Male Ranger General


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Pros and Cons:

  • Relatively simple class to play.
  • Built in Hitstun due to fast attacks keeps monsters semi-held.
  • Can proc equipment effects easily because of high number of hits per attack.
  • Our DBR buff is one of the few things that increase the damage of proc effects in the game.
  • Only need to hit 79% crit in town due to our 1st Awakening Passive.
  • Has a slower start than most classes.
  • Gear curve is higher than most classes.
  • No utility.
  • Lengthy cooldowns.

Frequently asked questions:

Are Rangers hard to play?

The class itself isn’t very difficult to play at all, but it also isn’t just a character where you can press a single button and clear the whole room. The hardest part of this class is keeping your Stylish buff going and making sure your character is actually in a position where it can hit things. The stylish buff gets a massive duration increase in the future, so that gets a whole lot easier to maintain later on. Something that could make this class harder for you to play is the lv85 Epic revolver “Lord of Ranger”, which requires you to not use hotkeys and instead use manual commands for your skills if you wish to get the effect of the weapon.

I heard Rangers require a super high reinforced weapon to play, is this true?

No, this hasn’t been the case for a long time. It used to be the case that for a Ranger to do any damage he needed to have a bare minimum of a +12 reinforced gun, but that was years ago. In the current stage of DFO, Rangers can do decent enough damage with a +10. Anything beyond that is for hyper-late game when you can afford the luxury.

I heard Rangers suck without Epic equipment, is this true?

Yes and no. Rangers do need some level of Epic equipment to handle the late game dungeons, but that is true for 80% of classes in the game. The bare minimum you need for a Ranger to work is a decent +10 weapon, a Gracia set, and decent Epics to fill out your off-slots. You will likely be doing less damage than most classes at this basic level though. The number of off-slots you have while wearing a full Gracia is 4, so you would need to get 4 halfway decent Epics to fill them all which isn’t too big of a feat to do. There are also a few great items you can put in these slots which you can buy straight from the auction hall, these will be listed below. A guide to farming the Gracia set can also be found below.

I just hit level 90 on my Ranger, what should I do now?

Congrats! You should begin doing Otherverse 5 times a day to try and acquire 6 pieces of the “Standard Procedure” chronicle set and Tainted Ranger items for your buff swap set.

After getting the 6pc Standard Procedure set, begin farming “City of Noire Ferra” daily to obtain 6 pieces of the Gracia set. You should also do the “Ghost Train” daily to obtain a pair of Sea Gods Pants. Store up the Appeasing Stones you obtain from the daily to get a Requiem Revolver and eventually upgrade it to a Liberation Revolver.

After you get all 6pc of the Gracia set you would start doing two things:

Start farming the Echon dungeons to obtain an Echon set.
Start doing Anton Normals with a party until you learn all the gimmicks of the Anton dungeons.

Once you feel confident in your knowledge of Anton, begin searching for pub parties to do Anton Raids with. Welcome to endgame!

What should my skill build look like?

While leveling I suggest just trying skills out, you can reset them for free at any time. At lv90 a general skeleton build is to have Death By Revolver, Silver Bullet, Headshot, all your passives, and all your cube abilities maxed. Leave your kicking skills, Triple Tap, and Deadly Approach at level 1 only. You won’t have enough SP to max both Multi-Headshot and Moving shot, so pick the one you like the best.

It is recommended to have BBQ at level 10 and take one point in the TP so you can grab big bosses with it.

For TPs you always take Wildshot, Deathhawk, and BBQ. Max the TP whichever skill you chose between Multi-Headshot and Moving Shot. If you like to use both skills you can take both of the TPs. I personally take Multi-Headshot and then dump the rest of the TP into Silver Bullet and Basic Training.

What stats do I take on my avatars?

Top: Death By Revolver or Enhanced Revolver/Seventh Flow if you already have +10 DBR and want to min-max.

Bottom: Health

Hat/Hair: Spirit/Cast Speed. Cast speed makes your DBR go off slightly faster and Spirit gives a little bit of mana regen. Its preference which one you go for.

