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Nexus is back <3

Does anyone have specific numbers on Tornado % rework? Curious to see how strong they are willing to make it


don’t have specific numbers but from what I’ve seen it’s around the same damage as heavenly with TP. not really worth the SP and TP for that kind of damage tbh.


Anyone share their skill builds? Also is it worth getting another ToD pot if I have Blue Dragon already, or I should bite the bullet and run hells


Skill builds generally follow the trend of maxing all cubes and using smaller skills as sp dumps. Twister is preference and most opt to skip it because it’s fixed damage, requires heavy sp/tp investment, and inconsistent dealing (mobs are not stationary, skill itself is DoT)

Blue dragon is alright for an alt and great synergy with gracia/unlimited ability. Depends on what you want to do with your monk. Lightning cloud and ratatat are definitely an upgrade over blue dragon tho


Skill build is max / contract max everything, cubes and passives, starting from the bottom of the tree going up (assuming you are max level). You pause once you hit Heavenly Combo and Twister higher up on the skill tree. Most players will pick just 1 skill between those 2, so Twister or H combo based on preference and continue to move up (if you decide to max Twister, still feel free to pick 1 point in H combo for Super Armor utility if you like). Max all passives and mandatory skills (Will Driver etc) that are above Twister and H combo on the tree, take 1 in utility like Sidewind, Sacred Counter, and Dash Uppercut, max strike if solo, max crit buff at top (can modify this later if crit capping due to gear easily).

At that point, all you have left is dumping SP into the Ducking series of punches. Depending on whether you are using contract or not, you may have enough SP to max all 3 Ducking Punches. If not, I tend to leave Ducking Upper at 1 point and dump the rest into the other 2 Ducking Punches.

And that’s basically it. Not a lot of hard choices or tradeoffs on the tree to consider, compared to many classes.

As for ToD pot, chances are you’d only get level 75 or 80 totem again, but feel free to try and get the 85’s. Blue Dragon is OK but any 85 will soundly beat it. I used it in Gracia setup a long time ago to start raiding and it pulled its weight there, but now it’s just a relic sitting in my safe. Hell mode may be a better time finding an upgrade, since Monk can use a variety of Priest weps. Reaper Scythe, couple of Axes, 85+ totems, etc


Twister is love. Twister is life. :smirk:


Don’t come near me or my twister ever again


Anyone run Luke Raid today? Curious to see what people think about it


Phase 1 was pretty free as fuck, phase 2 is where the real fun starts.Just hope you have a raid leader who can make good parties with synergies with eachother.


Phase 1 just exists to make sure you know how to destroy objects. An important skill, apparently.


first step towards supercontinent :grinning:


Edit: Man initial Luke hurt, god bless reinforcement patch and Luke changes


Never give up fam. :pray:




Prepare your butts for the best Monk video ever made.


updated with new pvp skill build


So uh, how about that upcoming update (Character Synergy and Balance Update (August 17th)) - we are losing our mana efficency because dry out is getting changed, we’re losing strike for soloing and we’re trading the will driver str for a medium (21.4% at 10) crit damage… Looks a bit weird that they would remove the incentive to dryout cancel cubes.

I would at least be very surprised if origin goes live without the support nerf/buff swap system.

My spreadsheet (Imgur: The magic of the Internet) with 5/5 full plate, tanma, 3/3 cp, pars, rosetta, echon earrings puts me on a 13% global damage loss from the will driver change…


Which speed controls dodging speed? Attack, Casting, or Movement?


After getting shadow clone to 20 I should start getting more levels in will driver right?