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WIP on building information relevant to post-infinite spitfire, builds, end game content etc. Feel free to discuss or debate any of the information posted here.
EDIT: 2/22 on bowgun v musket in FAQ section

Basic Overview

At lower gear levels this class is a lot of pew pew, chuck nades, throw your cube skills in between and pew pew some more :wink: A high damage-over-time (DOT) DPS class with some utility that focuses on stringing together autoattacks in-between burst skills. Pure percent and can go either mdps or pdps.

But I heard this class was bottom tier trash!

Before Infinite patch Mspits had some of the lowest, if not the lowest percentages in the game. The only reason they are still regarded as a “bad class” to play post infinite is because they are a DOT class in the favored burst meta. Unfortunately this makes it hard to get into raids at lower gear levels where your burst wont match up with the burst of a different class at the same gear level, but infinite boosted mspit damage by twice, if not thrice, so worry not! Like any other class, with good supports they perform well. Their DOT-DPS is unparalleled and highly favored in end game content. It’s suspected that Mspits were nerfed in the recent (Sept) KDNF patch due to their high performance in the DPL competition. As with any class, good gear on an mspit can make for amazing performance :slight_smile:

Wait but I heard Mspits were broken!

Again, not quite. Yes mspits have the strongest x string in the game, which lends them to have the strongest sustained damage, but it doesn’t make them broken. As with mstrikers being highly favored in burst meta, mspits were highly favored in the sustained dps setting of DPL where dungeons are long.

Skill Build

A Burst/Anton Setting

Before using this build note that:

  1. Use crit to preference, I personally have need of 1 percent.
  2. I have one level of fastest gun because fastest gun will turn your x string into a skill, meaning it is affected by skill attack, unfortunately with the x string glitch I cannot add more levels. More levels are preferred.
  3. Having all 3 grenades is a useful way to proc reset or civ pieces (Ieap and aerial fire can be useful for those too, I keep aerial for minor gimmicks and to proc things).
  4. If you’re mdps I recommend skilling in Ancient Memory, that small int push can make a difference in a min max setting.



Notes about choices made in this build:
In Anton freeze utility has little to no value, so maxing out crossfire is preferable. I keep 12 levels of freeze grenade for extra utility on mobs in places like Cutting Off the Energy. I do solo content so that utility can save my tokens, but that extra sp doesn’t have to go into freeze grenade, it’s up to user preference. Claymore adds a tiny bit more utility and damage in your kit if you’d like to dump skill in that instead. C4 is also another option.
For luke I use lvl 10 crossmore and lvl 29 freeze grenade for the clown gimmick.

DOT DPS Oriented

A build favored by oOSciOo for its consistent DPS and utility. Takes out the slow high CD skill Lock-on support for Claymore.
Please refer to the Burst/Anton build for some preface notes.



Which Build should I use?

User preference at the end of the day. I favor a high burst setting considering the content I run (mostly Anton/Luke) and it compliments musket better. Sci favors a dot setting and runs a lot of dungeons that favor utility and dps over burst (ie. high level ancients), additionally bowguns do favor dot setting better. Try both out and see how you feel about them o u o

Important Note on X string

As of current knowledge, having your x string go above 130% will cause it to glitch out and become stuttered with a musket with autotoggle on, this glitch does not happen if x string is done manually. This is based on your realtime atkspd (so this includes buffs, equipment actives in dungeon etc etc) not your in town speed. With personal testing I found that I could only keep 1 level of fastest gun, any higher and it would glitch regardless of my atkspd being under 130% (even at ~110-120% atkspd, with max level fastest gun it stuttered), currently my in town atkspd is ~110%. Regardless of having fastest gun or not, the stutter will occur if your atkspd is over 130%. Fastest gun levels just makes it stutter out at atkspds lower than 130%. I try to keep lvl 1 of fastest gun as it makes your x string affected by skillatk modifiers. If these circumstances affect you I recommend going into training room and testing what works out. Also be aware of this glitch when playing with fsaders (they give atkspd on a passive aura and on their buff), nens, and msaders (atkspd given on faeries and during apoc). Unfortunately nothing to do except learn manual x string timing ^ ^;;


