Necromancer General


i spent half an hour trying to reproduce this in normal anton and failing; does it only work in anton raid?

i saw that in the old dfonexus but didnt really understand why it worked until now, so thanks for explaining


A note on Luke upgrades:

  1. In terms of damage improvement in relation to Monolium used, Armor > Weapon > Special Equipment is the general rule. Heblon equipment is VERY expensive at 100 monos per piece.
  2. You can wait on weapon a bit if you have Hokmot (which is fairly comparable to upgraded Wand)
  3. You can wait on armor a bit if you have heavily amped Dark Gothic but don’t have your armor set amped. Even in that scenario, SuperContinent is probably still the best improvement:monolium ratio.

Most kDnF players seem to upgrade based on what they’re missing more than anything. After all, it makes no sense to rush armor when you’re 4/5 gold and missing an earring, right?

I’m PROBABLY going with armor upgrade first, although heblon will definitely help with speedrunning content (since civ procs surprisingly fuck me over fairly often).

You should be able to feel around for it by walking next time you’re in cano. That left wall isn’t perfectly flat so there’s some good clues on where to stand based on that.

If normals wall is flat then it won’t work in normals, but you can at least kill him in one phase in norms.


So I hear that the Necromancer is supposed to be getting nerfed in the future. Is that true or are the changes to the Necromancer is currently misunderstood?


I suppose all the old analysis I did on that patch got lost. Regardless, that seems a lot like they looked at test server and never looked at live values.

Dark Ritual changes from +60% and +1000INT to a max of 97% using what’ll be available in DFOG. How good of a tradeoff that is will depend on your INT.

You can solve for the point where INT bonus equals the skill damage bonus, and that’s around 4,075 INT. You can make it a wash for solo damage, but usually it’s a loss. The main benefit is partying with a sader.

If you want some idea on how good a deal it becomes with sader, especially at Luke levels, look at my Fsader’s INT boosts:

Pledge becomes realtime, but it starts at +40% (as opposed to current 30%) and becomes a permanent passive (e.g. active even when Vallacre gets cancelled). Between SuperContinent, Heblon, and Plats, you can actually have over the 48% cap currently on your battle set.

Fear of the Slaughterer becomes a pure crit damage passive with +10% crit rate.

The main drawback for party play is that you lose the 11-12% defense shred in party, and the Shadow Resist shred gets reworked into a self-buff on Dark Nail (thus, no boost for party members).


Sooooo, what does that mean exactly? It really sounds like a nerf to me…especially since we still need Sader buffs to do anything decent. Neople really needs to do some serious rework to this class. With all these new additions its becoming more and more tedious to keep up imo. Its bad enough with the bad rep Necros are getting in Raids.


It basically means that it’s a net buff for raid (outside of solo-position sells) and most difficult content in general.

Crusaders are a hard lock for any party comp trying to maximize damage; they make up for a 4~7+ fold increase in damage for each party member.

Even for solo content, I’m going to imagine that most solo-position raiders are either close enough to where it doesn’t matter, or end up with lower times overall because of dungeon->dungeon time savings. This is at the same time that the auto-swap patch happens.

I also don’t know how many Necros, in practice, both max Dark Ritual or Pledge and actually streamlined the swap process enough enough for it to even be a nerf on their solo clear times. I don’t have an equipment CD in the way of going between DR, to Pledge, and to battle set, but I’m still anticipating faster runs because I’m only projecting to lose ~2% damage to Dark Ritual changes solo.


I see. How does one even max both DR and Pledge? Does one only need to be maxed to be snapshotted (is that the right term?) or no?


See “How Current Buffs Work” on the first post. Pledge is currently applied when you have DR+Vallacre up at the same time, and recalculated if you resummon Vallacre.

It generally was fairly easy to cap both DR and Pledge at the same time when DR only required Strength to cap. It’s still very possible, but takes a lot of more-difficult gear to get (either Supercontinent Top or War God Top, +3 title, and some other shenanigans).


