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Changes from 8/17 Balance Patch

Ground Tackle

  • Attack power increased by 9%

Venom Mine

  • Poison pillar damage increased by 6%
  • Kick damage increased by 8%
  • Poison damage increased by 5%

Needle Spin

  • Attack power increased by 9%

Cursed Quake

  • Chain pull damage increased by 31%
  • Falling stone damage increased by 35%

Chain Drive

  • Pull damage increased by 27%
  • Slam damage increased by 12%
  • Bleeding damage increased by 28%

Auto Load

  • Learning SP cost reduced to 0


  • Learning SP cost reduced to 0
  • Basic Critical Hit (3%) will apply to Maximized Damage. (Was off on that. Hurrah for Jay’s Translations.)

Net Throw

  • Master level changed to 1. Max level changed to 11.
  • Net Throw Upgrade requirement changed to level 1.
  • Bind Level of Net Throw will now scale with your level. The damage is now affected by basic skill.
  • Damage has been adjusted accordingly.

Thousand Hands

  • At level 15, Thousand Hands will additionally increase Physical and Magical critical rate by 10%.
  • Increases by .5% each level afterwards.

I apologize since some info may be quite off. But otherwise, Male Brawler has some pretty nice changes.

Yey. Back to dirtying up our pockets and throwing :poop::poop::poop::poop:.


Man as a new player I’d kill for an up to date brawler guide


Ayy so like d0 any of u dudes use anicient memory or are u like to hell with it, (also if u can reply could u give an explaination for why u use it)


I mainly use it before entering a boss room to inflict more damage with Firelock and my other burst skills or Tog room to inflict more damage with statuses. I also maxed it because I have the Filir ring though, so keep that in mind.


Hey d00ds whats a good OV swap set for brawler?


6pc Mad Dog Hooligan


6pc Mad Dog Hooligan like Delico said. In a future patch, green aura imbued Tainted gears will give skill attack, so you may want to use those in your available off slots as well.


Ay but wouldnt the effects of the 6pc go away instantly once u unequip them and switch to your main gear?


No. The point of swap gear is that once you’ve applied your buff (Backstreet Fighting Technique for us), it snapshots the effects and then we swap to our actual damage gear. I should also clarify that a patch very recently in Korea added a specialized swap gear system that has you place your swap gears in a slot so you don’t have to actually swap it, but you get the effects of that gear for your buff, so we’ll probably get that patch several months down the line. Hope that clears that up.


Hey folks, I was wondering: For MBrawl, is the -status res from SoD important enough that you’re definitely married to its 3pc set effect, or can Mbrawls be more flexible and forego it for just straight up tons of elemental damage?

For example, go 6pc Gracia+3pc Buried Scream(on accs), instead of 3pc SoD?


In general, M.Brawler, unlike our female counterparts, is better suited for gearing towards a more strike oriented build. As such, I would actually recommend against SoD. We have other ways of combating status resistances. The best way to counter it is to max Backstreet Fighting Technique. At level 20, BFT gives +20 levels of Bleed/Poison/Burn, which is incredibly useful. You also get the extra skill damage, so playing this class seriously make getting the extra +10 levels a must anyway. If you manage to keep any consistent levels of Taunt, that will also contribute, of course. Keep in mind though: Taunt is real-time, so you cannot swap Taunt levels.

Moving on to your questions about sets, I would honestly recommend Great Glory 3pc instead of Screaming if you are in your earlier stages of gearing. While not a popular option, it can be very useful on M.Brawler because of the extra crit, the extra Phys/Magic/Ind. Attack, STR/INT, elemental damage, and of course the bracelet offering a 10% smash/5% crit smash modifier, which is very useful to have if you do not already have a source of smash/crit smash. If you do already have a source of smash and crit smash, then your previously mentioned 3pc Screaming may be your best option.

