Male Grappler General


I actually chose to max Knee Kick and Snap Shot for my Luke Raid build, while leaving Focused Fury at Level 3 for now. I find myself not using FF very often since there are quite a few hold-sensitive bosses. I mainly use it to hold a few of them to buy my party members a couple seconds to kill 'em off.

I also just finished Supercontinent today after transferring my top and crafting my shoulders, and my damage was kind of underwhelming at first, but…

I’m also pretty happy with the jump in damage, considering I felt awfully weak prior to today.
Definitely need some better enchants and amps at some point, but this’ll do for now.


how good are all of the non cube skills? been a looong time since Ive played my grap. He’s currently sitting at 86 since my long hiatus gonna hit that 90 now. Now because of this what gear sets should I be currently working towards getting (include weps and accessories too if you don’t mind). My character is naked af right now lol


can I add you? I have quite a few characters but I was scrolling through and thought damn I haven’t been on my grap in a while. just need some reguidence again lol


Non cubes aren’t bad, but they’re not good as far as burst damage goes. Mostly filler skills used to take out trash mobs imo.

For starts, get swap gears, namely 6 piece burst overload and Strong Arm Spirit. Also get a 6 piece legendary set like either Gracia or Dusky. great glory accessories make nice off slots, but they’ll probably end up gettin replaced fairly quickly depending on how much hell you plan on running.

Once you get to a point you can handle Echon, work towards completing a set. It should tide you over for a while until you get epics you need to replace em.


also im assuming mgraps use tonfas over gauntlets? always used gauntlets


I personally ended up dropping pierce cause i don’t like using it in party play, so i have both knee kick and snap shot maxed myself with break down as an sp dump.

And grats on finishing SC. whats funny is that when i look at screenshots on kdnf i always see their 2nd awakening doing more than their first. But ever since origin though my 1a does much more than my 2a. I thought it mighta had something to do with the fact that im using fishball but guess that’s not entirely the case.


Nah we use gaunts. Probably the only tonfa I’d consider using is Khil Arnis Gorge but even that ones not too great compared to savior or primary impaction


Feel free. Though I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to help, since the class is mostly straightforward and is just about dealing damage without screwing over your party members.



And ummm. 2A is kind of weird. Sometimes, it’ll eat other skills’ damages as part of its own, and sometimes, other skills will eat it instead when you use it in a chain.

Here are their normal damages with chaining them together.

And here, I chained Slam Kick into 2A, and you can clearly see 2A ate Slam Kick’s finisher damage.

So yeah. Testing is particularly annoying with this class 'cause you have to test them one by one instead of chaining things together to get an accurate read on their damages.


Yeah i normally just chain 2a from 1a when I’m testing my damage just so there’s some sort of constants. But what threw me off was that post origin both my awakening damage shifted quite a bit.
It’s still a valid point though. It’s possible that I didn’t test under same conditions they did.


Need Luke Raid tips.

Mostly just need to know all the shit I need to know grab chain wise that won’t enrage shit. Small niche shit. Thanks.


So are you asking for a Luke Raid guide? Even if you’re familiar with the bosses, use the guide to learn the structure of the raid since it’s much different than normals. I’d say memorizing the bosses you can’t grab is more important than knowing the ones you can. If they berserk from holds, it’s better to use fewer, longer holds, no more than 4.

Unless you grab something you shouldn’t, I wouldn’t worry too much about berserk. They should die before they berserk, but if they don’t then just lay off the holds at 4 and have Wooyo’s ready, just in case. If you can’t hold them, then you cry in a corner or help DPS with your skills that don’t count as holds or x-string.

I’m gonna assume you know hold combos. If not, you probably shouldn’t Luke raid. Can’t really say anything else unless you ask a more specific question.

Final note: We can’t do clown for shit because grab cannon will push the clones too far away. Swap with the other party’s holder for phase 1 if needed to avoid clown imo.


I just started doing Luke on my grappler and I was wondering which set to upgrade. I have BF and Millennium available, since our class has no elenore synergy and due to how holding with counterattacks works I would be tempted to call it negative synergy, fiend venator is pretty much ruled out. Nagaraja misses impact combination and intense takedown which are decent low level passives and our 2A is our best skill. I can get him any set if one truly shines for him, is there a general consensus on a best set since epic revamp and how much difference is there between the sets now? thanks in advance for any help or thoughts.