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Skill Build

Leftover SP, Pick 2 from:

  • EX-S Viper
  • Air Combat Mech: Tempester
  • EZ-8 Timebomb
  • EZ-10 Timebomb
  • TX-80 Dimension Runner
  • RX-60 Trap Runner

Some are dropping Trap Runner in favor of Dimension Runner. After doing some damage tests on Ferman, I still pefer trap runner because of the lower cooldown. However, the higher burst from Dimension Runner is worth mentioning

10 BBQ + TP is very useful for solo content when you’re without a holder. General boss solo strategy involves BBQ and pressing both vipers for juggle to avoid doing boss patterns

Ancient Memory is very useful for solo content.

Sparrow does more damage over a longer period of time without Solar Module. If Solar Module doesn’t help your burst rotation to kill a boss, it’s best to leave it off

Robotics Swap Gear

Nothing too out of the ordinary here except Fury and a +4 leg weapon

Technically, a belt enchant we got from an event works too, however those are going to be increasingly more rare in the future. Therefore, I’ve omitted it from this list. Our tainted pieces are pretty garbage, only offering %int.

Prioritize (now): Kurgiv > +10 Levels > tainted
Machinist’s Fury (+4 Robotics)
Hyper Mecha Tau Driving Part (+4 Robotics)
Other (+3 Robotics):
Deluxe Gunshot (Pink)
Gau-8 Mini Gun (Legendary)
Neo-Automatic Gun (Epic)
Roll Conflict Gun (Epic)

Legacy/Halidom: Wool Coat of Lat (+1 Robotics)
Legacy/Halidom: Silky Robe of Kers (+1 Robotics)
Supercontinent Top (+2 Robotics. Requires Luke Raid. Epic)

Sea God’s Cursed Silk Trousers (+1 Robotics. Quest Legendary)
Bleak Wind Suede Greaves (+1 Robotics. Buyable Legendary)
Glassy Orb Silk Pants (+1 Robotics. Epic)
Big Sacrum Gaiters (+1 Robotics. Epic)

High Tech Gunslinger Ring

The King’s Book of Secrets - Machinist (+1 Robotics. Pink)
Navarre’s Insignia (+1 Robotics. Epic)
Time Traveler’s Silver Watch (+1 Robotics. Epic)

Mechanic Skills in Depth
RX-78 Landrunner

     Active Skill
     Damage at level 46:
          Explosion: 3601% (prev:4006)
     Gain per level: ~66%
     TP Gain: 10%/level
     Cooldown: 2.5s
     Duration: 7s
     Detonate: Mandatory
     Suggested Level: Max + TP

     Bread and butter button for the Mechanic. On its own, it doesn’t seem very strong, but the low cooldown and large AoE are huge. It’s further improved with Secret Land Runner which straight up doubles the production of Landrunners per cast. This is your go-to for room clears and is a reason for the sustained damage on mech being so high. As with every robot you want to detonate, you want to make sure you do get in the detonate bonus so the robots hit their target faster and harder. Small side note is the robots last only 7 seconds at a time before they self-detonate, so mindful of where they might wander to. Must Max.

Post Origin: Took a meaty nerf (down 10%), still bread and butter.


     Active Skill
     Damage at Level 5: 140%
     Gain per level: 2
     TP Gain: -
     Cooldown: 1s
     Detonate: -
     Suggested Level: Max(5)

     What makes the class playable. Lets you not have to wait for robots to walk to their target or hit the countdown on their fuse. Being able to target where the robots should hit and giving them a buff whenever they are detonate is crucial for making sure you’re doing damage on the class. Be warned, there are cases where robots will ignore your detonate, not go the full length of the detonate, or go completely off path of your detonate. This is a bug that we hope one day might get looked at. Nonetheless, this is a must max.


