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So you want to be that dude in Dungeon Fighter Online with the big guns, lasers, and what nots that shouldn’t even fit in your pocket. Perfect, Male Launcher is the class that caught your eyes! This is a work in progress
LAST UPDATE: September 29th, 2018

The Good
  • Big AoE on skills, clear rooms with a press of a button!
  • Capable of DPS’ing or bursting (faster burst focus compared to female launchers)
  • Passive crit rate allows you to hit crit cap easier
  • Reliable hold with new Plasma Booster skill
  • Able to stack either light damage or fire damage
The Bad
  • Some getting used to recoil and delay on certain skills
  • Concentrated Fire, skill that allows you to burst quickly, takes practice to master. Also kind of buggy
  • Skills come out slowly without good amounts of attack speed
  • Very tunnel vision-ish, most of your damage requires you to be directly in front of your enemy at close to midrange
  • Mostly static/stationary, high reliance on knowing enemy patterns to quickly reposition

The Ugly
september 2017
september 2018 (I mained destroyer before, I swear!)

Journey to level 90
  • Relatively basic stuff, play the class however you feel at this point and just get the feel of it. Most important of all is to have fun!

  • At level 55, pay close attention that you receive a level 55 magic sealed top from the epic quest at that level (I believe you should be in Rotting Lot at this point). Keep it and transform it into a halidom piece through Karakas (moonlight tavern) with the scroll and the fragments. If done correctly, it should come out as this

    This will be your “buffswap” and you’ll be keeping it for a long time to passively enhance Eagle Eye, your main buff skill.

  • Level 70 and onwards you’ll have access to Otherverse. You should run these dungeons either solo or party (drops are the same either way) to collect fragments and an assortment of gear. Fortunately, male launchers can be simple for the short term, collect tainted armors and accessories and imbue them with green dimensional aura for Eagle Eye. These will also be core for your buffswap.

  • If you want to collect certain OV pieces for some quality memes, Quantum Theory and Sudden Annihilation are pretty fun sets to have. Ancient memory fragments is the other primary thing you should be acquiring from OV in order to linearly progress your gear. To be absolutely honest, choosing between Gracia and Dusky West set is a non factor at this point. Gracia does a bit more damage than dusky but ultimately dusky’s speed really makes playing “slow” characters like this much more enjoyable. Two must haves you should get with the ancient memory fragments are Sea God pants and Great Glory Bracelet, Sea God pants contribute to your buffswap (and it’s a strong armor pieces itself with the levels) and Great Glory Bracelet is a one piece wonder to own, build your 6pc armor set around these pieces.

Buffswap Gearing

Important (easy):

  • Halidom: Chain Mail of Kers (level 55) +1 Eagle Eye
  • Sea God pants / Bleak Wind Suede Trousers + 1
  • King’s book of secret +1
  • High Tech gunslinger ring +1
  • Avatar Top +1
  • Creature +1
  • Halidom Cannon +1
  • Every other armor/accessory slot use tainted chronicle for EE enchant


  • Platinum Emblems = +2 EE
  • Floo Determination (27m as of 9/15/17) / Kartel Air Machine Cannon (12m 9/15/17) = +2 EE
  • Captain Trooper’s Super Cannon (30m 9/15/17, 99m 9/30/2018???) = EE Firearm atk + 10%. BIS cannon swap, maybe roughly translated to +3/+4 EE


  • Magic Cataclysm = +2 EE. I finished three epic sets on three different characters and I’ve never once in my life got this dropped in my whole account. I’m at ~91-93 percent of my god dang lvl 85 epic book and hell I’m even 2/5 for flipping Mana Vortex, the set that I initially said to myself that I wanted the most because of all the cdr. But noooo RNGesus was like, “Bruh I heard your favorite set was Mana Vortex? Nah man you get Radiant Armor, deal with it trolol KYS.” It’s absolute Bull-winkle. UPDATE: I’VE YET TO GET A MAGIC CATACLYSM.
  • +2 level EE title (50m), +3 level EE title (???)