Overcharge Swapping

You Ideally want +10 levels on Overcharge with a 6pc Extra Clip (OV set) Swap

A Pretty Ideal One Click Swap Situation

OV Set: 6 piece Extra Clip, if you have everything ideal they fit best in: Shoulder/Waist/Shoes/Necklace/Bracelet/Magic Stone

Weapon: Ideally (Epic) General’s Bowgun (+5 Overcharge)

  • (Epic) Rolling Block (+3)

  • (Unique) Robust Ghost’s Bowgun (+2)

  • (Rare) Magic Sealed Ripple Musket (+2)

  • Any Halidom/Legacy (+1)

Top: Ideally (Epic) Metal Line Armor (+1)

Bottom: Ideally (Epic) Metal Line Gaiters (+1)

  • (Legendary) Sea God Pants (+1)

  • (Legendary) Bleak Wind Suede Greaves (+1)

Ring: High Tech Gunslinger Ring (+1)

Sub Equip:

  • (Epic) Time Traveler’s Watch (+1)

  • (Epic) Navarre’s Insignia (+1)

  • (Unique) Ancient Wonder: General (+1)


  • (Unique) Essence Captain Trooper’s Heavy Armor Belt (+1)

  • Event Legendary Bead from Olympus or Arthurian (+1)

Rare Avatar’s with Overcharge in Top and Bottom can give you +3 from your Avatar slots

Overcharge in a Motion Aura (+1)

Title: Currently any Sweet Dreamer (Rabbit) gives +1, hopefully they bring back skill titles in the future for more

Pet: Any pet with the range 15 included, ie. Three Kingdoms, Pandemonium Pets

The future September patch added in Overcharge on Green Dimensional Aura. This was taken from FSpit’s Overcharge Taint, but I’m assuming it’s the same for Mspit.
Overcharge: Increases Fire Attack Power by 4%, Increases Skill / Status by 1%, Increases Attack Power by 2%
(Weapon is doubled, Attack rating is 1% but actual use is 4%)
So ideally you’d have as little levels on your equips as possible and fill the rest of the slots with tainteds.

Avatars: Emblems and Stats

Hair:Int(MDPS) CastSpd(PDPS)
Hat:Int(MDPS) CastSpd(PDPS)
Waist: Weight Increase Honestly, most everything is kinda useless
Shoes: MoveSpd or Str to preference
Bottom: MP Max or something
Top/Plat Emblems:

  • This is kind of a user preference thing. For strong burst skills it’s highly recommended to put in Buster Shot or Napalm (these will end up being some of your hardest hitting skills on an incredibly low cooldown for the damage they output). Some people also favor Burst Bomb Plats for a more damage over time setting as it helps the x string.

Red: Str/Int or Str+PCrit/Int+Mcrit depending on your personal critical chance situation
Blue:Hit Rate Highly Recommended, Mspits have naturally low hitrate
Green: PCrit/MCrit
Yellow: AtkSpd+HitRate hybrids recommended or AtkSpd
Multicolored: CritChance or Str/Int depending on your personal situation
Always prioritize hitting crit cap, technically we get 10% if you flash bang first, so you’ll need 87% if you rely on that, 97% is good to have though in fast paced situations.

"I wasn't blessed in hell" An Overview of Epic Weapons

SoonTM check back tomorrow

"This or This?" Epic Set Comparisons

Will create a TLDR of this data but for now here’s a direct link to my damage tests and the parameters I used to test. NOTE: THIS IS DATA FROM BEFORE REINFORCEMENT REWORK. TAKE THIS INFORMATION WITH A GRAIN OF SALT. Will eventually redo this.

Damage Comparison Screenshots

Frequently Asked Questions:

Bowgun or Musket? PDPS or MDPS?

Again, one of those user preference things at the end of the day. Most people just run with what hell mode blesses them with.

