Male Spitfire General


/Shrugs, been a while I rarely go on here except to check messages, but I did apologize for the lack of clarification in terminology. I take a lot of care to share information and I highly value accuracy. I don’t really care about direct affronts toward me but I care about the info itself. I’ll go back and change it when I get a moment :wink:
PS. Also I was probably in a really bad mood when I wrote that back then o u o;;; sorry :sweat:


Uhhh, before you’re too hasty here, both weapons you linked don’t have any conflicting stackable modifiers. If you want to go musket it’s bonus crit damage, not crit smash.

Do we get more swap options when origin comes out? Someone told me to use tainted gear with overcharge option and Venelgenu musket.

Tainteds get added into the swap option, likely overcharge for skill att. I haven’t heard of the musket you’re talking about but they generally swapped a lot of 85 anton legendaries into swap weapons, kind of the same way blackened blood works for mistress right now. As far as I know there is no leg version for mspits and most kdnf people still use generals as main swap weapon.


Oh I know, I am aware they aren’t conflicting, but the issue is that I would be stacking more of the same modifier, or so I THOUGHT I was, because I found out Crit Smash and Additional Crit Smash stack multiplicatively(while add crit smash stacks with itself additively). So I think I can go for Death by Musket and not worry about stacking too much additive crit smash, since only my Strong Rayon Shoulder has that.

Edit: Son of a bitch, no, additional crit smash stacks additively with itself and with normal crit smash. Disregard what I said.


I ended up buying a +3 overcharge title to use the new tainted swaps for overcharge. I replaced metal line top and bottom, ring and sub with tainteds and I’m doing the exact same amount of damage. Is this bugged or is there something I’m unaware about?


Thinking of starting an MSpit, but I hate pvp. Is fastest gun still necessary to max dps after the patch?


Hey, you know who it is. Stacking that napalm all day.


@Zeske For you skillbuild guide, I only came up with 41 TP, whereas I would need 43 TP to max out all of my TP,

Am I missing something?

Edit: Level 90 Spit


Have you done the PvP tutorial quest?
The end reward is 2 TP.


there it is


Glad to report Marshall Bros. That I have finally obtained fastest gun after a year and a half(approx) of pvp training xd