     Buff Skill
     Buff at master level:
          Robot HP: 158%
          Robot Movement Speed: 50%
          STR: 530
          INT: 530
          Skill Atk: 20%

     Gain per level:
          Robot HP: ~7.5%
          Robot Movement Speed: 2%
          TR: ~21
          INT: ~21
          Skill Atk: 1%
     Cooldown: 5s
     Suggested Level: Max(20)

     As with every class buff, it’s absolutely crucial to have this at all times. The raw Int/Skill Atk bonus alone makes it mandatory. Buff swaps are mentioned in a different header, but in total they nearly triplicate the raw Int/STR buff. Kurgiv not shown in images comparisons below due to proc chance not showing on tooltip

     Here’s why Fury was nerfed
With Machinist's Fury

Without Machinist's Fury

EZ-8 Time Bomb

     Active Skill
     Damage at Level 41: 7646% (Prev:7920)
          Additional Duration: 18.4s
     Gain per level: ~169%
          Additional Duration: 0.4s
     TP Gain: 10%/level
          Additional Duration: 10%/level
     Cooldown: 8s
     Duration: 8s
     Detonate: Mandatory
     Suggested Level: Preference

     This is effectively weaker landrunner after accounting for SLR as doubling output on a longer cooldown. It acts as another robot you can throw on the ground with Detonate for clearing rooms, but not much else. The really key thing here is you can set the fuse for these robots to be longer, so you can have more of them on the map at a time. This ends up being useful for killing some bosses without spending a cube by letting you just stack up Landrunner/Timebomb with hold and go and preparing for a powerful detonate. In a race, it will lose to Tempester and Viper, but those have issues of their own.

Post Origin: Minor nerf, still mostly identical to before.

Secret Land Runner

     Passive Skill
     At master level:
          Counter-Attack Installation Rate: 20%
          Additional Installation rate: 100%

     Gain per level:
          Counter-Attack: 1%
          Additional Installation rate: 5%
     Suggested Level: Max(10)

     This is a game changer and what separates Male Mechanic landrunners from every other class, including their female counterpart. The skill effectively reads double your landrunner damage. Must Max

EX-S Viper

     Active Skill
     Damage at level 36:
          Bullet: 456% (Prev:514%)
          Explosion: 2606% (Prev:2937%)
     Gain per level:
          Bullet: ~10.1%
          Explosion: 58%

     TP Gain: 10%/level
          Duration: +0.5s
     Cooldown: 8s
     Duration: 6s
     Detonate: Impossible
     Suggested Level: Preference

     Very powerful. It might not look like much, but the bullet % is deceiving. Because the fire rate is so fast, each bullet doing any amount more damage very much changes the output of this. The explosion at the end is a nice cherry on top if you set it up close enough. It’s a risky thing, though, because Viper can be hitstunned and made unable to fire, so set up closely with caution. This skill provides a MASSIVE dps output provided you can keep things in its line of fire. The main concern with whether or not to skill this is whether you’re participating in content that will punish you for using too much Multi-Hit skills or otherwise has a short damage window; Viper excels over time. It’s the reason Ferman times are very deceiving. If that is of no consequence to you, max this. Finally, this has the advantage of letting you maintain a juggle. Since this class is starved on holds, a lot of endgame bosses end up getting BBQ’d -> Viper Juggled, so you’re going to need at least one point of it.

Post-Origin: Took about a 10% nerf. As it is, it was a borderline preference on whether to max it. The biggest thing going for it is how much damage it does per cycle. Again, just as before, though, that requires you to be hitting all of the shots which can be difficult without a dedicated holder


     Passive Skill
     At master level:
          G-1 Corona, Solar Module System, Gaebolg Punch, TX-80 Dimension Runner, and Ex-S Viper Zero deal fire damage
     Suggested Level: Max(1)

     Really nice quality of life thing that enables your skills to benefit from your class restriction of only doing fire damage. It costs 0 SP and unless they come out with content where enemies can’t be hit by the same element multiple times in a row, there’s no reason not to max it.


