. More damage if you have +13 or higher, though.

Well that’s a bummer. I highly doubt Neople really knows how to strengthen Necros at this point. What was also upsetting is that every class that was on that list (just about) was gaining a new skill or passive. Necro? Just a damage-type change :T…

That makes me sad.


So I’ve come late to the Necro party and was prepping for future buff changes, am I doomed to forever not have +10 Dark Ritual?

I don’t have enough gold for belt enchant, petit pet, +1 dreamer title is all I can settle on, war god pvp top for +2 would take way too much effort, and rare avatars with 2 plats is a long way from now until next 8 clone box.

Or am I fretting too much over it and should just patiently wait for these items to hopefully make a return?


Imho I would personally just do what you can. I have +10 Dark Ritual, but since I don’t have a STR build, it doesn’t do very much at all. Future changes speaks of removing that conversion anyway, so, not having +10 DR won’t hurt you.


Get as many Dark Ritual levels that you can. You want Bloodied Scar and the 6pc bonus, but getting levels is certainly more important than taints.

From gear, you can have:
+1 from GT pants or a similar substitute
+1 from ring
+1 from sub
+2 from title
+1 from pet (there are many options for level-raising pets - Behemoth, Pandemonium, and CotD pets all have options for level boosting DR)
+3 from avatars (Dark Ritual plats are still pretty cheap, avatars are cheap, for swap avatars you can use base avatars without impacting the dressup. You could get the top/bottom with plats required for hitting +3 DR from avatars for less than 40m if you’re patient enough.

From there, a Metal Line Top is all you’d really need to hit +10, while still hitting 6pc and Bloodied Scar.

The belt enchant, +3 title, motion aura, and +2 from Wargod/SuperContinent will let you get taint pieces.


+2 from title

I’m assuming you mean a +2 sweet dreamer title, huh


I’m meaning +2 overall from the title. 20-25 or 25-30 and +1, or offrange and +2 would work.

I haven’t checked title prices recently, but that’s not hard at all to find when skill titles are in the package rotation.


So DR would still be highly important even after the future changes to it? Without the STR conversion, wouldn’t that make DR weaker?


No? DR got standardized to a regular buff. You know, the ones where you stack from Master (SP-capped) to Max (hard-capped), get relevant chrons/weapons/taints, etc.


If you read Necrofancy’s initial post, he mentions DR gets changed to 96-97% skill damage vs the current iteration of 1000 INT and 60% skill damage. Which means, you’re basically sacrificing 1000 INT for 36% skill damage at minimum.

I’m sure Necrofancy has also mentioned it before (probably multiple times), but the DR change is a pretty big buff in party with a sader (since INT doesn’t scale very well when your sader already gives you 10k+ of it), and generally speaking, a small nerf solo depending on your base stats.


I did, in fact, read and see that. I’m just trying to get a Layman’s understanding of it. Percent this and Percent that…I don’t truly understand all of that tbh. To me, I don’t know how big or small any of that is. If someone said the damage was increased by (I will overexaggerate here) 800%…and I go test the damage and I don’t see any real difference…that 800% would mean nil to me. I’m sure you guys understand what I mean here, right? I’m pretty basic, I know…but you also have to consider those that may be just like me. Its like trying to talk to a scientist that constantly uses big words that you have no clue as to what they mean…you guys would be those big-word-using scientists.

All I’m really trying to accomplish here, is get a simple understanding of how the Necro works, how to increase her damage, figure out how the future changes will affect her, and learn what I should do in preparation of that.

Now with that said, I am currently 3 pc Radiant, and I was told that SuperCont is better. When I looked at it, not only were the base stats lower than Radiant, its also missing the elemental damage. So, how is it that SuperCont is better than Radiant?


Any functional difference between Iris’s Form Wand and Sorcerer’s Nine Skulls besides the latter halving Nicholas’ duration, increasing doppelganger duration to match, and having a 30sec cooldown?


None that I know of, other than the fact the Iris’s Form - Wand uses 2 Clear Cubes for a 60 second Nich, whereas the SNS Wand has a longer lasting Nich for free.

Also, another question, with the change to the Black Magic Tome: Spirit of the Dead turning to a passive, does that also mean that Red Zombies could be summoned from the start? Its something I just thought about and currently curious about. If so, I think that would be not only cool af, but also very convenient!


More damage modifiers, that also stack more effectively with Sensory Satisfaction and/or Infinite Avarice sets.

Skill level boosts, which touch a lot of passives and actives in a huge way.