Torso/Face: Attack Speed.

Waist: Evasion/Inventory Weight. Inv weight means you can carry more gear and Evasion provides a very small chance to avoid a hit. Its preference which you go for.

Shoes: Strength.

Useful Links:

DFO World Wiki page for Male Ranger:

Gracia Gearing Guide:

Search “dnf 레이븐” on Youtube to find videos of Rangers on KDnF:레이븐

Buff Swap Items:

Try to reach +10 total on your DBR for a grand total of level 20 DBR.


Biting Gin Stinger - lv65 Epic Revolver that gives +3 to DBR. Obtainable from Anton Raid or purchased through Grandis.

GAU-8 Mini Gun - Legendary Auto Gun that grants +3 DBR, obtainable through the Auction Hall or dropped by either Grieving Buffon in Sanctuary of Dispersion or Luke in Solium Machina.

Seeing Nightmare Otack - Legendary Revolver that gives +2 to DBR. Obtainable from the “Resphon Village of Pain” Ancient Dungeon as a very rare drop or from the Auction Hall.

Modified Barrel Webley Mark - lv80 Epic Revolver that gives +2 to DBR. Obtainable from Anton Raid or being pulled ToD pot.

Gold Anaconda 33mm - lv70 Epic Revolver that gives +2 to DBR. Obtainable from Anton Raid or purchased through Grandis.

Luger Black Hawk - Pink Revolver that gives +1 to DBR. Obtainable from Auction Hall.

Halidom Revolver - Purple/Pink Revolver that gives +1 to DBR. Obtainable by crafting it yourself or from the Auction Hall.


Tainted Dimensional Pieces - Gives 2% damage bonus to DBR per piece, fill out empty slots with these. Obtainable from Otherverse.

6pc Standard Procedure - Gives 10% total damage to DBR as a set effect, it takes 6 slots for 10% when you could get 12% from using 6 Tainted pieces in those same slots. This is only better than using Tainted pieces if your DBR is below level 15. Obtainable from Otherverse.

Magic Cataclysm - lv85 Epic plate shoulder that gives +2 to DBR. Obtainable from Hell Mode.

War God - Legendary top that gives +2 to DBR. Obtainable from Chobung after doing an insane amount of PvP.

Metal Line Top - lv90 Epic plate top that gives +1 to DBR. Obtainable from Hell Mode.

Metal Line Pants - lv90 Epic plate pants that give +1 to DBR. Obtainable from Hell Mode.

Greenhorn Bruiser - Legendary top that gives +1 to DBR. Obtainable from Chobung after doing your PvP placement matches.

Sea God Pants - Legendary pants that give +1 to DBR. Obtainable from Captain Luther using Ghost Train quest legendary materials.

Bleak Wind Suede Greaves - Legendary pants that grant +1 DBR, obtainable from the Auction Hall and Anton Raid. Sea god pants that aren’t free.

High-Tech Gunslinger Ring - +1 DBR, obtained by completing the feat quest “Melvin’s Shame”.

Sub Equipment

Time Travelers Silver Watch - lv85 Epic sub equipment that gives +1 to DBR. Obtainable from Hell Mode or Anton Raid.

Kings Book of Secrets: Desperado - Pink sub equipment that gives +1 to DBR. Obtainable from the Auction Hall.

Quartz Spirit - Pink sub equipment that gives +1 to DBR. Obtainable from Joah Ferrero using Iridescent Metastatic Crystals.

Good Items for Ranger that can be purchased on the Auction Hall:


De Los Glory - Gives +10% str and this effect goes away instantly if you unequip it.

Forgotten Fellos Glory - More expensive version of De Los Glory, gives +10% str but this effect lasts the entire duration even if the item was unequipped.

Sub Equipment

Doomed Bullet - Gives good physical attack.

Captain Trooper’s Attack Maximizer - More expensive version of Doomed bullet, gives a bit more physical attack.

Magic Stone

Alicia’s/Sheyd’s/Selist’s/Ratria’s Tear - Gives +30 of an element. Choose the one for the element you decide to use.

