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Frequently Asked Questions:

How Does Dark Ritual Work Now
  • Dark Ritual is now just skill damage with no conversion.
  • Pledge is a passive. It makes skillboost ranges really nice in gear, and makes Pledge a good battle plat.
For gear:
Get This Stuff For This Percent Slots Used Percent per Slot
Bloodied Scar +13% 1 Slot 13%
+10 Dark Ritual +20% Variable +2% * LVL
Spirit of Vengeance Set +10% 6 Slots +1.67%
Green DR Taints +1% 1 Slot +1%

Thanks to Belt Enchants and Motion Auras, it will possible to hit 97% skill damage on Dark Ritual on your swap setup. If there is a secondary skill boost, it will be possible to hit 98%, which will be the hard limit until new special gear for Dark Ritual comes out.

I just hit level 90, what should I do now?
Starter Phase:
  • Kartel for Dusky West set
  • (Prepatch) Great Glory for good Dark Ritual filler, getting as many skill boosts as you can to Dark Ritual.
  • 6pc Spirit of Vengeance.
  • Get legendary accessories

Middle Phase:
  • Farm Echon gear for a substantial improvement on regular gear.
  • Use Anton Normals to ramp up on mechanics, then go do raid as early as possible.
  • Farm Guild Dungeon on weekends for daily DI/PE boxes.
  • Mix up gear options depending on your hell luck.

"Later" phases you should already have a good idea on what to do.

What should my skill build look like?

The skeleton build is going to look something like this:

In no particular order:

  • Transformation: Molting and Eraser are there for utility.
  • You are probably going to want Vallacre’s Grasp SP+TP unless you are in a dungeon with a lot of sustained single-target damage.

AoE-Focus Farming Recommendations (Content before Echon):

  • Curse Spear covers a huge area on low cooldown.
  • Black Arachnia is also no slouch. Keep in mind there is a bug in which 80% of the damage goes under “Nicholas Rapport” - it does a LOT more damage than the Damage Report chart implies.
  • Vallacre’s Grasp covers a large area.
  • Dropping Living Dead is an option for the purely farm setup.

Burst Metagame Recommendations (Echon to Anton/Luke):

  • Consider skills from either AoE or Single-Target depending on whether more time is taken up in trash rooms or on boss rotations.
  • Heavily consider getting Dark Soul + TP for Luke fight; the Dark Souls stack up on him until his shield breaks.

Single-Target Damage recommendations:

  • Dark Soul is great for sustained single-target damage. If you max Dark Soul, you must get the TP.
  • Soul Lure, Dead Man’s Grudge, and Dead Man’s Obsession become relevant in Beast dungeons.


It’s sometimes useful to delevel Black Web TP; sometimes the Black Web TP isn’t to your favor during a dungeon.

  • If you maxed Dark Soul, get Dark Soul TP. It scales much better than normal.
  • If you maxed Curse Spear, get at least one in Curse Spear TP for the range.
  • Common TP dumps are: Nicholas Rapport, Grasp, Nail.

What do I do on Avatars?
Slot Battle Swap
Hat/Hair INT, Casting Speed Casting Speed*
Face/Torso Abnormal Status Attack Speed
Top Unholy Mastery, Pledge, Vallacre Incarnation Dark Ritual, Pledge*
Bottom Preference Max HP*
Waist Preference
Shoes Movement Speed Strength*
Skin Physical Reduction

* Will not be relevant post-patch.

You want some casting speed in order to use Vallacre x-swings effectively. Typically, the minimum amount for comfortable play is around 35-40%. Outside of Vallacre swings and related moves, INT is much more beneficial to Necro’s entire toolkit.

For emblems, here are the main stats of relevance:

Color Battle Swap
Red Intelligence Strength*
Green Magic Critical
Yellow Movement Speed
Blue Hit Rate
Platinum Vallacre’s Pledge Dark Ritual

* Will not be relevant post-patch.

Stack Magic Critical until you hit +97% for the cap, and then hit the appropriate figure for Hit Rate:
For: Your Hit Rate Should Be:
Ferman Tests +22%
Anton (Raid) +18%
Luke (Raid) ??


What about PvP Skill Builds and Battle Strategies?


I would go bug PhantomStrom or someone else about PvP. I don’t really PvP at all.

PvP or PvE? If the latter, give a dungeon and I can talk about general strats.

I’m doing solo practice on Luke normals, if you’re looking for strats there I might be able to show some runs sometime soon.


Whats a good ferman time for Necro?


From what I recall from your gear (crow, civ, senses right?), you should be able to kill him in a cycle of skills. So that’s anywhere from 5~13s?

With pet swap, Warlord’s, Alchemy Pots, and Vigor Elixir, this is my best crack at Ferman so far:

Under 20~30s it becomes more interesting to see Luke normal solo times.