As for armor sets, I would recommend Dusky, but with M.Brawler becoming much less SB/Nemesis dependent in this day and age on top of the incoming support nerfs, I would honestly say to go with whatever you want. Gracia is still incredibly popular and light element parties are still a common occurrence, so it is a valid option. If you end up choosing to utilize a different element, I would highly recommend either Sea God’s (Water element) or Dusky West (Shadow/Fire). If I had to pick, my preference would actually be 6pc Dusky West, going for shadow element on your weapon, because of the additional speed, crit, and boosted Phys/Magic/Ind. attack, which would pair well with the previously mentioned 3pc Great Glory set.

After you’ve farmed these sets, your next step is Echon gears. You will want 6pc, with armor slots filled, and either necklace, earrings, or sub equip as your 6th piece. You will want to prioritize gear stats with Phys/Magic/Ind. attack, your element of choice, and STR/INT. If you are still lacking in crit, you may also prefer to find equipment with crit instead. Having max crit is very important to succeeding in end game areas and you should prioritize getting 97% crit rating in dungeon. As for set effects prioritize it in this order: % Additional Damage + % Phys/Magic/Ind. attack + % Str/Int + Elemental Damage of your choice.

tl;dr: M.Brawler is better oriented for striking, and is ultimately better off with other gearing options outside of SoD. This class’s flexibility allows to it pick many different types of armor sets and accessories until you start getting useable epics.


Aye so i got a louies activity but should i still try to obtain a infectors mankai?


In addition what would be a good skill build for M. Brawlers?


Nah, unless you struggle to get status’s off that badly on higher level enemies, there’s no real reason to have one on this class. It has it’s uses, but M.Brawler is better treated as a bursty striking class rather than a DoT status setter. Manikai is better off for our female counterparts.


For skill builds, max all buffs/passives, etc. You will also want to max all throws (except sand splash), but you may prefer to leave brick throw as a dump (I don’t recommend this as we have less ways to hold enemies than our female counterparts). Max all 2nd awakening skills, of course. I also very highly recommend maxing Ground Tackle and Mount+Raging Vulcan. These two skills are our strongest pre-awakening burst skills.That should leave you with the options to invest in Venom Mine, Needle Spin, Dirty Barrel, and Blood Rage Chain. You will only be able to max two at most. My personal preference is Venom Mine and Dirty Barrel, because my weapon has a decent reinforcement level and they scale better with saders. Needle Spin is a stronger option to the previous two choices, but it’s cooldown is twice as long and it doesn’t scale as well with saders, so keep that in mind. In terms of killing Tog-like enemies, Needle Spin will win every time. For that reason, you may wish to keep a dual skill build if you have preference to one of the other two skills above in your main build. As for Blood Rage Chain, I generally keep only one level to throw out for rooms with trash mobs in them. The damage scaling is quite poor, so I do not recommend maxing at all, or even dumping for that matter as there are more important skills.

For TP, you will want to max Needle Throw, Mount, Ground Tackle, Net Throw. Keep one level of poison throw for the downward throw and slight damage increase. This leaves you the option to max Needle Spin or Venom Mine, based on your skill build preferences from before.


Which upgraded 90 set is the best for M. Brawler?

I’m thinking about upgrading black formal, however in luke raid applying stats would still be hard with no support ie SB or F Brawler(stat applying queen).

So then I considered the Gespenst since I’d get +2 to 1-85 skills plus utilities in general.

I hear from some people Nagaraja is the best for M. Brawler, however I’m only 3/5 Millennium. Although still farming just in case I get it before I reach 170 monolium.


Is a Tarwe ok to transfer or should I hope for Demon Rake?


Tarwe is better than demon rake for male brawlers


Is there a general consensus on what the best upgraded 90 set is for m.brawler post beast revamp? I’m torn between either Gespent or Nagaraja. Nagaraja looks better on paper but maybe the +skill levels tip it for Gespent? Is Supercont still competitive? I’m having a hard time deciding and I can’t take it back so any help would be much appreciated. I’m happy with my current setup for Luke so this is just for post revamp.