Muskets favor a burst setting. It’s a playstyle that focuses heavily on your cubes/buster shot. Juggling is harder due to lower attackspeed, but not significantly so. Patk scales harder off muskets so muskets are highly favored for pdps. It should be noted that muskets provide more matk when scaling completely in stats than bowguns do, so it’s still favored for mdps burst setting.

Bowguns have a much higher attackspeed, with more shots in your x string. The fast atkspd lends itself well to doing long hitstun strings while weaving skill inbetween. Most mspits choose to run bowgun for the x string between skills.

"Wait but that didn’t answer my question about going pdps or mdps!"
Objectively speaking, magic teams in this game have a lot more synergy currently. Soul benders, witches, fnens etc provide a lot more support and are a lot more common in raid settings than pdps supports (which at this current point in the game are mostly fgraps and inquisitors), so a lot of mspit players choose to run magical. That isn’t to say physical isn’t viable at all, just something to keep in mind when trying to make/find team compositions.
A personal note is that the first real weapon I had was a savior revolver, I started speccing for a physical setting since then and have been too invested in min maxing pdps, which resulted in me being one of the few physical mspits in the server. It was merely a matter of what luck handed me. /shrugs
EDIT NOTE: Recently I have got my hands on a savior bowgun specced 100% superior +12 water enchant, +11 reinforced and compared it to savior musket 100% superior +12 water enchant, +11 reinforce both running mdps. Currently based off burst preference I choose to run musket mdps over bowgun because it frankly just hits harder and faster. Just a note and food for thought

I just hit 90 and I'm looking to gear, where do I start?

The simplest easiest thing to do would be to start running ancients and grab Gracia or Dusky. Both sets are pretty viable as far as legendary go. If you can, try to run Echon and start gearing in 90 legendaries. On the right side a really good set to get, but takes a while to farm, would be the 3pc bulky set from Anton. Otherwise the fish accessories from the Pandemonium dungeons that you buy with purification stones suffice fairly well. If you’re looking to raid, those sets are a good basic to get you in, but at the end of the day it’s up to the raid leader whether or not that provides enough dps for them.

Burst Bomb or Piercing Bullet?

On this note: Never use Elemental Bullet, the damage is downright trash.
When I tested both in training room, they gave the same amount percentage wise but the damage turned out superior on Burst for some reason, still testing this. Burst bomb does have more utility in terms of hitstun and AOE range though, so it’s a more preferred bullet. Would just say test it out yourself. :wink:

Which Overcharge Choice Should I go?

This kind of depends on your elemental damage. The neutral setting is preferred if you have some decent ele, if your ele is really low then you should probably use an elemental overcharge. Again I would say do a test in the training room with both settings and compare the damage output o u o 7 It should be noted that overcharge only adds inflict element on crossmore, napalm, bustershot, and danger close, everything else that doesn’t require overcharge does not take on element, you need an applied ele or cube contract for that.

I'm just looking for an OV set for an Alt

6pc Second Strike with 3pc Secret Commando gives you the giant memetastic Claymore explosion that’s great for grandine farming
Fire support is the set that gives you a giant x string explosion :wink:

Tips and Tricks; Anton/Luke coming eventually, been busy.

September Rebalance Patch

Silver Bullet (Common)
Maximum Level has been changed to 20.

Booster Bullet
Enemy Elemental Resistance Reduction has been fixed to 22.
Enemy Defense Reduction has been fixed to 10%.

Firearm Mastery
Cooltime Reduction will no longer affect 1st and 2nd Awakening Actives.

Buster Shot
Damage has been increased by 5%.

Damage has been increased by 17%.

Damage has been decreased by 4%.

Pistol Carbine
Damage has been decreased by 14%.

G-61 Gravity Grenade
Damage has been decreased by 2%.

G-14 Buster
Damage has been decreased by 10%.

G-35L Flashbang
Damage has been decreased by 10%.

G-18C Freeze Grenade
Damage has been decreased by 12%.

Danger Close
Damage has been decreased by 2%.

Special Forces 'Black Roses’
Damage has been decreased by 11%.
Cooltime has been decreased from 150 to 145 seconds.

