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This is odd. For whatever reason, the test with BB has increased in damage since the previous tests. The results seem to have reversed since I last tested. Well, there was a patch in between this test and the last, maybe it was a bug they fixed.

With BB

Without BB

Unfortunately I don’t have any screenshots from my previous tests saved.


Oh ok i thought maybe there was a path i should be taking but i guess its basically just run hell modes and pray.

I have a few questions with the nerf coming to support is there a point to farm the support legendary sets or should i just keep farming dusky?

Anton and luke… wht exactly do you get from doing those be it gear or materials? I assume there isnt gear as no1 mentions running it for that, that i have seen.

How come i see no mention of leveling or gear aimed at extending our 1a transformation? I had the trial scythe that siran gives us for 2 days and i must say double our transformation time was great.


theres only fallen heart cross which extends it for like 15 seconds i believe? its not used tho just because there is no real content that requires more than current transformation time so in the end fallen heart cross becomes pretty mediocre prob more useful for 15 shadow damage than the trans extension lol


Ah ok thanks for the information, i guess i found it useful because i was able to pop it at the start of a dungeon and have it last the whole time but since farming legendary / hells i cant do the same, i assume its just i dont have the gear to 1 shot rooms for fast clears like everyone else.

1 other question for you, with the legendary sets does it matter what 5/6 pieces you get? or is it always the armor pieces and you never really pick up the accessories / sub / magic stones


More like it doesn’t really matter that much. The transformation is just some speed, which is nice, but not really worth gimping yourself over (It’s also defense and crap, but those matter even less). It’s not like Avenger where you live or die on the 1wake transformation.

For legendary sets, other than Vilmark (And I guess Source of Disease, but who cares about that), specific pieces don’t tend to matter, but it usually works out to “Armor and sub” simply because there’s usually stronger alternatives for the rest of the right side. Realistically, though, you just fill what isn’t already covered by better pieces.


yes typically its armor + 1 somewhere else typically whichever slot u are missing an epic or the best of the remaining slots for each leg set respectively. The problem with using fallen heart cross in the beginning is that blackened blood gives more to your modifier than fallen heart cross when 7 sins is lvl 15+ so only real time u can use fallen heart cross is after u swap 7 sins and then swap into fallen heart to trans and cure (for 15 shadow damage) which in pretty much 95% of scenarios won’t have time or is a waste to do it in the first place


While avenger trans is better Mistress trans is extremely crucial. No matter how much attack speed and casting speed u get theres a certain “cap”/delay in your skills if u arent transformed. Transform is actually pretty live or die in most cases because you need that 0 delay in skill chaining or else the mob can iframe


I recently was blessed with a soul devourer and after upgrading took it to P rift to try it out and noticed i killed myself quick as i drained my mana and then HP so quick. So to anyone who has it how do you counter act that? im working on an epic set i only have 90 sky set for acc. and misc armor pieces as i have not completed a set yet.


Canna’s Milk should help with most of your MP issues, assuming you have a giant stack like I do. Unfortunately, if you don’t have decent gear otherwise, you’re gonna have to hit stuff more before it dies, so you’ll struggle with MP/HP more.


Ya i thought that might be my problem and unfortunately i dont have enough of cannas milk haha. I have dusky set with my 90 piece acc set so its not the best. Alot of our skills are multi hit though so my mp just goes down very fast . I guess i just need to work on finishing my armor set, thanks for the info


It doesn’t really drain fast enough to be a problem, assuming you have any reasonable supply of MP recovery. Milk, Remy’s, event pots, whatever.


what plats do i get for Mistress buffplats and Battle plats?


For buff, grab Seven Deadly Sins plats, and if you wanna swap avas for battle plats, I’d go for Seven Sins of Corruption (1A) or Last Genesis (2A).


How Will She be raid wise after New patch?



The resulting support level is the lowest of the supports (15% when most people are at 25%).

In exchange for this, you get… ~10% more damage from cut-in dash and lurking greed, which you don’t use for damage at all, and 5% for rolling rush, which you MIGHT use for damage if you’re bored.

Meanwhile shits like FNen get good DPS boosts. Though to be fair this is more because FNen DPS was trash before, while Mistress is fine.

Still a good holder, though.


7DS for buffs for attack ur choices are the scythe mastery which is OK or wrath (45 skill)


looked at the AH for Mistress plats and good lord like Dead AH…


1A and 2A don’t have plats.


No, but you can put them in for the top’s skill.

I imagine you’re likely better off using the 2wake passive for that, though.


Woops, my bad lol. :tired_face: