Male Striker General


Both Gracia and Dusky (western romanticist) are good sets for mstrike.

Also, is there a Mstrike discord?


Stats for the latest update for the total stats of upgraded 90 sets as of 12/26/17

"Str +187
All atk +35%
1 ~ 85 skill +1
Upon skill, 30% chance for 1 ~ 85 skill +1
50 skill +2
Str/Int +20%
P/M/I atk +16%
Status atk +48%
Elenore +16%
Add. smash +16%
Add. crit smash +16%
P/M Crit chance +5%
Atk spd +10%
Move spd +14%
Cast spd +15%"

"All Elemental Damage +79
P/M/I atk +22%
Ele. elenore +25%
Str/Int +12%
All atk +12%
Add. smash +12%
Add. crit smash +12%
Atk spd +5%
Move spd +9%
Cast spd +8%
P/M Crit chance +5%"

"Elenore +22%
All atk +35%
1 ~ 85 skill +1
15 ~ 48 skill +1
Add. smash +16%
Add. crit smash +18%
P/M/I atk +18%
Str/Int +18%
P/M Crit chance +11%
Atk spd/Move spd +15%
Cast spd +22.5%
Hit rate +10%"

"All elemental +14
Status atk +32%
All atk +25%
P/M/I +13%
Str/Int +12%
Elenore +22% (at +12 rein/amp on top) (Max rein/amp: 12)
Skill atk +55.25% (at +12 rein/amp on shoulder) (Max rein/amp: 12)
48 ~ 80 skill +2
P/M Crit chance +10%
Atk spd +7%
Move spd +11%
Cast spd +10%"

Seven Sins
"Str/Int +14%
Add. smash +14%
All atk +14%
Add. crit smash +22%
P/M/I atk +14%
Skill atk +48.5%
Atk spd +20%
Move spd +24%
Cast spd +32.5%
Hit rate +10%
P/M Crit chance +8%
Constant super armor"

Seem’s like everyone is saying the sets look pretty equal in damage now. But for mstrikes, seems like Gesh and Naga have additional +suju. Gesh with that juicy +4 suju. I wonder if there are any kdnf strikers out there already with Gesh to confirm if it will be really good.


Hey guys, was lurking the kdnf forums and saw a couple of interesting threads.
After the recent epic changes I think a lot of kdnf strikers are looking at Gespent as a possible set as it now gives 4 suju levels. The deal charts dont look that bad either (as seen here)
Also, this thread here does a indepth comparison between Nagaraja and SC but Google Translate doesn’t get some things across but I believe Naga wins. If someone more fluent in korean can take a look and let us know what conclusions he arrives at, would appreciate it a lot.
Then there’s this, which seems to do a comparison of all 5 sets post rework, but can’t come to any conclusions as once again Google translate is limiting.


Hey once again. Managed to translate the graphs in one of the links I posted. Seems like Gespent may be a legit option to go now.


Can anyone link a thumbnail and possibly in game image of the new boxing glove Champion Rocky?


Man. Why can’t Lightning Dance be basic attack cancelable.

Why can’t every skill be basic attack cancelable.


Over a year ago on the old site I said Echon would be mad funky with Mana Vortex, and here I finally am.

The speed from both MV and Valor is pretty nuts and made the thing more sloppy than I’d like though.


I found a black moon wolf but already have FKB. should I bother with the upgrade or wait until I snatch a better 90 epic weapon or savior? I have the crit enhancements necessary stashed on alts.


Does anyone else think Primary Impaction feels like shit to use?



Also YAY passive Muscle Shift.

Holy shit, if you max out Muscle Shift you can cancel FOREVER



On further inspection you only need level 9 Muscle Shift to get infinite cancels, since at that point the rest of its cooldown will get subtracted by Suju Inferno. Base level Muscle Shift is still ass, getting Captain trooper’s Reinforced Combat Gloves is gonna make it perfectly tolerable. With Magic Cata+Captain Combat Gloves you can hit infinite.


MStriker New Continuum Kick:

IT’S COOL if not just Spin Kick 3.0

Also Suju Inferno Skill Cooldown got nerfed to 15%, making me bloody bummed. Also recasting Suju while in Suju won’t reduce its cooldown further.


We did get the update now. It also nerfed power fist. Completely removing the added Str Stat. Is our gear swap broken now? The nerf is harder than you realize. What do we do now? Are there any updated guides for this class?