Oh my! That is unbelievable! How did you do that?! Teach me the waaaayyyss!!!

As for what I meant about Skill Builds and Battle Strategies, I was referring to them both in the terms of PvP, of course, anything PvE-related I am open ears to them, especially since my playstyle makes endgame players frown and make them not want me in their groups anymore lol.


i have full Golden set> my ferman time is 22sec. SOLO



I disagree with a whole lot of stuff in that guide, from builds to strategies. There’s no reason to have a build that zeros Vallacre or Nicholas ever.

Not even a real dichotomy between “Nicholas” building or “Vallacre” building - to get a run time like this I needed to use and optimize both Nicholas and Vallacre skills:

I want to write/detail strategy on that class, but don’t have a lot of free time to write/draft. I tend to get stuck in the weeds and abandon it after a while.

I’m currently at even less time for guides between my long-commuting work, trying to juggle raids/events, and doing some fitness/health stuff. I’m currently combining some abandoned Game Mechanics damage guides into a general damage formula guide.


A few things I see that might need work. You have don’t really have an optional tab. Once the core skills are maxed you can choose from lore grasp or deadman. I’m currently using max grasp for the quick burst. Ex deadman is also a good 1 point wonder for things such as boats.The swaps are also missing such as super cont top, high tech ring, etc. You can now also add heblon earings since it does give +1 1-85. For emblems blue hit rate is important. Unless of course your with a sader.

TLDR: It seems a little rushed. Or at least its a work in progress.


one thing i dont like about summoning all those nics is that you cant control them :disappointed:


Yeah, I know what you mean. It’s rough when you cannot do anything about the Doppelganger in certain gimmicks, seeing as he goes by whatever command that was used upon summoning.

@Necrofancy I would write the guide for you if I knew what you knew. This is why I’m even getting involved on the forums even more now just so I can learn everything there is to know about the Necro class.

What about damage modifiers and modifiers from pets? Any intel about those? I mean, I see they do apply to your summons but how do you get maximum damage outputs like that? I don’t fully understand it at all.


What are thoughts on upgrading first from luke? Super cont looks like a good contender but my dg is amped maybe wand?


most DG necros go for wand and Heblon monarchs set.


How does DG compare to Spider Queen, Tactical, or Radiant? I’m still curious about pet setups, because I was told Hailey is not a good choice of pet…and I like Hailey…:T


Is that the one that gives smash? I guess it wouldn’t really be good since it conflicts with most end game epics. I mean if you wan’t marbas pets are pretty in demand now at least for luke. I wouldnt pump out money for behemoth unless you are serious though. DG is better than all of those sets when you have 5s. The shadow bonus we gain from it is great and no conflicts on it. (Crit damage ,Radiant/5S)


Faster and stronger than either Radiant or Crow, comparing with civ and senses. Heblon won’t really make the comparison any better, either.

It also gives more than enough crit rates to easily cap out, which is something Radiant doesn’t help out with at all at the moment.

However… If you don’t have it by now, don’t bother farming for it. 85-90 pool is too strong in general, and the differences between DG and unupgraded 90 sets isn’t as big as the 90 upgrades on the right side.

  1. Hope for summer pets to make a comeback. Most people are waiting for the gold/purple forms that were in this year’s kDnF summer package (or something) to come to DFOG in some form.
  2. Hope for behemoth pets to make a comeback in some form. The 3 Kingdom’s pets were basically the same pet.

Smash and Crit Smash pets are going to fall off with an endgame accessory set, because those will cover your Smash/Crit Smash mods.

Marbas is either godlike for a party or completely irrelevant depending on the clear times of your party. The dungeon needs to go on for over two minutes for the active to be usable, which may mean that it can work for a Luke boss fight or certain Luke dungeons.


Can necro actually CK metaka? if so how?


Hey guys, I found the root at Dark Soul deal screenshots on Luke raid.

There’s a slightly buggy interaction where Dark Soul will latch onto Luke without detonating or dealing damage, until his shield goes down, at which point it will do damage and explode. So, Necros will max Dark Soul+TP for Luke and spend shield time throwing those at Luke.

Yes… but awkwardly. You stand at the top edge of the door, facing to the right, with Nicholas desummoned. Mateka will teleport just above or below you rather than directly behind you, so Vallacre won’t get eaten.

You can then Grasp, Executioner Slash, and Guillotine to hit him on counter frames. Grasp is really easy to land, Executioner/Guillotine slams are less easy.

This obviously takes a lot more coordination than a pub raid would like to do, it’s more of a sell party thing. There is a kDnF video of a Necro doing solo raid with a streamer and using that to kill Mateka at the end.


I would love to see a video of this. What does CK mean? Also, from what I’m understanding, Dark Soul is another underrated skill just because it doesn’t do big damage. Am I correct in saying this?


Counter kill, Dark soul is BAD right now because no “DMG” until revamp.