Ideally, you want to hit cap on EE while wearing as much tainted chronicle pieces as possible and Captain Trooper’s Super Cannon. In terms of priority: Hit cap on EE > Cap EE + Super Cannon > fill with tainted.

Echon Gear


  • Ice Spark Bowgun < Lord of Ranger < Laserholic < Wooyo’s Golden Cannon < Level 90 guns not "Giant Cannon Urban < Savior Glory < Savior Handcannon < Giant Cannon Urban < Upgraded lvl 90 savior

Armor Sets (from my personal testing):

  • Spider Queen < Full plate < Tactical < level 90 sets and/or random epics =< NG < crow ceremony < metalline radiant armor < black formal < Millenium war hero


  • Bruh just don’t use Cold Princess set and don’t conflict smashes. Aim for 5 senses, Pars’, Baby Symbol, and Rosetta Stone. Border Chaos and Bridal Pearl are perfectly acceptable if Babylonian Symbol isn’t appearing. Fishball Line isn’t too far off of Pars’ either.

Skill Build (Leveling skill build, Burst build/Raid build [need to be strong])

Raid setup

This build goes all in on the bursty, cube skills and has less focus on the longer dps skills like fire pillar. SP dump into Artic Booster because with each level extends the duration of the freeze (Level 17 artic booster is 5 second freeze, very important). Level 10 BBQ + TP to make the skill a superhold.

Cool tech with certain skills
  • Concentrated Fire is probably the most defining skill that sets Male Launchers apart from Female Launchers. YouTube 5 second difference with and without using CF. You also get cooldown reduction for each skill used during Concentrated Fire so you’re not totally screwed once your time is up.

  • Artic Booster’s freeze duration increases for each level in it so it’s important to high levels for it. 5 seconds is/should be enough time for you to break out all your non-fire damage skills on the enemy. IMPORTANT Your weapon should be enchanted for light damage, never fire damage for this reason. IMPORTANT X2 Tapping Artic Booster will give you the full freeze duration, holding artic booster all the way will not reset freeze duration.

  • Extruder doubles as a really powerful damage skill and a super hold. With concentrated fire on, you can drop a couple skills right after extruder to guarantee hits and also bypass egene’s eye

  • Spectral Search Eye lowers the critical resistance of enemies that are facing in front of you. Lower critical resistance does not mean you deal more damage, but you’ll crit more often, same effect with fighter’s neck snap. Not only does this apply to you and your party, it also allows your additional damage (elenore lines) and your party’s to crit often as well. Normally additional damage only crit at the rate of 3% (I dumbed down the explanation why) and max SSE drops the critical resist by 24.8% or 25%, +28% chance of critting. That’s pretty much the gist of it, even if you have maxed critical rate without SSE, still max it for party benefits and additional damage crit rate.

Need to know gimmicks for Anton



  • Get a light orb and uptown funk him up.


  • (If you’re weak) Do orbs > run up and BBQ > satellite beam asap (it’ll pin nerbe down for the duration) > put some distance between you and him so his gimmick shield thing doesn’t kill you, go ham on him and repeat pattern if needed.
  • (If strong) Prepare CF the room before > Artic Booster Nerbe > Go ham.

Doom Tiaorik (Right side boss)

  • CF first room > Align yourself and tap artic booster to freeze > Going ham is OK, he’s very annoying to deal with if you don’t have the patience with his gimmicks

Doom Plagnus (Left side boss)

  • Do his pillar gimmick > set up seismic wave, quantum bomb and/or satellite beam right after the third set of pillars drop (he drops on someone on pillar 5) > go ham (you can freeze him too if it’s available, it’s all about making life easier)

Interdimensional Switch Thing (Top boss room)

  • If you still have Satellite Beam, cast it immediately straight down the door you entered. The Interdimensional Switch Thing is directly down there some yards away, idk. It’s pretty tanky.
  • (If you’re weak) Wait for the drill to drill the tumor till it blows up

Once you enter the second room, the “timer” begins for the mobs. Every 40 seconds will spawn the Tartanic guard, anti-cube gimmick will activate, screen flashes red, fun stuff. At 35 seconds, cast seismic, quantum bomb and begin casting extruder to kill. This should all be done before the screen flashes red at 40 seconds. Rinse, repeat, don’t die. Enemies leaking but scared to cube? Make sure the blue guys that spawned with the tartanic guard aren’t alive, they’re the ones that get triggered when you cube.

Durable Leg

Flame Cravings (Zombies)

  • Jack spike, BBQ, punisher. Keep it simple. Take advantage of your sub weapon crusher (pushes enemies back whenever you draw a weapon) to push zombies further. Extruder + Seismic wave to get zombies back on circles. Krave is a sandbag otherwise

Gatekeeper Kratek (Anton ferman)

  • (if you have a good holder) Go ham but not too much ham because you have Agnes and her twins next room too, they deserve some ham.
  • (If you don’t have a reliable holder) Artic Booster instantly freeze him before he jumps. Try to kill him while he’s disabled. Otherwise proceed with his gimmick.

Brilliant Flame Agnes (and twins! OwO)

  • Seismic wave to group twins up. Go moderately ham because they’re not the boss. I personally use my 2nd awakening to deal with them.
  • With Agnes, open up with Artic Booster to insta freeze her > and finally go ham on her. You can also time your BBQ to hit her right when she becomes vulnerable.
Cutting off the Energy


  • Just try to replicate this yo. Otherwise follow his gimmick as usual. Do not use artic booster on Egene, that would skip his hit counter (I.E he does his run after 300 hits, freeze/holding him at 300 will reset that hit counter to 0)

Hatchery 1 (Lava Monster Worm/Nugol)

  • No crazy launcher strategy here. Just do your thing

Hatchery 2 (Mertadorok)

  • No crazy launcher strategy here. Just do your thing

Hatchery 3 (Grinding Ator)

  • If you aren’t player one, you can lay down your seismic wave, quantum bomb, and satellite beam to help dps him. Otherwise, no crazy launcher strategy here.

Hatchery 4 (Spiritual Residue/Floo)

  • Do Not use seismic wave, I might be wrong about this but stunning this guy will make him invincible again and you’ll have to do his gimmick again. Stay safe.
Black Volcano

Kres of Black Smoke (The guy)

  • Artic Booster and ham this guy, he’s tanky)

Magtonium Five

  • (If you don’t have anyone to cheese hold him) Run up ASAP to him and artic booster to freeze him. Ham him as much as possible till he dies. If he doesn’t die, prepare to experience probably the longest time wasting gimmick in anton.

Abyssal Medel

  • Seismic wave before she becomes vulnerable, it’ll stun her and you can go ham.
  • You can also open up with artic booster and then go ham
  • You can also punisher (preferable) and BBQ her right when she becomes vulnerable. BBQ might reposition her outside of the glowing squares, hopefully your party will react to it quick enough.

Omnipotent Mateka

  • (If you’re weak) Do the gimmicks, laser rifle if you can to shred some HP while you orb. Attempt to “time” your quantum bomb, long lingering hitbox can hit him when he becomes vulnerable (so does extruder). Otherwise, nothing too special.
  • (If you’re strong) Go for the object kill! This requires you to alter your build to have maxed stingers and the TP’s. You summon a subboss (Nugol > Mertadorok > Ator > Floo in terms of difficulty pulling this off). To make this kill as controlled as possible, you should kill the miniboss with extruder while in CF, instantly cast stinger ex right when you fire off extruder, then regular stinger. All the stinger bombs should hit mateka for each bomb, totaling 9 hits, try adding in a quantum bomb if you’re fast enough. YouTube There’s a variation of it.
Anton's Heart

I suppose you can go ham.

