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#1 Edgy Girl - Mistress PvE Guide

Hello everyone Under8 here (name changed from EmiliaIsNay) coming to write a guide for mistress. Most people know me as a Shadow Dancer player, but I love my mistress (Massacre8 is my IGN) and hope this guide can help you out. This guide is not the end all be all and is just my personal opinion for skill and item builds.

Mistress General Overview

  • Magical Percent Class because magic parties are currently OP compared to physical
  • Very good support as a elemental defense shredder and holder
  • Not just a support she is capable of doing damage as well!
  • So many nice benefits in transformation (super armor, status immunity, and speeds)
  • If your the kind of person into edgy girls then mistress is your girl
  • Percent classes aren't that great until reinforce patch
  • Damage is rather low compared to top tier damage dealers
  • Support gets pretty neutered in the future and Mistress does not get damage compensation for it
  • Animations are kinda long (especially so when not in transformation)
  • Pretty reliant on transformation

Skill Build

Skill Build If you do not have crit cap you can put points into it by taking out points of guillotine (just put my extra SP in there) and lurking greed

Lurking Greed vs Slothful Body vs Rolling Rush Slothful is better if you are not the main DPS so you can max that out first and then when you are geared enough shift it towards lurking as when you start selling raids or doing luke you will rarely use slothful.

Now you might be wondering when you saw my skill build: Why did you max lurking greed instead of slothful body or rolling rush? The main reason I picked lurking greed over slothful is that IMO slothful is not a “great” skill in rotations. Slothful does do more damage then lurking for sure, but I almost NEVER use slothful (only time I ever use it in anton is for the suction purpose in leg or trash mobs and in Luke as filler for when everything else is on CD). Slothful also has the the con of having to press twice to do the damage and also if you are being attacked while in Slothful form the animation gets incredibly slowed down and it just feels so awkward to fit into rotations where mobs can go into iframe if not held properly. I would honestly pick rolling rush over slothful, but rolling rush damage is just so bad (its actually weaker then lurking, but has lower CD) and I only use rolling rush to clear trash mobs in raids. Lurking at least has the benefit of fitting in every conceivable rotation and chains really nicely with everything so why not make it do extra damage compared to skills I never use in rotations? Honestly this is just my opinion and you are free to pick whichever of the 3 (or mix) to max out just wrote this to explain my thoughts on picking Lurking Greed over Slothful Body


Chronicle Go pick up a 6 piece Battle Field of Sins set as this is our chronicle swap set for Mistress (pick belt, shoes, bracelet, ring, magic stone, and shoulder)
Legendary This question has been asked so many times. Mistress can choose Dusky for more damage set up, but if you want to do that easy raid entry (until support gets nerfed) then you can choose either Heart Rending Grief 5/6 Piece with 3 piece Buried Screams (usually the accessories) or vice versa with 6 piece Buried Screams and 3 pc Heart Rending. It honestly doesn't matter which you go (Buried brings better support to the party damage, but Heart Rending is better solo damage) so you can choose either and you will be fine for raid.

Do not go gracia please. The only time Mistress should ever use gracia is if you have a liberation scythe or Savior Scythe (either case both are pretty meme) as every single epic scythe (lvl 80 and up) deals with Shadow.

  • Fallen Heart Cross = +3 to Seven Deadly Sins (SDS), Cure gives Shadow damage +22 (2 minutes), Transformation +16 seconds
  • Angra Mainiuu = +3
  • Blackened Blood = +15% to SDS (Blackened blood beats Fallen Heart Cross at lvl 15 and up)
  • King's Secret Book - Sin Sayer (sub equip) = +1
  • Sea God's Pants = +1
  • Metal Line Armor = +1
  • Metal Line Gaiters = +1
  • High Tech Saint Ring = +1
  • Halidom: Chainmail of Kers = +1
Epic Armor May the RNG Gods bless your soul when you run hell mode. Remember you don't pick which set (unless you run hells until you get what you want I guess), but I will list the top 3 sets for 85 and 90. Make sure to keep anything you might think be POSSIBLY USEFUL. You can mix and match a lot of epics to break out of legendary sets so its better to keep things you might possible have a use for in the future.

85 Epic Sets

  1. Elemental Dropper(85 cloth set)- People underestimate this set so much, but this is hands down the best 85 epic set for mistress (if you have soul devourer) in terms of support and top 3 for damage. If you have Ele dropper and swaps you can luke raid with this set up as you will be shredding close to -250 ele for your party.
  2. Tactical (85 leather set)-This is a very good party epic set like ele dropper and IMO tactical for mistress is literally just a worse ele dropper. Still a great set overall though and you can probably Luke raid with this as well (assuming good right side and wep of course).
  3. Natural Guardian (85 light armor set)- This set is just solid on pretty much every class, but dont be fooled as NG + Soul Devourer is not as good as you think it is.

90 Epic Set
I won’t list a top 3 as all of them are good so I’ll just list some general info about each set for Mistress

Crow Ceremony (Gespenst when upgraded) - Unupgraded this set is really good with Soul Devourer and upgraded this set is the “support” set while making your 2a pack a punch

Radient (Super Continent when upgraded)- Unupgraded same as crow, but upgraded this makes you stronger compared to gespenst and gives you hefty speed bonuses.

Black Formal (Fiend Venator when upgraded)- This is alright unupgraded (pretty bad when reinforcement patch hits) and both upgraded and unupgraded not that good with Soul Devourer (better with Savior Scythe). I heard rumors that Fiend is really strong on Mistress with her new self ele buff (changed from ele shred), but have to wait to see for that.

