Mistress General


what is the end goal?


Int on hair and hat. Attack speed on face and torso. Top is 7ds or 2a. Bot hp and waist evasion. Shoes is move speed


And what does 2a stand for?


2nd awakening. In mistress’s case it’s Last Genesis


So how does the new jealousy buff work after the support rework? I remember that when it first came out in Korea, it was being questioned whether it was elenore, fake elenore, or just shit, but I don’t remember if it was ever answered.


It turns into bonus elemental damage (raw elemental damage not ele elenore) for yourself and party where party value is fixed and self scales with levels. From what i’ve heard the new jealousy form makes fiend very powerful on mistress but i havent really seen charts and numbers so i can’t confirm


Blackened Blood vs Angra Mainiuu for 7 Sins swap? Is +3 lvls better than 15% of each buff?


depends on the amount of levels but iirc past 25 levels blackened blood should be better


After 5 levels of swaps in Sins blackened blood wins


So, since I have lvl 16 Sin swaps the 15% from Blackened Blood should be superior to another 3 lvls in Sins?

Granted, neither of those are likely to happen in the near future anyway. Unless I luck into an Angra drop or reroll into a Blackened.


oh does it max at 10 xd
but yea ,blackened blood should be stronger than 3 levels at 16


Ok, so I’ve gotten a Blackened Blood and been doing some damage tests in the training room… my results are odd to say the least.

One, for whatever reason, I’m doing MORE damage with lvl 17 Sins than I am with lvl 16 Sins with Blackened Blood. I’ve made sure everything is the same whenever I do the damage tests. I don’t understand why lvl 17 Sins is beating lvl 16 Sins with BB. It’s not by much, by about 5% in total, but its still more.

Also, what the hell is this?

Since when did weapons that don’t add levels to a buff make it stronger in the buff window? Also, since when was 61% additional damage less than 55% additional damage?

Seriously stumped here.


So yesterday, I finished Radiant Gold.

And today, I finished Millennium War Hero.

And now I am completely lost as to what to upgrade to, Supercontinent or Nagaraja.

Advise me, oh mistress peoples.

Don’t say Venator, because I only have 3 pieces of Black Formal, and a +12 Soul Devourer.

(Meanwhile, the last senses piece refuses to drop, because of course it does)


Wear radiant and upgrade heavy.


Which is better with Sky Traveler set? Full Metal line or Millennium War Hero?
My earring is Border Black/White Mask, mstone is Dethroned Kings Tear currently.


I would say 5/5 Metal Line. It is arguably the best unupgraded 90 set for damage dealers. To my knowledge, War Hero is the weakest of the unupgraded 90 sets.


I just got into dfo again after a year or so break so I’m still trying to get used to the new 90 cap areas and gear. I’m wanting to main a mistresses and just recently got her to 90 and basically have no gear . I have a reapers scythe and maniuu scythe on another toon and plan on swapping that over with the epic transfer. Besides farming for a dusky set and sea gods pants what should I be aiming for gear. I know I will have to farm he’ll lots and hope I get a soul devour but what else ?

I also heard our support set is getting needed so should I even bother farming that set?


Yeah wear radient and upgrade nagaraja. I believe nagaraja should hands down be the best upgraded set on mistress


What do you mean by aiming for gear? If you mean swaps then 6 piece battlefield of sins and blackened blood (along with 5 lvls at least of 7 sins). If you mean epics then you just pray and hope u get what u want lol you don’t choose epics (unless u run UNTIL u get what u want) epics choose you


Could you show damage chart instead so we can get a clearer picture?