     Buff Skill
     Buff at master level:
          Range: 250px
          Duration: 30s
          Evasion Rate: +21%
          Physical Damage: -14%
          Magic Damage: -19%
          Physical Def: +2493
          Magical Def: 3750
     Gain per level:
          Duration: +2s
          Evasion: +1%
          Physical Damage: -1%
          Magic Damage: -1%
          Physical Def: +140 (gain is higher at high level. Average per level is 141)
          Magical Def: +250
     Cooldown: 60s
     Suggested Level: 1

     Don’t let the stats deceive you, while they’re unimpressive, this skill has a lot of utility. With the way mobs aggro, they require something to target. If your entire party is Camoflauged and there are no lingering entities (Tempester), they will not target anything. This gives you an opportunity to move into a position to potentially skip an introductory gimmick. Unfortunately, it also can delay the introduction of a boss beacuse they require a targettable entitiy to spawn/transform. The utility alone makes it worth having at least a point into.

RX-60 Trap Runner

     Active Skill
     Damage at Level 33: 15079% (prev:16699%)
     Gain per level: 360.25% (prev:398%)
     TP Gain: 10%/level
          Trap Range: +5%/level
     Cooldown: 12s
     Duration: 7s
     Detonate: Mandatory, Can be delayed
     Suggested Level: Max + TP

     Remember how earlier we were talking about how Timebomb was underwhelming? And how we need to make sure things are in Viper’s line of fire for Viper to really excel? Guess what, this is both Timebomb’s older brother and the utility we needed for Viper. This skill is actually stupidly strong to detonate. It has utility for even maps like Durable Leg where you can reposition downed zombies. Mandatory must max. Literally 4.25 landrunners on one button that also has utility hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng. A feature of the skill that isn’t necessarily useful all the time is that it will not respond to detonate immediately if you hold down the button in the same way you lengthen the fuse for Timebomb. The only real application for that is holding things in place for Viper/Hell March without accidentally detonating it, though.

Post Origin: Depite the 10% nerf, good ol’ trap runner still does a ton of damage for the cooldown. Again, he’s a bit more than 4 Land Runners, and he has the added utility of pulling things into viper or making your longer-range detonates more reliable for things like A-Team and Mech Drop at a distance.

Hold & Go

     Active Skill (Though, behaves like buff)
     Suggested Level: Max

     Ignore the tooltip on this thing. The behavior is kind of misleading with the small nuances. Effectively, it puts most robots in stasis so they will not explode without you pressing detonate. This is important to remember because skills like Viper and Sparrow Factory will lose their extra self-explosion damage. Robots will still obey their Duration periods, but they will just poof out of existence instead of applying their damage. This ends up causing problems if you forget to turn it off, but it’s also very useful for things like mech drop so you get to press detonate on all of the robots or so you can save up landrunners for a boss that’s temporarily invulnerable. Very important skill to get familiar with so you know when to turn it on/off to not lose out on too much damage.

Arc Reactor

     Passive Skill
     At Master Level:
          Skill Attack +25
          Gaebolg & Hell March Attack +50%
          Magical Critical Chance +10%
     Gain per level:
          Skill Attack: +2%
          Gaebolg & Hell March Attack +2%
          Magical Critical Chance -
     Suggested Level: Max

     When Neople runs out of ideas to make classes stronger, they give them +Skill Atk somewhere. Can’t say no to dealing more damage on every button at the cost of some SP.

Post Origin: This is even more important. The extra damage to Gaebolg and Hell March makes Sparrow’s nerf relatively less relevant. The free crit is also nice.