Millenium (Nagaraja when upgraded)- Unupgraded this is pretty bad with 5 senses, but upgraded this set is strong. Just be sure to take REALLY good care of your mana if you use soul devourer with Nagaraja.

Metal Line (7 Sins when upgraded)- Unupgraded is pretty strong, but upgraded its the worst among the others (still strong, but just the weakest). I guess if you are really into role playing (or if you finished only metal line and don’t want to find another) you can go 7 sins as its still solid overall.

Epic Weapons Soul Devourer - Hands down top 3 best lvl 90 epic weapon it is just so strong if you have the elemental damage to support it.

Savior Scythe- good, but soul devourer is way better and even when savior is upgraded the only reason you pick savior scythe over Soul Devourer is cause Soul Devourer doesn’t synergize that well with the 90 upgraded sets (low ele, ele elenore from heblon/fiend, etc)

Angra Mainiuu- Good swap if you dont have the money to buy fallen heart cross of blackened blood and might be stronger then sentence reaper, but can’t say for certain

Sentence Reaper Death Scythe- Not bad on mistress since she has some decent multi hitting skills, but im not sure if it works in raid and if it does then its pretty good

Epic Accessories 5 Senses- the obvious best set because of how much mods it gives and SPEEDS

Anton Accessories- 2nd best in terms of damage, but gl getting that many souls to upgrade this and buying savior

sky traveller- also known as Meme Traveller as it’s very underwhelming, but since Mistress can’t use Cold Princess in a great set up this is your next best choice

Cold Princess- unfortunately all scythes deal with shadow so only time you would use this is if you somehow manage to have savior scythe and this accessory set is ur only one complete (or meme it up with CP + sea god’s set + liberation/savior i guess…)

Refined Set- Decent the only thing you should care about finding is the Refined Amnesia Ring for skill resets

The offslot epics are good if you can mix and match without conflicting any mods so make sure to keep even non set pieces.

Epic Special Equips Pars Golden Grail, Bablyonian Earrings, and Rosetta Stone are what you are aiming for, but in all honesty all the drops for these slots are acceptable (except single element stones and maybe border of black and white: mask)
Avatars Hair + Hat = Int Face + Torso = Att Speed Top = 7 Deadly Sins or 2nd awakening Bottom = Health Waist = Evasion Shoes = Move speed

Red emblems = int or int + magic crit
Yellows = attack speed
blues = move speed
green = pure crit or int + magic crit


Why they showing up as links instead of as vid player!?

Anton Heroic Smoke

Mistress Heroic Smoke (1:02) - YouTube

Anton Heroic Leg

Mistress Heroic Leg

Anton Raid

Anton Raid (WiP) For the most part currently Mistress is very strong as a support holder. If you are going budget build then you are probably using heartreding/buried screams so use ele shred form of buff until it gets gutted into oblivion (RIP). Even without it she is still a fine holder and very good at fixing zombies in leg with slothful and gluttony and you will probably switch to another form (gives 10% crit damage i think? after changes).

Luke Raid

Luke Raid (WiP) Honestly if you are luke ready chances are you probably know what you are doing, but feel free to message me directly in game or on forums (preferably in game) if you have a question about tips and tricks.


Does mistress get tainted swaps with the recent kdnf changes?


Doesn’t seem like it, according to Jay’s translations.


I see, thanks. I guess there’s no need to get buff plats then since with the legendary bead, we can max out our buff at lv 20 when +3 titles come back.


We won’t get skill titles until the new lancer subs arrive in dfog seeing that kr hasn’t gotten their skill titles yet… so I’m assuming neople will introduce them once all the classes they had plan for this year are out because it would be extremely awkward for them


Centurion hero set or Burning Mana?

They seem rather close from testing but I’m unfortunate because I have sentence reapers scythe so the HP shred doesn’t give me something solid.


is blackened blood a good scythe for mistress if i wanna go as a debuff/holder?, also will she still be ok for anton raid after that nerf she got on kdnf?


Generally speaking Mana burn on a pure percent class is pretty poopy, would go with Metalline, also it gives an amazing boost in party play.

It’s technically best for debuff on shadow if you’re going full support. Mistress is regarded as a worse sb after reworks from what I’ve heard .-. Still good but harder to get into raid as a full holder/support build


Yes, and while its good for debuffing shadow, its also your best swap weapon past 5 levels of Seven Deadly Sins so you should pick it up if you plan on going in on her


Has anyone tested how effective 6pc Buried Scream ele shred and magic def shred are for damage?

Does it compare to Dusky pieces’ matk and 2 elenore mods?


What’s the skill build and items needed to be a good support mistress?



everything below this is maxed besides lurking greed
thats it for build.
For a basic support build you would want things like:
image if you cant get blackened blood due to price, just grab a +1
For support Gear:
image replace the 3pc bulky with 3pc buried scream for basic setup, i find the auras from vilmark better for parties than the extra shred you get from 5 buried scream


dusky 6 shouldbeat out buried scream in solo dealing situation, but for a party wher eyou are not solo dealing id say its jut better to use buried scream/vilmark for supporting


Thanks for the build and gear setups! Do you know what the super shredding gear would be?


uh im not that well versed but i do know of some of these items:
you can get both of these by doing luke raid and upgrading a Crow Shoulder/belt
and maybe more, for acc id try to find aura providing one and for a top fill just metal line top


How good is 6p Gracia on mistress compare to 6p dusky?


Gracia would technically be more damage by itself but Dusky is more flexible and since most scythes have shadow damage Gracia’s light damage would clash.


Whats wrong with maxing Lurking Greed? o_O


Poor damage output despite being huge TP and SP sink


What are the recommended rare avatar options for the mistress? Not only would I like to know, but others ought to as well.