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Poor grappler, not even a single reply


So sad, but i love it.


Does anyone have any info on how the changes to impact combination works after the synergy rework? Im curious how the debuff is applied to mobs. Does the debuff on work on enemies that were directly affected by grabs boosted by impact combination? And any info on how long it lasts?


What were on the Physical Synergy patch?


As a mgrap main, I’m going to try and make a Male Grappler/Titan guide and not some basic gearing and build beginner guide. Since, as far as I know, there doesn’t seem to be a guide except that one outdated guide by Gruel. I’m planning to make it similar to how Isa did his Elementalist guide.


Got a few other noticeable tweaks too.

I thought about making a guide too, but honestly I’m the type of person who’d start it and probably never finish. I’d say go for it. Probably just wanna keep in mind that we got 2 more reworks coming at some point or another, so a couple things might have to get updates if you start now. But we got enough reworks by now to justify a new one.


Yeah I’ll probably try and attempt to make a guide but I don’t know if I’m able to finish it or quit early or half way. But I’m going to give it a shot the best I can. If anyone want to write up the guide I try to help somehow.


So I have a few questions to ask about him.

What is the ideal endgame gear set for him?
- What Ancient Gear should he wear?
- What epics should be pushed for?

How does Smash, Crit Smash, and Bonus Damage apply to him?

What pets would be the best to use for him?

If a guide was to be written out, these are the questions I would want to see answered. As a person who (semi) mains M. Grap, I wanna know these things so I can know how to maximize his damage potential.


Ideal end game gear would be supercontinent, with 5s, and civ, but you can stray away depending on what actually drops for you. I believe because of neck snap we have to get as much bonus damage as we can to take advantage of the crit bonus. Personally I’m going for 5/5 echon, Anton accessories, kings tears, and whatever drops for the earring and sub equip. For weapons you definitely want a level 85 or 90 gauntlet, and a good bit of the 90 epics and the other savior variations will work, too.

Best ancient gear is Gracia since we aren’t element bound, and we can use Dusky as well since it has bonus damage. Heck if you want to you could also go Sea God, but it’s not as strong as the other 2 I mentioned. You can use any pet that adds to overwhelming grab for swapping.

And for the damage mods, basically how it works is that smash, crit smash, and bonus damage all stack with each other, but only bonus damage stacks with itself “infinitely”. Unless it says additional smash then the smash won’t stack. Since we were graced with neck snap, our bonus damage can cause crit, which is why we need as much bonus damage as possible, while also having a good bit of smash and crit smash.


After the Origin patch you just want to keep Neck Snap at lv1. Personally I keep Neck Snap at lv1 but that’s just me. Also the best pet is always Salaime or Petit Liu Bei. Those are the only two pets I use.


What about STR? How does that work for the M. Grap? The reason I ask is because I have a Hardy’s Grotesque Prosthetic and a Iron Arm Kalbarri: Nuclear Punch and I dont know which is better/more efficient. When it comes to maximizing my damage outputs on any of my characters, I am honestly clueless about everything…and I’ve been playing DFO for a very very long time.


I would say Irom Arm is stronger than Hardy. MGrap is mostly percentage and and STR is only good on the fixed damage which is the shockwave. Some of their skills don’t apply the shockwave damage to the grabbed mobs. Also because the bleed abnormal is weaker at higher content unless you have debuff supports. Not only that but 1/5 chance inflicting bleeding (I’m assuming per hit) is weak because MGrap is a burst class and doesn’t have a lot of multihit skills.


@Vampirusx1 Iron Arm is almost definitely better, especially in raids where your level 90 bleed will probably never proc. STR helps all physical damage, percent damage as well as fixed. There is a reason rangers will amp their gear, and it’s not for the fixed part of Rising Shot.

As for multihit, it’ll proc more than people think. The grab part from OWG will count, and the hits and shockwaves can all proc it, and it rolls those chances for every mob hit. So Knee Kick will count the 4 hits per mob (grab, knee x2, shockwave). And if you have an elenore, such as from Iron Arm, Gracia, or Dusky, I’m fairly certain that can affect proc chances as well.


May someone with level 20 overwhelming post their swap or some that knows that the correct swap is? I know we’re waiting (been a year) for another sweet rabbit pack, that’s +3. I know I can get +3 from platinum emblems. I’m trying to find the easier items to get beisdes the staple high tech ring and sea god pants. Is there a sub equipment? Whats that 6 set for chron if we have one? There a easy weapon for a boost? Accessories?



6pc Burst Overload, +3 from Title, +3 from Plats(Top, bottom, unique motion), +1 from top Avatar, +1 from Pet, +1 High tech, +1 from Sea god.

Weapon can be Incomplete Infinity Gauntlets for +2 if you can’t hit +10 yet, otherwise it’s the 85 Legendary tonfa that gives the 15% multiplicative boost to Overwhelming.


How are people doing in Luke Raid on M.Grappler so far? Not many of us around, but I want to hope at least someone’s finished Supercontinent already.

3/5 has gotten me pretty pumped, but not having Radiant shoulder/top to upgrade means I’ll probably upgrade Gauntlets next. :thinking:


Luke isn’t bad anymore, but prior to reunion update trying to clear was a nightmare though. Idk if anyone’s finished sc yet though. I’m 3/5 too since I missed a lot of days when luke came out.


so no skillbuilds at all???


mgrap build is pretty straight forward. Max all your cube skills and passives (except iron physique obviously). Put only one point into neck snap for utility. You have complete flexibility over your non cube skills, its all preference. There’s no real wrong choice in terms of which skills you choose to max otherwise since the vast majority of your dps comes from your cube skills.

put tp into slam kick, rolling spike, wild cannon spike, and a non cube skill of your choosing.

I recommend maxing snap shot for room clears though.