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So I ran tests after the patch, and it looks like all 4 buffs are reasonably close in damage now, which is nice. The two support ones are slightly weaker than the 2 damage ones, but not by a particularly noticeable amount.

However, in the case of the elemental damage buff, I’m considering the possibility that that’s Soul Devourer fucking with me, since I don’t really know how that version of the buff works now, and I don’t have Savior to compare against.


Can’t u post your full set up along with total shadow damage per set in dungeon?


I’m hoping I get soul devourer, grinding out echon set so hopefully get it around the time I finish it


I’ve gotten a couple 5/5 sets and I’m at 2/3 on 5s and I still haven’t had a soul devourer drop on my mistress. I could transfer one to her but she already has a savior so I’ve given up on the mp eating scythe pretty much.


how much more shadow element would need to be stacked for it to beat saviors?


I have no idea, but I’d guess somewhere around 250-300 ele


You’d also have to consider what other elenore and MATK+% you have, and whether you’re countering.

For example:

  • Given Fiend, Senses, Heblon’s Elemental Elenore proc, and a Dream Title, you’re not even hitting equality on even Tog when countering. When you get the skill damage proc, Soul Devourer wins on Tog but nothing else.
  • Given Supercontinent instead, it’s around 315 element when countering with the skill damage proc on Heblon. Soul Devourer only wins on Tog when the elemental elenore proc is on.

If you have a very specific comparison in mind, you can give me the details and I can run it by you. Generally speaking, it becomes worth ditching your elemental additional damage weapons (outside of Tog) once you get Heblon and upgraded armor sets, even if may be the last priority until that point.

Equation Given Stuff I Haven't Actually Written Up Yet
Savior effects = Soul Devourer effects
Constant Bonus * Active Bonus = Elemental Elenore's Effective Damage Multiplier * Magical Attack Percentage's Effective Damage Multiplier
1.4 * 1.22  =  ( 1 + ( 0.25 * 1.05 * (1 + Element / ElementalConstant ) * Counter / ( ElenoreSum * Counter + 100% ) ) )  * ( 1+ 0.16 / ( 1 + MatkBonuses ) )

ElementalConstant = 700/3
Counter = 1.25 if countering, 1.0 if not countering
ElenoreSum is the sum of all your other elenore effects.
MatkBonuses is the sum of all your other Magical percent bonuses.


Did some math because I was bored. Figured I’d share the results in case anyone cared. Specifically concerns Blackened Blood.

So I figured out why the support settings are slightly weaker than the damage settings even though things were supposed to be balanced out: Blackened Blood got stealth nerfed. As far as I can tell, it isn’t mentioned anywhere in the patch notes. But the support settings got their boost nerfed from 15% to 10%.

Except that the change to the critical damage (down) setting got changed to additional.

To quickly summarize, at capped 7DS, the 15% multipliers to the damage settings (left and right) are equivalent to 9.2% increases. Meanwhile, the 10% additional to the critical damage (down) is a flat out 10%. So it’s actually slightly BETTER, but probably with the caveat of whether or not you have mdef shred in your party, since the base 15% of that will get weakened if you do.

For some silly reason, they nerfed the ele boost down to 10%, but left it multiplicative, so it’s a 5.9% increase.

In summary, when using Blackened Blood, never ever use the ele boost. It sucks hard. Even with Soul Devourer, where you’re drowning in elemental elenore, it still ends up slightly behind. The rest is pretty much as it always was before. The only reason you would ever bother using the ele boost is if you’re there just to support and there’s already plenty of mdef shred, so that setting simply wouldn’t do anything.

This also means that the crit damage setting for BB is always worth 5 levels, and therefore is worthwhile even at lower 7DS levels.


Since the craftable epic system just got added. Any thoughts on Redeath? The edgiest weapon in the game? Think the stats are +1 lvl 1-85 skills
44% bonus damage. Were the important stats at least, after losing certain amount of health user is granted 22% cast speed and 15% attack speed.


To gimmicky, its a death trap more negative then positive its like soul devourer but worse!


Lol Assuming that wasn’t sarcasm. I felt like the stats were sort of funny. When the grim reaper shows up. You start running faster lol. Other than that the bonus damage is real nice. It won’t kill you like devourer will.


Anyone know which deadly sin mode is the best nowadays?




For DPS, (well there’s only DPS now cause sup mistress is ded) is left and right. Additional damage and skill attack options.


Actually, you should always go one of the support modes if you aren’t the primary dps in your party. Down (magic def shred) is the best if you don’t have any other shreds in your party, it shreds 20%. Top (ele damage buff) is good if you have fiend users in your party. If you are the primary DPS or have another support in your party, then you can go right (skill damage).


so i just got soul devourer. what do i build around it?


Whatever your gear allows.
Stack dark ele though and make sure to hit the 120+ mark so you get the 16% magic damage.


as weird as it sounds i’m doing hell hoping i dont get SD cause i’ve put so much into my epic crafting weapon that i don’t want it to go to waste. ( i also don’t wanna waste souls transferring progress). apparently according to some KR website that i can’t find the link to atm. rates 90 craftable and soul dev equal so say the least.


It’s funny that you mention this because I started crafting the epic totem on my monk.
Got about 50% so far I think? Either way this last weekend I pulled a saviors totem out of a pot.
On the bright side at least the craft-able totem is great for swapping.


wow congrats on the saviors, yeah at least it’s good for swaps.