Speeds and crit rates, in which Gold Suite is sorely lacking.

Nope. My preference is for Sorceror’s Nine Skulls mainly due to longer duration on Nicholas doppelgangers.

Ideally, during some downtimes in Naval or Solium, you could actually watch reset Nicholas and summon with both wands.

Something like that. Zombies also got a pretty big nerf in damage in that patch, which is acceptable to me personally because I only ever used them for grab utility/distraction.


Is 3pc radiant with mixed epics and 5s better than ng and 5s


Resplendent Goddess Silver Knife. Worth using?

I’ve been working toward a liberation wand and this thing popped up in the 30 free temporal rifts I did on necro

Edit: Oh god full manual is so cancer as necro I dont know what im doing help


This is my setup on Manual Necro

You’d have to be really specific on offslots, whether you’d be able to cap with the 3pc radiant, and whatnot.

You can always test in training room.


Does anyone have a sorcerer’s nine skulls siting around I can buy? I’ve been waiting to find one on the AH for several days now and nothing ever comes up and grinding reshpon trying to find one is killer.
I even grinded for glowing meteors to get the iris form wand as a placeholder but the 60second duration sucks and I want that +2 ritual


I don’t. I bought mine from a guildie then sold it back to him when I didn’t need it. I tried to farm for it, too, but for as long as I have been playing DFOG, I have NEVER EVER seen a Legendary piece drop. I see them drop far less than any epic.


So, for the sake of discussion, I came to wonder IF we had the chance to introduce 3 new skills for the Necromancer for Neople, what would they be, right?

Here are my thoughts on what I think:

Vallacre Guard

Vallacre creates a shield around himself to protect his host from damage. (Because she has no guard…and Vallacre should be protecting his host.)

Necrotic Blast

Prerequisite - Dark Soul

The Necromancer gathers up the powers of her dark magic to form a quick beam like blast attack to knock down enemies in its path. (This skill also causes a small knockback and has low CD. This skill is to be a quicky ranged utility skill in addition to Dark Soul. Useful in PvP.) This skill can also be fired at an angle for juggling.

*Note: Perhaps a replacement for Dead Man’s Grudge since Obsession is better.

Lv. 85 Lich’s Gift/Undead Doorway

Unlocking the full potential of the Necromancer for a certain time, the Necromancer can summon as many Zombies as possible and nullify immediate self-detonation. Zombies do not grab but inflict increased damage over time. When time is up, they all detonate for Magical Damage. While active, Magical Explosion size is increased. Zombies have Super Armor. (She has iframe during the initial cast of this skill)

*Note: The Necromancer bug awhile back fed this idea. I also thought it would be a way to give another use for the Zombies by taking away their grab ability, and giving them more ‘attacking’. (And for God’s sakes, give this Necro a crazed laugh for once. She has no laugh at all. Vallacre shouldnt be the only one laughing when he attacks).

Honorable Mentions/Other suggestions:

Dead Man’s Obsession (upgraded)

AoE Pull ability now added. Increased damage from the Necromancer’s skills/abilities to enemies affected by Obsession.

Living Dead

I think this skill should have its range increased and the ‘cast time’ reduced. Let’s face it, how many people actually ‘missed’ using this skill because it took so long to fire? I also think it should be able to fire at an angle for anti-air/juggling purposes.


I think while Black Magic Tome is active, he should also get an increase in movement speed and attack speed. He’s slow at end game. *Side Note: After all this time of playing Necro, I just now realized that Nich is a Ghost.

Phantom Storm

I think this skill needs a stronger pull being I can still see enemies still able to walk out of it. I could be wrong though.

Life Steal/Revive

As a Necro, she should have the ability to steal life force and heal herself, as well as have the ability to revive not only herself, but her allies. Why this is missing and she’s called a Necro, is beyond me.

New Movement Animation

I honestly think she is also due for having her own movement animation. No reason she should move like the others. She should be floating or something with some kind of aura around her.

Anywho, that’s everything. If you could suggest some to make the Necromancer better and entice players to want to play her more…what would you suggest?


Dead class.Neople hates us :frowning:! Lv. 85 Lich’s Gift/Undead Doorway: cool idea but i dont want to be a summoner :/:disappointed:. Vallacre Guard… “BONE SHIELD” :confused:. Living dead does need a Buff in speed and range, Nicholas should get a buff in speed too or give us a swap item to make him faster SOMETHING! (Life Steal)/Revive < would be broken but that (life steal) would be nice if we were cloth users.