Need to know gimmicks for Luke

Sanctuary of Birth

Metal Gear Canaps

  • Normal Canaps: No real crazy tech, treat him as you would with egene using extruder like a skip

  • Raid (Energy control): Boils down to whatever your team chooses to go all out on. Generally you go all out on iron beast and deal with Canaps gimmick. Be a bro and use seismic wave when he dashes to keep him pinned, saves the hassle of chasing him down

Mass-produced Becky

  • Normal Becky: You can open up with artic booster or BBQ the left side to get past her first gimmick. Save seismic to group up her twins and just kill.

  • Raid (Altar of Light Entrance): Position yourself and artic booster asap Becky (she’ll be at the center of the room). Treat her like Doom Tiatanaka from battlegrounds and hold/DPS her. IIRC she doesn’t have an antihold gimmick.

Contamination Carina

  • Normal Carina: Hold and kill

  • Raid (Altar of Light Entrance): Hold and kill

The Seven Mistral

  • Normal Mistral: Hold and kill

  • Raid (???): Probably just in phase 1 which is super easy. Hold and kill

Fortune Teller Rosaura

  • Normal Rosaura*: If your first hit on her is artic booster, she’ll phase shift, teleport for you nonmage players, and still stay frozen. Go ham otherwise and mind her gimmicks.

  • Raid (Sanctuary of Light): She’s a tough cookie, just mind her gimmicks and take it in time. DPS when your holder has her held/you froze her and when she just used phase shift. The earthquake gimmick can interrupt your 2a so don’t be greedy.

Sanctuary of Destruction

Iron Beast

  • Normal Beast: You can’t stop his flying, hopefully you have a holder that can skip him.

  • Raid (Energy control): Generally most parries opt for Iron Beast first to proc civs, reset, etc. If you have a good holder, you can go ham on him while he’s held to skip his flying gimmick. HOWEVER, do NOT use extruder while he’s held, he berserks if there’s one too many holds on him and your DPS window will end. I believe your 2a initial push beam is a “hold” too, didn’t get the chance to try. I’d just avoid using both to be on the safe side.

Lamenting Lampard

  • Normal Lampard: Just wale on him, save your big burst when the little robot emitting blue sparks appears.

  • Raid (Altar of Light): Pretty much just treat him like in Luke normal.

Supersonic Zakeline

  • Counter hit her on her dashes or hold to end the running gimmick. During the DPS time, do not use extruder (or maybe 2a) since those holds will end her DPS window

  • Raid (Altar of Darkness Entrance): Same as normal.

Wreaking Haboob

  • Normal boob: Do her gimmick and wale on her. Be a pro and artic booster her
Sanctuary of Dispersion

Red Clown

  • Normal: Preferably have maxed artic booster to guarantee the freeze to… freeze him for the whole duration. After that you just kill him. Didn’t kill him fast enough? Do it again, Artic Booster should be available by then

  • Raid (Sanctuary of Light): Exactly the same as normal.

Nightmarish Nerbe

  • Normal: You may run up and artic booster him asap, giving yourself some time to deal some damage and possibly just killing him there. Everything else just follow the rules, no holding skills like extruder.

  • Raid (Altar of Darkness Entrance): Same as normal AFAIK.

Reinforced Argos

  • Normal: Burst, minimize your multihit skill usage like fire pillar. Follow his gimmick

  • Raid (Altar of Darkness Entrance): Same as normal

Quatro Manus

  • Normal: No special tech for launcher, just DPS him when his small hand comes down.

  • Raid (Sanctuary of Darkness): Same as Normal but with double/triple the hands!

Grieving Buffoon

  • Normal: No special tech for launcher. I’m not 100.1% sure about this but i think despite doing your absolute darndest of doing nothing in the blue circle, your cd’s may still reset. I think it might be because of cube contract (I have white cube frag on to not break freeze) so I guess if you get reset, you’re SOL, hopefully you have reset ring.

