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Welcome back Tyrants. Here is my Tyrant guide, a constant work in progress that I will continue to update and improve in my spare time.

Feel free to message me ingame @Ipecac or in Discord @Ipecac#3425 with any questions or suggestions.


Already got one here, but it’s mostly good for covering Skill info, basics and Swapping.


Awesome start. I plan to go very in depth with my guide. I will use yours as a reference if you don’t mind.


Whats our best 90 set pre and post upgrade? I’ve seen people running around with 3 Pc radiant + Suju levels, but would 3Pc Mill + Suju levels give more?


Radiant is the best set pre upgrade bar none. Fiend Venator, Supercontinent, and Najahara are the best sets post upgrade.

From what my guildmates and I have read on KDNF forums, Fiend is the best overall by by a slight margin, even after the ele shred nerf. However, you can’t go wrong with any of the 3, especially if you want the speed from Supercontinent.


So whats the consensus on savior boxing glove vs PI? PI wins by a huge margin right?


Unless you have a massive amount of elenore already, Impaction will almost always win. It can be cumbersome to use however. Released savior can be slightly stronger in a party, but releasing 85 savior is such a pita for us its not worth it.

Note that this will swing after the reinfrocement patch.


Released should be comparable if not better than PI assuming same enchants and same reinforcement. Maintaining 24/7 stacks? I’d probably use PI out of laziness unless you really want the cooldown reduction.


Hmm what would be considered a massive amount? Currently have the ELenore title and 3pc radiant which is 25% in total


I currently run a full radiant set / elenore title with both savior and primary impaction. (I have queen’s bet as well but it loses to everything but unreleased state).

As far as damage tests go : Savior released > Primary Impaction > Queen’s Bet > Savior unreleased.

I’ve had these tests done with them matching reinforcement levels and with elenore procs from NG and full radiant. Savior released state will still beat PI. The only thing I have not tested with is having an elenore accessory like infinite necklace. At that point, it might be considered an absurd amount of elenore that you don’t need.


are you saying this reinforcement patch makes boxing gloves better?


That’s correct. In general, fast weapons with lower Phys/Magic attack get better.


Hmm I just tested PI vs Savior BG and it seems my PI comes out ahead by quite a lot? I’m not sure if I’m doing it wrong, but I’ve tested multiple times , and PI came ahead in almost all cases. Cases were even done with a +12 savior and +10 PI . PI came out ahead still and of course savior was released


That is nothing unusual, as it is all dependant on your setup. If you have no elenore in your build pi will often come out ahead when you’re solo due to the massive phys attack.

For example, if I’m wearing Panda Gentleman 5/5, Primary Impaction will not be as good as released savior when I’m solo due to diminishing returns from the phys attack that I’m already stacking. However, let’s say I’m wearing 3 piece Radiant, Infinite Necklace, DKT, and Elenore Title. In that case, released Savior will certainly come out ahead.


Ye but I am using 5rad and senses just like God’s setup and I’m not seeing how SAvior ever comes out ahead


Try testing with a Saint, PI will diminish significantly.


How about Queen’s Bet vs pre-upgrade Savior? What conditions do Savior come out ahead?


Queen’s Bet is an amazing weapon, one of the best level 90s in the pool. It gives a total of 2 Suju Levels, which is roughly ~8% damage increase + the extra damage from Double Unlocking, 48% all attack, and 12% phys attack. In total, this is roughly a 79% damage increase, which is obviously on paper much stronger than Savior’s 35% and 55%.

I would say will our current pool of epics, Queen’s Bet is going to come ahead in almost every case, since the raw power and increase is so much higher than Savior. However, since a large portion of the damage increase is from All Attack, you may see the gap shortened if you are stacking lots of All Attack already.

Another example in which Savior may be better is dungeons such as Shaking Battleground, since you will not have mobs to proc Queen’s Bet’s All Attack stacks.

To expand on the power level of Queen’s Bet, comparison screenshots in nearly full end game gear with Queen’s Bet and 90 Savior BG show the savior as being only ~7percent stronger for a double release Atomic. In fact, the only reason 90 Savior is the best is purely because it doesn’t conflict with anything. Of course, one of the main draws of 90 Savior is unconditional Released State and not having to stack anything, but the point stands.


Since the upcoming event dungeon is giving out a Wild Romanticist set would it be a good idea to get it on Mstriker?