Damage has been decreased by 10%.

Performance in KDNF shows that 1A and 2A damage cut ~in half


So i’m guessing the reason why Claymore and Freeze Nade are 0 now its because status effects are irrelevant in Raid/Not bursty enough?


True and untrue. Teku holds his opinions on builds and I have mine. I personally keep it because I find the utility useful for mobs, but generally speaking yes they’re completely irrelevant in boss settings. Sci actually keeps max on both of those at the cost of leaving lock on at 0 because he favors a damage over time setting and utility, but he soloes a lot of content. At the end of the day it’s preference. If you’re going for a anton-only build I would say both are irrelevant, but I personally keep freeze for luke and because I solo dungeons in anton, so the utility is a lot more valuable to me than sheer damage.


Whats the gear progression for this class?


If you’re fresh and soloing the hard long route is chron(fire support)->gracia/dusky->echon-> epics. Unfortunately mspits at lower gear levels do pretty abysmal damage and it’s all over long duration :c makes it hard to farm for content easily.


How would a player advertise this class? Just asking as I have yet ot make a MSpit mainly because they lacked a real direction/etc IMO compare to their brothers (be it BFG casually hitting entire rooms, raining explosive mechs, or being Dante’s student in gunslinging). Is there something I’m missing here?

I hope I’m not going too off topic with this.


I’m having an incredibly hard time joining pub luke raids. I’m at 12/12 with crow and senses, half my gear is amped. I’m not sure if its because not all my gear is amped or its because I’m playing a m.spit. It’s really frustrating when you see pubs accept people with weaker gear but play a supposedly “higher tier” class.


For anyone who decides to Echon, using max Claymore and max Freeze Grenade allows you to perma-cc every boss. No need to deal with the annoying iframes!


Our direction is sustained DPS on single target. It’s not as flashy as our other brothers and not as favored compared to burst classes in the current gameplay, however, we can be just as good if built and played correctly :slight_smile:


You should be able to find pub luke raid without much difficulty with your gear setup. It is not your gears, it’s just that they don’t know your real potential (May be they haven’t partied with a lot of Mspit before). Excluding the enchantments, amp should not matter much in a party with sader. We have similar gear setup and I’m technically 11/12 since I can’t manage to find Babylonian. My current setup is kinda strange with 3 pieces of crow, Gespenst top, and Magic Catalysm so now it’s 10/12? xD
I’ll be recording my runs starting this Saturday as a token of memory for the gear progression~


Yo guys. Im trying to get fastest gun on my spit but i really suck at pvp and lag allot. Any tips on what should i do? i really want that skill lol



Frankly the only real advice at this point would be to ask a friend for help :c


Does anyone have any Tips for PvP? Because i’m trying to get fastest gun and it’s pure cancer. I know i’m not garbage, but im not great either. But it feels like the deck is so stacked against me. I have no jumps or dashes, no SA, and the best juggle skills is like, rising shot, which is so hilariously easy to dodge its barely a starter at all. It’s making me actively HATE this game, just because a single important skill is locked behind pvp, god knows why.


Hey y’all, thanks to the current even I got some epics under my belt. Currently working towards some Dusky stuff to fill out my slots.

I was wondering if any of them are worth while as single equips? I rolled Millennium War Hero Chain Belt (Loving the +10% Phys/Magic Crit), Plate Range Armor Guard, and Contamination Pauldrons. I also got a Rule of Thumb but it’s not great from my understanding.


It rubs my eyes how you using “DOT(damage-over-time)” instead of “sustained dps”. How can mspit be a “DOT” class when elemental bullet wich gives the only dot in mspit’s kit is completely missing in your builds(everybody knows its bad) and irrelevant in the game in general?


Apologies for late reply I rarely check nexus except to edit the mainpost.

I was wondering if any of them are worth while as single equips? I rolled Millennium War Hero Chain Belt (Loving the +10% Phys/Magic Crit), Plate Range Armor Guard, and Contamination Pauldrons. I also got a Rule of Thumb but it’s not great from my understanding.