Heroic and normal Anton have a different map structure than raid. You can’t practice counting anywhere else besides raid.


Also worth noting that counter-kill and object kill get completely removed in an upcoming patch. It is not likely to be the October 24th patch (presumably an update due to the Mercenary announcement today), but the next major update will probably do that.


Leveling a necro and really liking it is there anything I should know that’s important or just useful to know like sets to use and what I should go for swaps post patch because currently the two swap thing is very confusing for me along with str conversion since going to be changed I decided to gear for the future anything will be helpful honestly just need information


See “How do new buffs work” in the Original Post for how new Dark Ritual mechanics work, and what to get.

We’re probably NOT getting said rework this patch. However, we are getting the reinforcement patch and the armor mastery patch, which are both pretty good mechanical changes for Necro.


Yeah, MJ was saying something about being able to choose your armor mastery now? Which will be helpful since sets like Spider Queen’s Breath is not part of the original Necromancer’s Armor Mastery being it’s a heavy. It would be nice, though, to know what sets are ideal right now for OV, Legendary, and Epic…as well as best weapons to go for.

Personally, I went for:
Spider Prince and Shroud of Darkness for the OV set (because I love Zombies.)

Tactical, Radiant, and Spider Queen’s Breath for Epics (Haven’t got any Super Cont yet)

5 Senses with CIV (Haven’t got any CIV yet though and missing Scents of Sparkles)

Sorcerer’s Nine Skulls (For Nic Dopp and DR Buff Swap) Lord of Darkness/Spider Prince Wand

And I’m hoping to come across a Moonlight Sword for Dueling/PvP purposes


I heard a rumor that the Shadow Reduction won’t be removed after all…Confirm?

Also, when running with a Sader, does it affect the DR Buff at all before casting?


Dark Nail is now a self-buff for Shadow Damage. Black Web’s shadow damage aura also moved to Dark Nail. You can also max TP as well.

Never - no in-dungeon buffs will affect Dark Ritual. Not even stat bonus/penalty systems like Luke Energy and Exorcism Parameter affect the calculations.


Nice! Another question…

Do Necromancers have any I-frames at all?


The following skills have their independent damage changed to percent damage:
Nicholas Rapport
Zombie Rapport
Black Web
Dark Nail
Dead Man’s Grudge
Soul Lure
Vallacre the Slaughterer
Black Wave
Vallacre’s Grasp
Black Energy Wave

I saw this on Reddit today. Does this mean more damage?


Eraser, during the grab animation.
2nd Awakening Active, during the initial splash.

Given the standard rates of +12 Reinforce vs +8 Refine, not really. The Independent Attack and the Magic Attack is roughly the same at those levels.

More damage if you have +13 or higher, though.


Obedient Ghost stance for Nicholas? I find myself really liking melee for the increased black web duration and new slash attack. I can see the merit in them all but can never choose which to use most of the time.

Also, is Nicholas and Vallacre real-time like Tempester? I’m kinda hardwired to summon and buff after coming from mmech.


Most of the time, I have him in ranged stance.

  1. Defensive stance for either you know there’s going to be a status effect that will shut down Nicholas (Gold Clown in luke) or to prevent Burn damage (fire archers). Also if you’re about to tank a ton of damage.

  2. Melee stance for when you’re in normal dungeons, or intentionally using Nicholas as bait (e.g. Towers).

  3. Ranged stance when you’re needing single-target damage, or to make mobs face and attack at one consistent direction.

For Anton or Luke, Ranged is my default Nicholas stance. I switch to Melee stance for normal dungeons sometimes.

Nicholas summon levels are snapshot. Phantom Storm also increases those levels.

Vallacre’s percents are all real-time. Vallacre’s Pledge is snapshot (right now) and is currently calculated the moment you have both Dark Ritual and Vallacre the Slaughterer active.