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Ideas on the set up with swap UI Koreans are using? I have full tactical so swapping between 4 sets (strike/wis, DI, Apoc, tact) does not make it sound that much easier. :thinking:

google translate not the best but it should work like you can load strike/wis set but have to wear the DI set. So basically the only thing this saves you from swapping is the items unique to the strike set. for me thats only 3 piece silent prayer but I guess you could have strike/wis ava/pet/title and have it be a noticeably easier buff sequence.


Probably old news, but now that I’m starting to play my sader more seriously and trying to figure out how the class works, I ran into a question.

Holy mace buff says it makes spear hold super armor mobs. However, this doesn’t appear to work at all. Is this bugged?


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