Air Combat Mech: Tempester

     Active Skill
     Damage at Level 31:
          Machine Gun: 1059%
          Missile: 4450%
          Explosion: 11537%
     Gain per level:
          Machine Gun: ~25%
          Missile: ~104%
          Exposion: ~221%
     TP Gain: 10%/level
     Cooldown: 30s
     Duration: 60s
     Detonate: Toggleable
     Suggested Level: Preference

     An old friend. He’s your loyal protector while you’re leveling up, dealing solid damage. As you might’ve noticed while you were leveling, though, he’s a bit dizy. His missiles are nearly landrunners and he fires two of them! He’s like a free passive Secret Landrunner. He also shoots enough times with machine gun to shit out more landrunner damage. On paper, he’s great. In practice, he shoots things that you just blew up so a lot of his output is wasted. He also likes to not obey detonation orders which was more of an issue before hold and go, but now it’s still an inconvenience. Overall, he’s a solid standalone robot that passively provides you a few extra landrunners, but his AI needs to be retuned or he needs to have options to dictate his behavior.

Post Origin: People were looking for ways to get more damage out since there was a large panic about Trap Runner‚Äôs nerf. Tempester is in more or less the same position. His nerf comes from the cooldown added to missle and machine gun. He‚Äôs frustrating, still, in cases where he completely misses or targets what you don‚Äôt want him to hit, but he‚Äôs still going to output quite a bit of ‚Äúfree‚ÄĚ damage.

Mech Drop

     Active Skill
     Damage at Level 28:
          Landrunner: 3422% (Prev:2784%)
          Red Buster: 4889% (Prev:3966%)
          Steel Smasher: 2702%
          Special Land Runners: 5
          Land Runners: 20
     Gain per level:
          Landrunner: 93%
          Red Buster: 133%
          Steel Smasher: 73
     TP Gain:
          Non-Red Buster Count: -25%/level
          Red Buster Count: +25%/level
          Special Landrunner Summon: 3/level
     Cooldown: 40s
     Duration: 7s after live
     Detonate: Mandatory
     Suggested Level: Max + TP

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†This skill actually reads ‚ÄúSpit out 20 land runners.‚ÄĚ Every skill is just how many landrunners are you. Now, these landrunners are weaker, but they contribute to a meaty burst that, as of the time of writing, allows us to do the ‚ÄúDowned Kill‚ÄĚ on Mateka. It contributes a ton of damage in a burst and is consistently among your top damage with the TP. The TP is mandatory with this skill as it‚Äôs what enables you to actually have all those things to detonate in the first place. Without the TP, there‚Äôs unique landrunners that can spawn. Mana Relaxer will give you MP back. Healing Radar will give you some HP back, and Steel Smasher has as high chance to stun targets it falls onto. Unfortunately, those don‚Äôt read ‚Äúdo big damage‚ÄĚ so they‚Äôre all dead to us. RIP Steel Smasher, we‚Äôll miss your giant, goofy nose and marginal, RNG-based utility

Post Origin: Not that it matters, you were going to max this anyway, but this does way more damage now! There’s a much bigger gap between this and A-Team now.

Sparrow Factory

     Active Skill
     At Level 26:
          Factory HP: 449380
          Bullet Magical Attack: 734% (Prev:630%)
          Factory Explosion Attack: 5096 (Prev:5016%)
          Sparrow Explosion Attack: 4247% (Prev:4060%)
          Max Sparrows: 6
          Attack Interval: 0.7s
          Shots per Attack: 2
     Gain per level:
          Factory HP: ~14375
          Bullet Magical Attack: 21% (Prev:18%)
          Factory Explosion Attack: 146% (Prev:~144%)
          Sparrow Explosion Attack: 122% (Prev:~117%)
     TP Gain:
     Cooldown: 45s
     Duration: 15s
     Detonate: Toggleable
     Suggested Level: Max + TP

     The hard upgrade to Viper. One button, many attacks, very high damage output. All the shots contribute to a high hitstun on downed enemies too, which acts as a psuedo-hold on a utility starved class. The explosion at the end is nothing to take lightly either. You get optimal damage out of this by detonating sparrows, however, they do take a bit of time to spawn in. Again, if you’re doing content where you don’t mind the high multi-hit count or otherwise have a large damage window, this skill will really excel. There’s a passive for Solar Module which turns its damage out into 20*Factory Explosion, and, while that benefits your burst in a short window, it does do less damage overall. That being said, there’s no reason to not have this skill maxed, the only real consideration is whether or not you have Solar Module active.