Bright/Dark/Hot/Cold Energy Magic Stone - More expensive version of the Tears, gives more elemental attack.

Upcoming Ranger Changes:

August 17th KDnF Balance Patch

Credit to @Jay for these translations, taken from his thread located here:
Character Synergy and Balance Update (August 17th)

Silver Bullet (Common)

  • Maximum Level has been changed to 20.
New Skill: Strength Revolver (Level 15 Passive)
  • Combines Pan Revolver and Load Revolver to strength Revolver-affiliated Skills.
Pan Revolver
  • Skill has been removed.
Load Revolver
  • Skill has been removed.
Triple Clutch
  • Skill has been removed.
  • Allows Skills to be cancelled into another Skills.
  • Skill Acquirement Level has been decreased from 25 to 20.

[DNF] 레이븐 스타일리쉬 패치 후 스킬 연계

Steep Slide

  • Master Level has been decreased to 1.
  • Lifting Strength has been fixed.
  • Damage has been increased by 8%.
Mach Kick
  • Damage has been increased by 15%.
  • Damage has been increased by 53%.
Air Raid
  • Damage has been increased by 11%.
  • Windmill related effect has been moved to Stylish.
Triple Tap
  • Damage has been increased by 28%.
Moving Shot
  • Damage has been increased by 16%.
Wild Shot
  • Damage has been increased by 16%.
  • Lifting Strength and Pushing Strength (out of range) has been decreased.
Multi Headshot
  • Damage has been increased by 24%.
Death Hawk
  • Damage has been increased by 16%.
Sudden Death
  • Buff and Mark Duration has been increased from 10 to 60 seconds.
  • Skill Damage Bonus per Level has been decreased from 2% to 1.5%.
Scud Genocide
  • Damage has been increased by 20%.
  • Cooltime has been increased from 137 to 145 seconds.
Deadly Approach
  • Damage has been increased by 28%.
Suppressive Barrage
  • Damage has been increased by 20%.
Enhanced Revolver
  • Skill has been removed and has been combined with Marksmanship.
  • Skill Acquirement Level has been decreased to 75.
  • Shooting Skill Damage has been changed to affect all Skills post-Subclass. (34% at Master Level).
Fast Draw
  • Damage has been increased by 20%.
New Skill: Wipe Out (Level 80 Active)
  • Shoot a bullet and deflect it between the rocks to harm enemies.

[DNF] 레이븐 신스킬 - 와이프 아웃

Seventh Flow

  • Damage has been increased by 29%.

I’m Tate and I’ve been playing the game for many many years, I was playing back in level 50 cap when Nexon still ran the game and I’ve been playing the version run by Neople since alpha stage. The only class I actively played that whole time was Male Ranger.


I’d honestly suggest also considering Enhanced Revolver on top. +1 Seventh is certainly nothing to sneeze at, but barring resets, it doesn’t really contribute anything while 2a is on cooldown. Enhanced, on the other hand, directly affects every damage skill and so provides a more consistent source of extra damage. (If memory serves, I remember people also throwing out Marksmanship as an option for top as well.)

Though if you’re already min-maxing, may as well just get both so you have both the consistent boost as well as the swap for ridiculous 2a damage.


My reasoning was while Enhanced Revolver does give a small boost for general DPS, the +1 level for Flow makes it do millions more damage which adds considerably to your burst.

But yes ill definitely add the option for Enhanced.


I don’t know how comprehensive you intend to make the post, but maybe add the following items to buff swap?