The only epic less useful of those are the plate shoulders, personally I’d try incorporating Contamination in your place, All Atk is a useful modifier.

It rubs my eyes how you using “DOT(damage-over-time)” instead of “sustained dps”. How can mspit be a “DOT” class when elemental bullet wich gives the only dot in mspit’s kit is completely missing in your builds(everybody knows its bad) and irrelevant in the game in general?

Uh… Excuse me if I’m misunderstanding you but how is only elemental bullet relevant to DOT if all x-string damage is DOT o-o. Unless you’re talking about an instance in games in general where they refer to dot damage as solely passive dot (ie. witch lava and rain) in which case you could still argue that mspits have the best dot in the game in terms of set it and forget it in 2a, dangerclose, 1a and reactive grenade :thinking: Longevity wise most mspit cds are insanely short for sustained damage output. Pardon me if I didn’t clarify myself as my definition of damage over time is literally all damage, over time (which a superior x string covers). I don’t know how much more clear cut that can be. If you’re talking solely in burn, poison or shock damage then state that as your definition of DOT and I’ll go ahead and change all the wording in the main post. To be frank before you come in here and pick fights with me define yourself and your arguments before you go implying that someone else is of lesser intelligence than you.


Well, i’m feeling sorry for you being so touchy about slight criticism over your terminology.
In general “game” (pretty much any mmo game) knowledge:

“DoT” (dot/DOT) refers to Damage over Time - any abnormal status effects causing loss of health over periods of time, such as most common - bleed, poison, burn. And realisticaly, ele bullet wich gives burn is rarely used novadays.

Basically what i meant to deliver in my complain

p.s. even when i first posted my comment, i couldnt even imagine that you’re gonna accuse me of thinking of you as intellectualy inferior, that’s kind of low self esteem; man i’m really sorry…


Your definition of what dots are is just completely wrong. I’ve never seen it used that way before and it will confuse people just like it confused me. It is sustained damage, not dots. Dots are literally attacks that inflict passive damage OVER TIME. Hence the word.


Alright, so I’ve got a bit of a problem.

Given that there is a pretty big chance that we will get the craftable 90 epics with the Feb 27th patch, I need to know you guys’s opinion on the following setup and whether I should choose Death By Musket or Dildred of Handbow to craft.

I’d be wearing Echon 6pc(shoes, belt, shoulder, earring, sub equipment, necklace), Freeze Cut Top, Assassin’s Attitude Bottom, Avarice Bracelet, and then some Ring that I haven’t figured out yet, and probably a water Magic Stone. Under that, would you choose:

Dildred of Handbow (Bowgun)

+3% Physical Critical Hit
+1% Accuracy
+1 Firearm Mastery
+30% Bonus Damage
+22% All Attacks
Use [Equip Skill Key] to drop a large crossbow bolt
+1 Windmill and Topspin Kick Spin Count
-50% Windmill and Topspin Kick Skill Damage
+1 G-14 Buster, G-18 Freeze Grenade and G-35L Flash Bang Load Count


Death By Musket (Musket)

+1 Firearm Mastery
Cast Death by Musket buff on player upon equipping
+45% Bonus Critical Damage
+25% Pistol Carbine Skill Damage
+20% Buster Shot Skill Damage

I’m a big fan of Muskets over Bowguns, but I don’t know if that would be that advisable. In both cases we end up stacking modifiers(musket with assassin bottoms and bowgun with the echon set effect), and even though the bowgun has 22% All Attack, it has lower patk and a lower Additional Damage modifier, while the Musket’s main modifier is at 45%, and the bonuses it confers to buster shot and pistol carbine are very good, buster shot in special since that’s one of our best skills.

So… what do? I’m obviously biased towards Musket, but a part of me is afraid of making a huge mistake.

Edit: Well shit. I got a Strong Rayon Mane Shoulder today. Guess I’ll be forced to go Bowgun+Magic instead.


Do we get more swap options when origin comes out? Someone told me to use tainted gear with overcharge option and Venelgenu musket.