Post Origin:
Like Mech Drop, this got a buff. Not that you weren’t going to max it anyway. Fundamentally, the core changes for mech were to put more damage on cubes and less on low cooldown skills because DPL meta relies on sustained damage over time. If your class was great at damage over time, you were gonna get a nerf.

Solar Module

     Passive Skill
     At Master Level:
          2000% of Sparrow Explosion Attack
     Suggested Level: Preference, Situational

     Again, it’s a nerf to sparrow in the long run, but the meaty burst lets you go for the instant take-down of some bosses, but if your gear doesn’t allow for that and you just need extra damage from somewhere, it’s best to leave this off.

Last Fighting Will

     Passive Skill
     At Level 16:
          Range: 620 px
          Skill Atk: +25%
          Duration: 35s
     Gain per level:
          At Master Level:
          Range: 20 px
          Skill Atk: ~1.5%
          Duration: 1s
     Suggested Level: Max

     Like Arc Reactor, it’s hard to say no to free damage. Ignore the range on it, because it’s actually full-screen. While it’s an obvious must max, please keep in mind that the robot can expire, so your damage can fluxuate if you forget to crit on a mob before blowing a cube. One day, the neople overlords will see that this is a problem and passively give us the Skill Atk and just make the robot cosmetic.

Gaebolg Punch

     Active Skill
     At Level 10:
          ATK 141208% (Prev:105791%)
          Hit Count: 1
          Int Bonus: 272 (Note: No longer gives STR)
          Buff Duration: 14s
     Gain per level:
          Atk: ~6200%
          Hit Count: at level 9, set to 1
          Str/Int Bonus: 3
          Buff Duration 1s
     Cooldown: 140s
     Duration: 3s
     Mandatory Maximum Level

     You don’t have a choice in taking this skill. Fortunately, it’s got a meaty hit to it and it does a very small buff to robots that are already out. Press it just before you tap detonate for some meaty damage with a damage difference you might notice with an industrial grade microscope

Post Origin:
This is no longer playing second fiddle to Sparrow Factory! Aside from the buff and with the Arc Reactor changes, Gaebolg is consistently at the top of the charts.

EZ-10 Time Bomb

     Active Skill
     At Level 18:
          ATK 15001%
          Explosion Magnitude: 320%
          Fuse: +8.8s
          Landrunners: 8
     Gain per level:
          ATK ~689%
          Explosion Magnitude: 10%
          Fuse: +0.4s
     Duration: 3s
     Suggested level: Preference

     Remember how we were upset with Timebomb? This is Super Timebomb. The AOE is massive and the damage is pretty decent. Trap Runner is pretty overtuned, but it’s as similar damage output from the main explosion, with some weaker landrunners after. In total, this ends up being something like 7 landrunners worth of damage. It’s particularly great in wide rooms again, because that AoE is so wide. Notably, it can clear entire rooms in Anton Raid’s Energy, and even Room 2 of Time Square. The fuse is pretty short on this one, so you’re going to want to cast it late, however, there’s a bit of a delay on it before it can be detonated, so you’ll have to keep that in mind. Overall, this bot is pretty solid to add to a burst rotation.

Ex-S Viper Zero

     Active Skill
     Damage at level 13:
          Bullet: 494%
          Explosion: 3945%
          Laser: 2690%
     Gain per level:
          Bullet: ~29%
          Laser: ~265%
          Explosion: 130%
     Cooldown: 50s
     Duration: 6s
     Detonate: Impossible
     Suggested Level: 1

     An more underwhelming regular Viper. Costs more SP per level, does similar damage, has all the same problems, doesn’t have TP to buff it. Really only used as a one-of to maintain viper juggles (press both vipers for more hitstun to keep things in the air). That’s ok, every class needs a skill they don’t put too many points into and Neople made that decision easy for us.

