Magic Draconid looking for static


Physical defense reduction: 35.2%
Magic defense reduction: 43.2%
Black Tortoise hold time: 8.94 seconds

Time zone: UTC -6/Mountain (never Daylight Savings Time)

I run Anton raids from 19:00 - 21:00 on all 3 raid days, so aside from that time on Saturday, I’m mostly available.

Progress toward better gear

I currently have ~60814 demon invites to go through. I have enough epic souls to finish Sensory Satisfaction at any time via transfer, but I want to get through those invites first in case I find it. Notable things that might be finished:

3/5 Pandemonium Gentleman
3/5 Resplendent Honor Symbol
4/5 Elemental Dropper
4/5 Wesley’s Strategy
4/5 Full Plate Armor