  • Raid (Sanctuary of Darkness): Same as normal

Sanctuary of Light

Oblvious Aslan

  • Normal: Just go ham. Freezing him is fine but preferably you’ll save it for Hatred Veil.

  • Raid (Altar of Light): Pretty much the same as normal. Depending on how your raid is handling this, you guys might just go in and slowly fight him while Dark team clears energy control. He’s not a big threat, keep toys on hand and don’t get hit too much.

Hatred Veil

  • Normal: Open with a freeze ASAP so he doesn’t begin his “countdown” gimmick for when he turns his reflection on. Go ham, holding is fine.

  • Raid (Altar of Power): Same as normal. Enter once energy control is down and wale on him.

Light Idol Horus

  • Normal: Freeze Okay, BBQ Okay, Punisher sometimes I rarely hit it. Not exactly sure how to trigger his berserk so whenever I feel like I’ve dealt enough damage I would go BBQ and freeze when he’s close to hitting the ground to extend DPS phase.

  • Raid (Altar of Light): Same as Normal.

Ironed armed… heavy arm?.. TWINS OwO

  • Normal: Drop a seismic wave and use extruder to try to suction one of them into your seismic wave and hope the twins are together. This’ll make your holder have an easier time to hold them so you can go ham.

  • Raid (Altar of Power): Same plan, try to group them in so like if you get one in your seismic and the other one is far left, be resourceful and use your extruder or 2a’s pushback pushforward to place them. All gimmicks are the same otherwise.

Sanctuary of Darkness

Purging Snader

  • Normal: Open up with freeze ASAP and be cautious to not break your freeze. Chain hold Okay.

  • Raid (Altar of Darkness): Same as normal.

Moonlight Yashin

  • Normal: Avoid the initial slash and be on a lookout for his invisible clone. No grabbing so Extruder is a big NONO. I don’t remember exactly if Artic Booster or Seismic is okay,

  • Raid (Altar of Darkness + Energy Storage left room): His initial knockdown and suction is stronger than normal so be careful.

Dark Idol Anubis

  • Normal: No holding so no extruder as usual. Seismic is okay to use. Artic booster won’t freeze Anubis unlike Horus so it’s OKAY to use for DPS’ing.

  • Raid (Altar of Wisdom): The same as normal, not exactly sure if seismic is still okay since I’ve not been put into the dark team to test it so.

Evil Sword Veara

  • Normal: Go absolutely trucking ham on this guy. If he’s still alive, follow the gimmick.

  • Raid (Altar of Wisdom + Energy Storage right room): Same as normal

Solium Ex Machina
  • I’m going to assume you know all of luke’s attacks and gimmicks. In terms of party composition, hopefully you’ve let your party know/they know that your multihit capabilities is not exactly the best. Be mindful of breaking the HP barrier that resets cooldown. Help here and there to shred his multihit barrier but make sure you’re on cue to DPS luke when Energy Storage is down. You may use seismic wave to keep luke in one spot so when dps time comes, you can guarantee that your skills will hit, unless he goes invulnerable.

Ideal Luke Composition

  • So Male Launcher is a Bursty DPS probably in the same vein as F. Spit, we have raw damage output while also having a few support capabilities such as freeze and seismic for grouping. Unlike FSpits, when our cubes are down, our damage drops dramatically and depending on your build, it’s either just laser (which they are going to nerf??), grenade launcher (15 second CD…) and fire pillar/artic booster. It’s either fire pillar or artic booster maxed, fire pillar deals quite alot of damage but then low level in artic booster means you sacrifice your ability to cheese Red Clown easily. Maybe you can drop points from grenade launcher for maxing both.

  • Make sure you have either a dedicated holder or just a good holder you know how to work with. Our CF burst has alot of hits and hitstun ala male rangers so we’re pretty effective for the enemies that are susceptible to high hitstun.