HS-1 Friends

     Passive Skill
     At level 7:
          Casting Speed: +25%
          Cooldown: -15%
          Skill Atk: +32%
          Explosion Range: +48%
     Gain per level:
          Casting Speed: +1.5%
          Cooldown: +1.5%
          Skill Atk: +2%
          Explosion Range: +3%
     Suggested Level: Max

     A stricly better Arc Reactor, and the hallmark of Primes. Gameplay fundamentally changes by letting you cast robots without requiring the user to be committed to the animation. This lets you do cool things like BBQ -> Viper, Viper Zero so you can juggle. This speeds up your rotations too by letting you just spit out roobots on demand while pressing other buttons.

TX-80 Dimension Runner

     Active Skill
     Damage at level 11:
          Electric Field: 2649% (Prev:2028%)
          Firing: 1964% (Prev:1520%)
          Self-Destruct: 26495% (Prev:20275%)
     Gain per level:
          Electric Field: 133% (Prev:~102%)
          Firing: 99% (Prev:~76%)
          Self-Destruct: 1335 (Prev:~1272%)
     Cooldown: 40s
     Duration: ?s
     Detonate: Toggle
     Suggested Level: 1

     Tempester without wings. His electric field is an armor break vaccuum which works out nice for utility. The explosion is pretty decent, starting off at two landrunners. The electric Field hits 10 so it starts off at another two and a half landrunners, putting this at about 5 landrunners worth of damage with some utility. Like Tempester, it does have all the pitfalls of targetting things that are dying/dead. It also can be held and made worthless. Overall, if it had a lower cooldown, it’d be a bit more viable, but ultimately makes it not worth putting more than 1 point into, if only just for the field.

     Since Origin, he’s gotten a slight buff in damage. He’s now comparable to an upgraded Tempester. He detonates for a meaty amount too. Much more usable now. Preferential max

TX-45 A-Team

     Active Skill
     Damage at level 8:
          H1: 14456% (Prev:14958%)
          G1/D1: 9637% (Prev:9972%)
          S1: 7228% (Prev:7479)
     Gain per level:
          H1: 857% (Prev:~887%)
          G1/D1: 571% (Prev:~591%)
          S1: 429% (Prev:~443%)
     Cooldown: 45s
     Duration: 8s
     Detonate: Mandatory
     Suggested Level: Max

     Hnng. 12 Landrunners. Really meaty burst, comparable to Mech Drop with fewer hits. Very strong, always max.

Post Origin:
Oh no, our third strongest non-awakening took a bit of a nerf. By comparison to Mech Drop, it feels much weaker. However, there are no other real alternatives to how much this puts out in one button, so he’s a required max still. (13 landrunners)

Hell March

     Active Skill
     Damage at level 3:
          March: 159% (Prev:156%)
          Explosion: 7277% (Prev:6718%)
     Gain per level:
          March: 25%
          Explosion: 1153 (Prev: 1065%)


     So, there’s 6 rows of 6 Robots, and 1 robot on a row by itsel for a total of 37 possible detonates. The range on them is pretty solid so you should be able to get 4-5 rows really consistently, 6 if the target is wide enough. That puts it at 30 or so explosions, or 50 landrunners worth of damage. That’s no joke. Very high damage skill, though, it does take 7 seconds for it to start the animation. You can detonate this one early by pressing the button again and it’ll explode the robots that have already marched out. You’ll lose a chunk of damage, but gain a chunk of time. Try to get really good at centering a mob in this skill using Trap Runner to get full damage out of it.

Post Origin:
Took a gain in damage. Still takes forever until it does damage. For reference, you can mech drop, a-team, landrunner, ez10, viper, Gaebolg, and Detonate before this explodes, still.

