My KDNF Adventures


back in black
Dreadnaught showcase and a look at Origin. I will also be showing some origin dungeons soon on my dark lancer




some dark lancer scenario


You going to play Dragonian Lancer too? Are did he not appeal to you?


I will I just plan on waiting until the adventurer shop resets at the end of the month so I can buy level up tickets for my Dragonian Lancer


and finally some dragonian action


2nd awake showcase
I will be showing more dark lancer once i hit 90 and dragonian vids will be soon after those


Ekern plus the bonus dungeon and some ancients

Erebus Ekern

Erebus Ancients


one dragonian pre legendary (using current event to get pieces in the meantime) and showcasing female launcher changes



Loving the Erebus vids man, I can’t wait for this class to hit global. Do you enjoy playing yours? What do you like and dislike the most about the class?


yea I enjoy the class alot. his sp feels a bit tight but it’s manageable. being able to use most of your skills while jumping or backstepping is really useful for avoiding and retaliating as well as positioning. if there’s anything I dislike it’s that the encroach ability can make things a bit laggy in mob heavy places like ekern but it’s like the only place it’s ever an issue for.


i finally got around to lving my eb to 90 some time ago to start farming for something decent but i dont think i ever showed his recent changes or solo anton raid so here. also some genocider

Genocider Lv5 Ancients Lv6 Outer

eb solo raid

eb ekern


test time. no trouble shooter because test wants to screw up and prevent me from completing epics so i cant go awaken him let alone leave elvenguard

Agent test (didnt showcase 2nd input from blade falcon by mistake)

Agent dungeon (blade falcon is shown correctly)


TroubleShooter and merged Ancient/Outer


more test. this time i have both specialist and hitman

Hitman skill showcase

hitman dungeon showcase

Specialist skill showcase

Specialist Dungeon showcase


a troubleshooter vid i forgot do to earlier and a specialist after finally slacking my way to 90

TroubleShooter Echon

Specialist Echon


did a livestream yesterday basically doing a bunch of anton solo on various characters and some event stuff. i showcase bm changes at around the 23minute mark