  • GAU-8 Mini Gun: legendary auto gun that grants +3 DBR, obtainable through the Auction Hall (or dropped by either Grieving Buffon in Sanctuary of Dispersion or Luke in Solium Machina). The only +3 weap buyable with gold, but can be a bit hard to find…
  • Bleak Wind Suede Greaves: Legendary leather pants that grant +1 DBR, obtainable from the Auction Hall and Anton Raid (or dropped by Abyssal Medel in both Normal and Heroic Black Volcano). Essentially the same as using Sea God’s but for those who don’t want to run Ghost Train.
  • High-Tech Gunslinger Ring: +1 DBR, obtained by completing the feat quest “Melvin’s Shame”
  • Titles/Creatures: Sweet Dreamer/TAO both come to mind as well as any creature hitting lv 30 skills. The Petit Raven pet also works as it outright grants +1 DBR. (Both title and creature are needed if you intend to run as many tainted pieces as possible while maintaining lv 20.)
  • Platinum Emblems: Only really applicable if you have rare avatars/unique motion aura, but up to +3 total possible from top/bottom/aura. Obtainable through the Auction Hall or compound/sundering

Also, thoughts on the legendary Merlin bead? I’m considering using it for buff swapping as it allows me to throw in another taint but have been on the fence about it otherwise.


Added the gun, pants, and ring. Thanks for reminding me about those.

I’m not going to include titles/avatars since thats basic for every class. Plus if I had to update the list every time a new pet/title came out it would get annoying.

Yeah the Merlin bead is great. +1 DBR on a tainted belt is really nice. It also allows us to min-max super hard.

+1 Belt
+4 Avatars
+3 Title
+2 Magic Cata Shoulder

You get +10 DBR without using a gun, which means you can use tainted revolver which gives a higher % to DBR damage than a tainted armor/acc/special piece. M I N M A X.


Alright, last thing I can think of that might be worth noting is taking lv 10 BBQ + TP as part of skill build. Having it available as a 2nd grab is immensely helpful at endgame considering our utter lack of utility. And it’s good for juggle strats. (Keeping Taiorik and Kres from being able to do anything during solo Anton norms immediately comes to mind heh…)

And I was trying to so hard to avoid aura swap due to having Unique Motion in the skin slot. I want that buffswap system even more badly now lol.


Should I start doing Otherverse the moment I hit level 86 or is it better to start at level 90. Or is this dependent on how good the Revolver I have is. Currently I have a Level 85 Halidom Revolver (It’s Not Reinforced and I have No Funds to try)


you can start with getting a halidom set if you’re uncomfortable with your damage. but you don’t need OV to do level 1 noire ferra, and no OV set (except for DBR chrons which you don’t need yet) is better than Gracia


I see okay I’ll focus my time on getting a halidom set, then hopefully I’ll be able to get some funds to reinforce my Revolver to be a +10.


I think it would be much easier to get 6pc standard proc chron set, especially right now because of the free pieces you can get from the event. Plus since OV is only 5 runs a day you can use the rest of your FP to get to 90 and then farm grandine for money.

Don’t bother spending cash to +10 a shitty halidom, it will take a week to farm a Requiem revolver which is what you will use until you get an Epic.

And yes you can do it from 86, I just put 90 there because most new players rush to 90 before looking for “end game” stuff to do.


Yeah, unfortunately I have already given the free chronicle pieces to my second main, my Skirmisher. So i have to do this the hard way.


I mean, its not really hard.

I seriously wouldn’t recommend farming for halidoms, you can do OV very easily since its change. Since rangers only need 6pc instead of 9pc its even easier to finish it. I doubt it will take more than a week or two.


I believe you. I think my only issue my Male ranger is having is the fact that my weapon isn’t well reinforced I was struggling against Ozma on Difficulty Level 2 chipping his Health I feel it should be doing more damage than that especially since I have a Clone Avatar on him


Thats just Ozma.

He takes reduced damage up until you hit him enough times, which comes back after a certain amount of time passes or when hes grabbed.

Also your weapon not being reinforced isn’t the issue. Trust me, that meme is long dead.

If you still have issues, just party.


Alright I’ll take your word for it hopefully this time I’ll have better luck if not I’ll ask for a carry


Post reinforcement update, what was the damage difference for everyone? Anyone got ferman charts available? Just want to compare damage with other rangers.


Do standard procedure and dbr tainted ov pieces work in the new buff enhancement window? The window doesn’t give any feedback when I put them in =\


I never heard any outrage about them removing it so I’m 95% sure it still works.


Just messed around in the training room for a while and it definitely does =)


Sunset Rider’s so much fun to use