YouTube Channel Delinquent (DFOG. Anton Raid Seller)


YouTube Channel Prime_DNF (Supercontinent. Anton Raid Seller, Luke Raid)


YouTube Channel ŽĚľžĚīŪäłŪäłžúąžä§ (Anton Raid, Luke Raid)


YouTube Channel Ž¨īŽāė (Supercontinent; Luke Raid)


YouTube Channel ŪĒĄŽ†ąžĚīž≤úÍ≥Ą (Gespenst in Smoke)



Isn’t Gau-8 Mini-gun a legendary? I’m intensely aware that it exists because it’s one of the two BiS options that Rangers have to buff DBR and this one doesn’t require epic souls and can be bought on AH.

Also, I have a MMech that I want to gear up to be able to do boats in pub raids. Right now I have Crazed Arsonist 9p. What should I be trying to go for? I was thinking Devil’s Toybox 6p + something and Terra Reconstruction?


It is. I’m really dumb and mislabeled it. I went ahead and corrected that.

You’ll really want to get at least 6pc Toybox and some mixed legendaries. If you already happen to have bulky, that’ll get you in the door. Else, you can fill slots as follows:

Shoulder: Flaming Veil Over-Mantle*
Top: Rubeo Lorica*/Heartrending/GothLoli
Bottom: Gunslinger’s Fashinable Jeans*/Brakium Greaves
Shoe: Flaming Veil Over-Shoes*/Absolute Field/Lapard Titania
Belt: Fire Execution Moros*/Clown’s Sorrow/Dark Rubium Coil/Quadro Cassiterum Coil

Necklace: Flame Offering Necklace*/Kurgiv Necklace**/Bulky Necklace
Ring: King’s Road Keeper: Sacred Fire/Gorgeous Burner*/Bulky Ring
Bracelet: Filir - Undying Fire*/GreatGlory Bracelet/Tau Joint/Bulky Bracelet
Sub-Equipment: Hyper Mecha Tau’s Machine Heart**, Hyper Mecha Tau Arithmetic Unit, Captain Trooper’s Attack Maximizer
Magic Stone: [Various +Fire/All Element Magic Stone], Lumen Khaligo,

* = good value route
Kurgiv is prob super expensive atm

Keep in mind this is just legendaries. If you have the gold, you can skip the ov grind and just build out a legendary set up.

As with every other class, try to touch every modifier (Smash/Elenore/Crit Smash) without getting any conflicts.

Mechanic has very few skills that proc things from Proc Gear (Nature Guardian set) so don’t bother too much with those.


9pc arsonist is fine for boats because rx-60 trap runner makes doing boats brain dead, pick up terra: reconstruction auto gun or liberation gun and you’re good to go. don’t bother with bulky and fire legendaries, it takes too long and costs too much money. Just farm kartel 6pc then farm 6pc echon.


If you’re trying to get really invested into Male Mechanic then I would follow VultureBike’s guide on all of those Legends. I’d say the most important thing to pick up out of that entire giant list would be Kurgiv’s Necklace due to the upcoming nerfs male mechanic is going to receive to his buff swaps.

If you’re unsure how invested you want to get with Male Mechanic then just follow Delinquent’s advice of just getting yourself a Liberation Auto Gun or Recon wep and eat sleep and breathe boats. Either way you’ll be doing some productive on your mech :slight_smile:

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Wouldn’t it be not as important after nerfs? Or wouldn’t the value go down once the nerfs actually come through? I’m confused as to why buy the necklace now. Because it gets changed from 25 pct chance of 30% int? to 100% chance of 15% int? which is a nerf, right?


It becomes more important because we lose Machinist’s Fury’s current option (gets changed to +4 levels and no % increase) and Kurgiv’s becomes 100% chance as opposed to the 25% chance it has right now, which also happens to be the reason why I don’t even bother using it atm.

Basically, it’ll become our only guaranteed percent increase to robotics because machinist’s fury gets a hard nerf, which increases the gold value of Kurgiv’s.


new leg time, featuring sparrow 1 shot and agnes quick kill