  • I’m not 100% confident that we’re “Solo DPS” tier due to our cd’s being so long. It’s like we’re the physical, stationary version of spitfire without the sustaining dmg. I would definitely consider subdps or at the least, Launcher + WM would be sufficient as a DPS party goes, just throw in a saint and maybe khai or another dps.

Personal Advice (I’ll add more if they come to mind)

  • Be mindful of Apoc placement, you don’t want to 2a yourself out of Apoc.
  • Second Awakening is very strong! Sometimes it is just better to cast 2nd awakening early to ensure the attack hits fully because some bosses such as Rosaura will only take so many hits until she goes invulnerable and does her wheel gimmicks. As you luke more, you’ll know how to gauge your strength and your party and optimize your rotation.
  • When in doubt, artic booster. Generally as a physical dps, you’ll be relegated to the light route and fortunately, all the bosses that are susceptible to freeze may be frozen safely without activating berserk. If you like to take the initiative for every fight, go ahead and freeze and let your holder follow up.


Do you guys believe it is worth crafting Laserholic if I plan on using 6p Gracia?


Laserholic is very good right now, but Wooyo cannon is stronger for every other skill not laser and satellite beam. If you can craft Wooyo, then that’s better. Can’t really test objectively with gracia since I don’t have it, but practically Wooyo’s the way to go, yo

The latest KdnF patch also neuters laser’s damage by like 30 or 50 percent while shifting the damage to your cubes, further lowering laserholic’s usefulness


any recommendations on how should I max my crit


Crit emblems, +9% crit rate Kane enchant (shoulder) and the 5% crit beads for belt and shoes from Nanton will be sufficient to crit cap you.


I decided to read the latest kdnf balance patch more careful and I noticed this

“Enhanced Strength
Skill Damage Bonus has been changed to Critical Damage Bonus (30% at Master Level)
Heavy Weapon Enhancement
Previous effects has been removed and has been changed to Skill Damage Bonus (35% at Master Level)”

is this supposed to be a nerf


Enhanced Strength I wan’t to say is just the same, I don’t know how big of a difference turning skill damage into critical damage would be damage formula-wise. Of course if you’re not hitting crit cap, it’s definitely a nerf.

Heavy Weapon Enhancement previous effects removed would make grenade launcher explosion smaller, mini laser laser, etc which is a bummer. Again I don’t know how big of a difference this change means for us. Most KDnF destroyers have said that the latest patch was an overall nerf to us, especially hit were Laser Rifle and importantly Spectral Search Eye


The balance patches say that “Laser Rifle, Flame Pillar, M-137 Gatling Gun effects and FM-31 Grenade Launcher Explosion Range Bonus will remain in place.” so the explosion range didn’t get nerfed


Oh I see. That’s good to know at least. Uhh from testing smash damage gear to skill damage gear (IE Pyromancer’s 20% smash vs 5s 15% skill damage), it seemed that skill damage and smash damage modifiers were identical. Pyromancer’s 5% extra smash made me exactly 5% stronger over 5s bracelet so I’m guessing critical damage would be in the same boat. Of course I still don’t know how this’ll be calculated into the damage formula in the end, just eyeballing what I see right now


Quick question since I got magic cata yesterda, am I supposed to switch halidom top to tainted top or keep it


Yeah if you reach level 20 with magic cata, start replacing your +1 EE gear with tainted. Prioritize top and bottom tainted first since they give 3% instead of 2% compared to the other gear slots


So heavy weapons and enhanced strength got merged, but anyone knows what’s chrome_2017-11-01_00-59-12that two supposed to be, since heavy weapons will give 35% skill damage and enhanced strength 28% crit damage after the changes which I’m assuming is that two




This is what I use


Question even though it’s kind of dead in here.

With the buff swap system in place, leaving you open to wear a different set of avatars is it better to go for heavy firearm mastery or enhanced strength? (Also plats)


Since heavy firearm mastery is gonna be merged into 1a passive in homogenization, it’s better to go for enhanced strength


Bird, how much did the update change the skill build (other than the obvious stuff)?